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We call our base of operations in Wicklow the VagaHQ. Naturally, we started here after pledging to make things better for community and planet.

Helping To Keep Ireland Beautiful

Vagabond Office Staff in Wicklow, Ireland
Solar panels with Solar Electric logo
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β˜€οΈ Solar Panels

πŸ’‘ Energy Usage

🚰 Water Usage

🌳 Paper Usage

♻️ Waste

β˜€οΈ Solar Panels

In 2019, we took another important step in our continuing journey towards responsible tourism.

Our partners Solar Electric helped us install solar panels on the roof of our Wicklow office.

Our goal here was to combat greenhouse gas emissions by reducing our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

We hope to inspire other companies in our industry and area to make the investment in renewable energy.

Solar panels on the roof of vagabond office

πŸ’‘Energy Usage

Because sustainability is all about reducing inputs, we have replaced all fluorescent office lighting with LED panels.

All our electrical outlets are timed so that no power usage occurs outside of office hours.

Our heating system operates on a carefully monitored timed programme.

These changes led to a 27% decrease in electricity and gas consumption in 2017.

🚰 Water Usage

Each toilet cistern at VagaHQ has been fitted with 2x 500ml water bottles, reducing the amount required per flush.

This simple initiative has reduced water usage by 5,000 litres per year.

♻️ Waste

All waste generated at VagaHQ, along with that brought back to base after touring by our VagaGuides, is separated and recycled.

This includes:

  • Office paper
  • Card and Cardboard
  • Hard and soft plastic. And Polystyrene
  • Batteries, phones and printer cartridges
  • Metals and glass
  • We also have a food waste bin

Our goal is to reduce non-recyclable waste significantly.

In fact, it’s been a few months since we actually put the rubbish bin out!

🌳 Paper Usage

In an effort to reduce our use of paper and the unnecessary felling of trees, we haven't printed physical Vagabond Tours brochures since 2006.

To the same end, all Vagabond customer correspondence and booking confirmations are sent by email.

All Vagabond office paper is carefully recycled and all credit card payments are processed online, again reducing the need for paper credit card rolls.

Ultimately, we aim for these efforts to contribute to the mitigation of carbon.

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Visit Green VagaHQ

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Our Social and Environmental Policy

Read our full Social and Environmental Policy

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Do you have questions about our responsible tourism journey?

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