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We’ve challenged ourselves to improve sustainability across all areas of our business:

✔️ Achieved Reduced energy, waste, fuel, and water usage

✔️ Achieved Became carbon neutral through native Irish tree planting

✔️ Achieved Installed solar panels at VagaHQ

♻️ Ongoing Respect Ireland’s landscape through Leave No Trace

♻️ Ongoing Litter picking and adoption of local Pure Mile sites

♻️ Ongoing Encourage tourism industry to adopt similar practices

Our Irish Responsible Tourism in Action...

Green Tourism Award 2018
Rob Ranking Tree Planting
Tour guide talks leave no trace
Irish tourism innovation award

What is Responsible Tourism?

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“Tourism that takes full account of its current and future environmental, social and economic impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and communities” - The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)

Planting trees in Ireland to ensure we are carbon neutral

Vagabond Tours has been proactive in carbon off-setting by using native Irish woodlands to plant trees.

Using native Irish tree species also promotes biodiversity and helps foster more effective natural habitats for insects, birds and mammals.

We planted 110 trees in 2016; 150 in 2017; and 170 in 2018. This means that all of our Vagabond guided tours of Ireland are carbon neutral too!

Do you want to help?

We are all conscious of the carbon footprint we create in our travels. If you'd like to ask us more about the resposible tourism we practice on our trips to Ireland, please feel free to get in touch.

Climatecare is a non-profit organisation which raises awareness of climate change by supporting humanitarian and environmental projects globally.

Use the carbon calculator and offset your emissions at Climarecare.

Click here to launch the Climate Care Calculator App.


We've won a few green awards!

Winner badge for the Irish Green Awards 2018

We were delighted to be awarded the Green Tourism & Entertainment Award at the Green Awards 2018

Irish Tourism Industry Awards Winner badge

Our efforts towards Responsible Tourism were awarded Best Environmental Tourism Initiative at the 2019 Irish Tourism Industry Awards

Pure Mile Clean up the Uplands Award for Vagabond Tours 2018

Pure Mile awarded us the 2018 Clean Up The Uplands Award for restoring our stretch of local roadside to its former glory.

Green Awards 2019 Finalist for Vagabond Tours

We were delighted to be finalists in two categories at the 2019 Green Awards: 'Tourism & Entertainment' and 'Best Small Organisation'

Responsible Tourism Certification

In 2017, Vagabond Tours of Ireland achieved Irish Ecotourism Gold Level certification.

Rob engaged EcoTourism Ireland to formalise and further develop Vagabond’s already extensive responsible tourism practises. After a thorough process of training, evaluation and independent audit, Vagabond is currently the only tour operator in Ireland to hold the Gold Standard Ecotourism Ireland certification.

As Rob says:the process has lead to cost savings, product innovation, marketing opportunities and has been fantastic for team engagement. It is also vital that the tourism industry as a whole takes positive action on climate change, environmental impacts and responsible tourism generally’

Rob Rankin and Larry Coady of Vagabond Tours accept Eco Tourism Gold Level Certificate from Mary Mulvey of Eco Tourism Ireland

In 2019, Rob took his commitment to responsible tourism one step further by acquiring EcoTourism Ireland. We are currently in the process of researching a suitably independent body to re-certify Vagabond Tours, as we will no longer be certified by Ecotourism Ireland.

What does Responsible Tourism mean to Vagabond?

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Responsible Tourism On The Road

We save water, conserve fuel and practice Leave No Trace while on tour

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Visit Green VagaHQ

We operate a green headquarters by recycling, saving water and energy.

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The Extra Mile

We go further by litter picking, educating our guests and helping local communities.

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EcoTourism Ireland

Read why Vagabond founder, Rob Rankin, acquired EcoTourism Ireland in 2019.

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Our Social and Environmental Policy

Read our full Social and Environmental Policy

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Proud member of Leave No Trace

As proud partners of Leave No Trace Ireland, we train all of our guides in the Leave No Trace Ireland awareness programme.

Twelve of our staff have qualified as Leave No Trace Trainers. This approach not only ensures that our footprint on the landscape remains minimal. It also enables us to raise the level of environmental awareness among Vagabond guests.

Proud member of Birdwatch Ireland

We are proud members of Birdwatch Ireland and maintain both bird feeders and nesting boxes at Vagabond HQ.

We actively encourage our accommodation suppliers to follow suit. We were delighted when Beech Hill House Hotel and Gougane Barra Hotel both followed our example!


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