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Meet the VagaTron - Our 4x4 Tour Vehicle

annascaul valley going off road
off roading in a Mercedes Vagatron
thumbing a lift on the beach
mercedes vagatron on the healy pass
views of Rossbeigh with Vagabond
vagatron Mercedes goes off road

All Active Vagabond Cultural Adventures travel in our VagaTron 4x4 tour vehicles.

No Ordinary Tour Vehicle…

...For an extraordinary small-group tour of Ireland.

Carrying a maximum of 13 guests, these rugged Mercedes-Benz 4×4 tour vehicles are equally at home travelling over mountain pass or rocky shoreline.

100% Mercedes-Benz Fleet

Our VagaTron tour vehicles have plenty of space inside. Seats are soft and comfy for cruising between stops.

You'll love the large windows to take in all the stunning Irish scenery.

Our 4x4 tour vehicles are totally unique and only used for Vagabond Cultural Adventures.

Expect jealous looks!

Meet the Drifter - Tour Vehicle on Driftwood Journeys of Discovery

Driftwood tours Drifter tour vehicle on the Healy Pass in Ireland
Driftwood tours Drifter tour vehicle outside a leafy building in Ireland
Interior view of a scenic beach in Ireland from a Driftwood tours Drifter tour vehicle
Driftwood vehicle looking colorful
Driftwood tours Drifter tour vehicle in Doolough Valley, Ireland
Interior view of a Driftwood tours Drifter tour vehicle in Ireland

Relaxed Driftwood Journeys of Discovery travel in Drifter tour vehicles.

Travel Ireland in Style

Smooth, slick and very comfortable, our Mercedes-Benz Drifters are a great way to discover Ireland.

There’s a strict maximum of 15 people allowed on your Driftwood tour, so there’ll always be plenty of space. Our Drifters all feature large windows so you can make the most of the stunning views.

100% Mercedes-Benz Fleet

Civilised on the motorway, our Drifters are still compact enough to go off the beaten track.

Unearth a side of Ireland you would not experience on an ordinary bus tour. Their smart ‘Brooklands Green’ livery mean you’ll be travelling in style too!

In 2020, we will be operating an all-Mercedes fleet of 9 Drifters.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

At Vagabond Tours, our first and overriding priority is the safety of our guests, staff and the general public. We spare no expense in updating our 100% Mercedes-Benz fleet. We maintain our tour vehicles to the highest standards possible. To ensure the safe and smooth operation of our vehicles, we operate strict reporting and maintenance programs that exceed manufacturers' and regulatory guidelines.

We are proud members of ROSPA - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Our amazing VagaGuide driver guides are all regularly assessed by qualified occupational driver assessors. We monitor performance on an ongoing basis to maintain safety.


ROSPA member

See How Our Tour Vehicles Have Changed...

A from-the-ground perspective of the original 1990 Land Rover Defender VagaTron 4x4 tour vehicle for Vagabond Tours of Ireland
Vagabond Tours guest group sitting and standing on an original Land Rover Defender VagaTron tour vehicle with a 2007 date graphic in the top right corner
An original Land Rover Defender VagaTron tour vehicle with branded trailer parked in a scenic location in Ireland; side view
2014 VagaTron with date graphic
A smiling group of Driftwood tour guests pranking around with a Drifter tour vehicle and guide
Front view of a 2019 Mercedes VagaTron 4x4 tour vehicle with 2019 date graphic in the upper left corner
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