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Leave No Trace Members

As proud partners of Leave No Trace Ireland, we train all of our guides in the Leave No Trace Ireland awareness programme.

Twelve of our staff have qualified as Leave No Trace Trainers. This approach not only ensures that our footprint on the landscape remains minimal. It also enables us to raise the level of environmental awareness among Vagabond guests

Improve Vehicle Efficiency

You might assume that operating larger vehicles is not a responsible way of showing visitors Ireland. However, there are several reasons why we think it’s one of the more efficient methods.

We continue to invest heavily in our fleet. All of our tour vehicles use the very latest Mercedes 2.2l turbo diesel engines.

Our vehicles can carry up to 16 people plus luggage. The CO2 emitted per person is a relatively small amount when compared to, say, 2 people driving a rental car with a 1.3l engine.

Smooth Driving

Our drivers are trained by experts to drive in a smooth, safe and considerate way. This is vital for safety and passenger comfort. But smooth driving also significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Offroad Driving

Vagabond is extremely strict as to where its vehicles can be taken off road. Any driving on beaches is done very carefully to avoid damaging dunes or other sensitive ecosystems. Other off-road routes follow manmade tracks. We never cross ‘virgin land’. Local consent and advice are always obtained before driving off road.

Out on the road

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We want you to love Ireland
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Reducing Water Usage

In 2017, we changed how we clean Vagabond tour vehicles.

Vehicles are only jet-washed at completion of each tour. While on tour, our guides clean the vehicles using Lilly’s Eco Clean internally and NoH20 externally.

These eco-friendly cleaning products are applied with reusable micro-fibre cloths. Back at Vagabond HQ, the cloths are washed with Ecover eco-friendly tablets and stored in washable cloth bags.

We calculate that this saves in excess of 48,000 litres of water per year.

Compostable Cups

We carry around our own compostable coffee cups so our guests don't have to use non-recyclable cups when enjoying their take away coffee.


Compostable Vagabond Coffee Cups


Find Out More About Our Responsible Tourism Efforts

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Responsible Tourism On The Road

We save water, conserve fuel and practice Leave No Trace while on tour

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Visit Green VagaHQ

We operate a green headquarters by recycling, saving water and energy.

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The Extra Mile

We go further by litter picking, educating our guests and helping local communities.

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EcoTourism Ireland

Read why Vagabond founder, Rob Rankin, acquired EcoTourism Ireland in 2019.

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Our Social and Environmental Policy

Read our full Social and Environmental Policy

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