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Tour Vehicles

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Vehicles that are perfect for a small group tour of Ireland

One of the main differences between the Vagabond Adventures and Driftwood journeys of Discovery is the type of buses we use. From our chunky Vagabond 4×4 buses, to our comfy Driftwood small buses. Scroll down to find more out about or each type of bus. Have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

Vagabond Tour Buses

This is not an ordinary bus tour of Ireland, it’s a Four Wheel Drive Adventure using a unique type of 4×4 Land-Rover or Mercedes ‘Vagatrons’, like the ones shown in the images. We can take mountain passes, shortcuts along beaches, and explore remote areas of extreme natural beauty far beyond the reach of mortal tourists. No other bus tour company in Ireland uses these unique vehicles.

They add a spirit of adventure to any tour right from the start. There is plenty of space and the seats are soft and comfy and because we believe in fresh air – you can open every window. Honestly, other people really do get jealous.

The ‘Newtrons!’ are our new Mercedes ‘Vagatrons’ which first arrived in 2014. They are still chunky, fun and adventurous like the Land Rover ‘Trons, but are a bit more spacious and comfortable. Both types of vehicles were the first and only ones of their kind in Ireland. So you know that when you are Vagabonding around Ireland – it’s in a very special tour bus.

In 2018 we will be operating a fleet of 4 Land Rovers and 6 Mercedes Sprinters 4×4 Newtrons


Driftwood Tour Buses

Smooth and very comfortable, our Driftwood mini-buses are a great way to see the country. We use a range of modern Volkswagen and Mercedes buses with up to 16 passenger seats in each. They all have large windows so that you can make the most of the view.

The buses can still get down all the tiny side roads and right off the beaten track, to show you a side of Ireland you might not otherwise experience. Plus the vehicles’ smart ‘Brooklands Green’ livery and Driftwood branding make the ‘Drifters’ a very stylish way to arrive…In 2018 we will be operating a fleet of 6 Mercedes Sprinters and 3 Volkswagen Crafters.

Please find some images above of the type of vehicle we use for the Driftwood tours:

Commitment to Safety and Quality

At Vagabond tours our first and over-riding priority is the safety of our passengers, staff and the general public. To this end, we purchase quality buses and maintain them to the highest standards possible. To ensure the safe and smooth operation of our vehicles, we have introduced strict reporting and maintenance programs that exceed the manufacturers and regulatory guidelines.

Bus Tours From Dublin Ireland

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