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About The Vagabond Tour Company

The Company and our Tours

Vagabond tours is the perfect small-group vacation for people who don’t want a large group coach tour but still want to fully experience the grand country they are visiting.

We hope you like our website. It has been designed in the same way as our tours, which are great fun and informal yet extremely professionally, personally and thoughtfully created.

We have two distinct types of tours, the Vagabond Adventure tours and Driftwood Journeys of Discovery. Below we have some information on both types of tours and also the benefit of small group tours and the history of Vagabond tours

About Vagabond Adventure Tours

The Vagabond Adventure tours range from 7 to 12 days in length and combine an imaginative mixture of breath-taking scenery, relaxing exercise, local culture and history and of course cosy accommodation. Instead of normal buses or minibuses, Vagabond uses custom-built 4X4 Land Rovers and Mercedes vehicles (a.k.a. Vagatrons), so our group sizes are smaller and more flexible. This lets us explore areas far beyond the reach of normal tours. On occasion you’ll leave the road behind and drive along beaches, through rivers or up muddy tracks. Our ‘Vagatrons’ will bring you to remote places where you can: Walk in the mountains, kayak in secluded bays, ride a horse on a remote beach, clamber over ancient ruins, learn about pirate queens, retrace the steps of pilgrims or search for your ancestors and more.

And at the end of the day you’ll retreat to one of our cosy guest houses or small hotels. Where a roaring fire, some music, great food and a pint awaits.

About Driftwood Journeys of Discovery

In 2010, with years of experience running the hugely successful Vagabond Tours we felt it time to expand our touring options for our passengers. Customer feedback over the years has told us that some of you discerning travellers would prefer to put more emphasis on the scenery, culture and history and not partake in as many outdoor pursuits. So that’s exactly what we are offering you with Driftwood tours. You will leave Ireland relaxed, knowledgeable and mesmerized by its beauty. Our Driftwood tours are the perfect small-group holiday for people who don’t want a large coach tour but still want to fully experience the grand country they are visiting. Our range (6 to 11 days in length) of fully guided vacations combine an imaginative mixtures of breath-taking scenery, historical sites, local culture and cosy accommodation. Instead of large coaches we use smaller 16 seater mini coaches, so our group sizes are smaller and more flexible and more personal.

Small Group Sizes

With a maximum group size of only 13 passengers on Vagabond and 16 on Driftwood, the experience we offer is more like travelling with a group of friends than being stuck on a coach tour. Our groups tend to be made up of individuals, couples and small groups of friends – all are very welcome.
Our small group sizes are a huge advantage for passengers in so many ways:

  1. The smaller group sizes mean that our service is very personal, from the booking process to the tour itself.
  2. We don’t have to use large hotels in big towns, but get away from the crowds and stay in smaller hotels and guest housed in some of Ireland’s most remote and picturesque spots.
  3. It allows much more flexibility, so if there is something specific that people in the group want to see or do, then we will do our best to arrange it.
  4. There is no feeling of being herded around the country, it is your tour and everyone gets to make decisions. Because of this no two driftwood tours have will ever be the same.

History of Vagabond Tours

Vagabond Tours in 2003

Vagabond’s first Vehicle and group on the beach, back in 2003


Vagabond tours was established in February 2002, the brain child of Rob Rankin who had been travelling in Southern Africa with his wife, Amy. While there, they saw the safari and ‘overland’ tours that were so popular and realised that a more adventurous way of seeing Ireland would be a fantastic experience for visitors. Ireland may not have the lions, elephants and deserts of Africa, but it certainly has plenty of great scenery, fascinating history and a few wild creatures running loose. Just what you need for a good safari.
Since 2002 Vagabond has grown steadily year on year, building an excellent reputation within the Irish Tourism industry and with customers abroad. We have won several awards and been featured in numerous articles in publications around the world.
The tours are constantly evolving, we put a lot of store in customer feedback and each year our trips have developed accordingly.

Head Office – VagaHQ Profiles

Gillian from Vagabond


In 2012, Gillian decided she had enough of being down and dirty everyday – she was an archaeologist – to become Vagabond HQ’s first permanent recruit (outside of Rob and Amy). Gillian’s attention to detail and tenacity in seeing projects through to the end is a legacy from her previous career (though she’s not as mucky now).

In her own time, she keeps rescue hens. This hobby provides all the office staff with the freshest eggs ever.

Just like Gillian, all our Sales and Reservations team are Wicklow born and bred. We reckon Gillian inserted a secret clause into her contract to insist on this!

Megan from Vagabond Tours


With more letters after her name than the rest of us put together, Megan is certainly Vagabond’s bon savant. Her most recent qualification was the achievement of a Masters in Human Resources in 2017 (to add to her Masters in Sociology).

Megan joined Vagabond in 2013. In addition to being the voice of Driftwood (and HR policy maker) Megan has a keen interest in all things environmental. She was one of the main drivers behind Vagabond becoming the only tour operator in Ireland to achieve Gold EcoTourism Certification.

She is also involved in scouting and has a strange interest in sharp implements.

Ciara from Vagabond Tours


Ciara joined us in 2017. We reckon what put her ahead of the other (over 200) applicants was her answer to the key interview question of ‘…ice cream or cake?’.

Ciara is the first point of contact for many of our Vagabond guests. She has a degree in Veterinary Nursing and loves animals of all shapes and sizes – this is why she gets on so well with our amazing VagaGuide team!

She loves to visit new places and has traveled extensively. She loves food (ice cream and cake, obviously). And Ciara is the only person we know whose laugh can alternate between an uplifting giggle or a rather scary cackle.

Helen from Vagabond Tours


Helen is our passionate, Irish tourism-loving, Marketing Manager. In a reversal of Irish emigration, we stole Helen back from Canada, where she had been working for a number of years with Tourism Ireland (we’re still working on getting her accent back though).

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Helen knows Ireland inside out. Just don’t ask her to navigate!

Helen is a foodie whose vices are red wine and cheese (she has others but won’t allow us publish them). She can always be relied on to recommend the best place to eat in her home town of Dublin.

Derry from Vagabond Tours


Derry (from the Irish word Doire, meaning oak) quickly demonstrated the oak-like qualities (strength and endurance) in his first weeks at Vagabond HQ.

Derry has a rather eclectic background. Having studied History & Politics, he spent a year Japan before moving to London, where he completed his Masters degree in Web Design. He has worldwide travel experience, and tried many jobs along the way. Selling sushi in London. Kiwi-harvesting in New Zealand. Even cleaning toilets on a car ferry (we intend to test his skills).

South America remains on his bucket list. But being Dad to two little girls, Derry knows he has 25 years to save up for that one!

Award winning Tours - Some of our latest awards

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