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Solo Travel to Ireland

N.B. – Our solo travellers are accommodated on our regular guided tours; which also include couples, families and groups. There needs to be at least two people on a departure date for a tour to run. Solo Travel on Trend ‘Someone who travels with just one wagon’ was how an elderly lady once defined ‘a

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Top 7 Irish Festivals 2018

Ireland where the music is hopping and the craic is mighty! Is it no wonder we host some of the best festivals in the world? Here are our top 7 Irish festivals not to be missed in 2018. 1 – Lisdoonvarna – 31st of August – 30th of September Each year romantic hopefuls from all

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What Are Some Irish Christmas Traditions and Customs?

Like many places around the world, Christmas in Ireland is huge. Many offices and places of work will close down for the week, between Christmas and New Years, giving people some much needed sometime to regenerate. Of course Christmas is a christian celebration, but many Irish Christmas traditions and customs go back even as far

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Skellig Michael – Set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Irish Nobel Laureate, George Bernard Shaw, described the place as ‘an incredible, impossible, mad place…part of our dream world’.  Located off the South West tip of Ireland, is the island of Skellig Michael – home to a monastic settlement from the 6th/8th-13th century. In July 2014, it became a set for the new Star Wars

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Best Guided Ireland Tours for Seniors? – It Has to Be Driftwood Tours of Ireland

A bold statement, but we strongly feel that Driftwood Tours are the best guided Ireland tours for seniors. So if you’re celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary, want to experience Ireland with your extended family, or simply discover where your Irish ancestors came from – Driftwood tours of Ireland is the perfect tour for you. What

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How to Make Seafood Chowder in 8 Easy Steps

A staple on most pub grub menus in Ireland – delicious creamy Irish seafood chowder. Served up with some Irish soda bread, it’s the ideal tasty lunch meal after being out in the fresh Irish air. Below we’ve detailed the ingredients you need, as well as 8 easy steps in how to make it. Time:

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The Origin of Halloween in Ireland – The History of this Celtic Festival

Many people don’t know the origin of Halloween stems from Ireland’s Celtic past.  Every year the Celts would celebrate many festivals. Halloween was the Celtic Autumn festival which was held between the 31st of October and 1st of November.  The name of this festival was called Samhain. Important dates in the Celtic calendar Imbolc (pronounced  “im-bulk” ):

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