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Spring in Ireland

Ireland in spring is a beautiful place. Lambs leap in the fields. Hedgerows brim with vibrant flowers. And now you can get a great discount off your Vagabond or Driftwood tour. What’s not to love?

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The Genealogy Detective

It’s really common for our Vagabonds or Driftwooders to express an interest in tracing their Irish roots while visiting Ireland. You may be exploring your own extended family ancestry. You might even be looking for relatives to qualify for an Irish passport.

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10 More Irish Songs You Need to Know

Back by popular demand. Our very own traditional Irish music expert, tour guide John McKiernan, takes us on another journey through his top 10 favourite Irish songs. If you plan on traveling to Ireland, or you just love a good Irish ballad, take note… 1. Ride on – CHRISTY MOORE Irelands answer to Bruce Springsteen, Christy Moore

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10 Irish Songs You Need to Know

  Vagabond tour guide and lover of Irish music John McKiernan lays out his top Irish tracks to listen to before going to Ireland.   John – Ok…so this is an impossible task. Only ten songs…there are so many to choose from but we’ll give it a go… 1. Molly Malone The ultimate sing-along song about

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Ireland vs Scotland – There Can BE ONLY One

There is no doubt that Scotland is nice enough, but Ireland is totally awesome! To steal a quote from a Scotish movie – “There can BE ONLY one” Where shall we go on vacation, Ireland or Scotland? Some people might dismiss this as a first world problem, but we think it’s a question that needs serious

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Silly Season Discounts

Being the kind hearted folk that we are here at Vagabond, we have decided that there are people out there who have found themselves in less powerful and lucrative positions than they once were, others that have devoted their lives to great causes or noble achievements and finally, certain great musicians.   We felt these

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Solo Travel to Ireland

N.B. – Our solo travellers are accommodated on our regular guided tours; which also include couples, families and groups. There needs to be at least two people on a departure date for a tour to run. Solo Travel on Trend ‘Someone who travels with just one wagon’ was how an elderly lady once defined ‘a

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Top 7 Irish Festivals 2018

Ireland where the music is hopping and the craic is mighty! Is it no wonder we host some of the best festivals in the world? Here are our top 7 Irish festivals not to be missed in 2018. 1 – Lisdoonvarna – 31st of August – 30th of September Each year romantic hopefuls from all

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