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Are Electrical Adapters Needed for Ireland?

Yes, if you have American or Canadian electrical devices you will need an electrical adaptor. In Ireland like the U.K. the plugs are three pin (see below). Besides a different shape plug, the voltage is significantly different too. In Europe it can be anywhere between 220-240 Volts, while in the U.S.A. and Canada it is usually 110 Volts.

If you’re travelling from the USA or Canada to Ireland you’ll need to be mindful of this voltage difference. Check that your device can take voltages between 110 – 240 Volts. Some devices may have a voltage switch on them. If your device doesn’t have a switch or state that it can take between 110-240 Volts, you’ll need a converter.

Purchasing a Converter and Adaptor

It can be best to purchase converters and adaptors before travelling. Amazon has a great selection, but you can also pick them up in places like Kmart or Walmart before your travels.

If your travel plans include other countries in Europe too, besides Ireland and the U.K that is, you’ll need a two wire plug too (different from the U.K. and Irish one). Although in this instance, a universal adaptor is your best choice.

What an Irish and U.K. plug looks like.

What an Irish and U.K. plug looks like.

Using Hair Dryers in Ireland

Many small heated devices such as hair dryers, curling irons and styling rods don’t have an inbuilt converter. You’ll know by checking your device to see if it says ‘120V/240V’. If it doesn’t state that you’ll need a converter. Do keep in mind that most hotels in Ireland and all the hotels we visit on Vagabond Tours have hairdryers in the hotel rooms (so you can get away without packing one).

Can I Charge My iPhone in Ireland?

Yes, all you need you need is an adaptor. IPhone’s are built to take an input of between 100-240 Volts, which covers both U.S. and European voltage. So the device is capable of dealing with the voltage variance.


  1.       Secure your adaptor to your plug with Ducktape before you go, so as to avoid leaving any behind in a hotel room (very easily done).
  2.       If you do forget your adaptor or converter, just ask at the hotel reception. There is a good chance they will have a spare left behind by a previous guest!

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