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Vagabond and Driftwood vehicles are compact enough to go off the beaten path to Ireland's most beautiful hideaway destinations.

By staying at independent hotels and supporting local businesses in these locations, our small-group tours deliver benefits directly to the communities you visit.

Small-group is a WIN-WIN!

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The Best Small Group Tours of Ireland

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6 Day Northern Island Tour
"better than big coach tours!"
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Small tours can get to places the big coaches cannot plus with a smaller group, you get to know people better and it takes less time getting on/off.

We had an amazing driver ... He was entertaining and fun. He also was flexible and took folks to places their ancestry was from when it was on the route.

6 Day Great Southern Tour
"we ended up like family"
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Having a small group made the adventure so much more fun.

Our group was always laughing and having a great time. Having a smaller vehicle let us explore places that big buses couldn’t reach.

5 Day Edge of the World Tour
"there was no pressure"
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We had a fun group of 13 where you felt like you could engage with the group or simply go off on your own and there was no pressure either way.

The hotels were wonderful, the selection of activities was great, and we were surprised how much we enjoyed the food.

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Max 15 Guests

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Every Vagabond tour group is a small group.

With a strict maximum of 15 guests, our tour guides can focus on you.

Personal Service

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Our five star service is next-level!

You'll be on first-name terms with your VagaGuide and travel buddies from day one.

More Time To Enjoy

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Forget about waiting in long queues.

Small group tours enjoy more time at attractions plus magically fast hotel check-ins.

Less Touristy

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Wave goodbye to the beaten path!

Our compact minibuses take you where larger tour vehicles don't dare to go.

Get Closer

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Reach out and touch Irish history!

Everyone can get up-close, ask questions and hear answers on a small group tour.

Lower Impact

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Leave a positive impact behind you.

Choose a small group tour to experience Irish communities and landscapes responsibly.

Vagabond and Driftwood Tour Vehicles

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