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Can I Access My Bag While On Tour?

It's difficult to access your main luggage or suitcase while on tour. Luggage is securely packed in our tour vehicles. As a result, it's not easy for your driver guide to access individual items of baggage during the day.

However, you can easily access your luggage at each hotel. So that you have your travel essentials close at hand, we recommend bringing a daypack, or backpack, that you can keep beside you in the tour vehicle.

Where Is Luggage Stored?

All luggage/baggage is stored either:

A) Inside your tour vehicle. On Driftwood Journeys of Discovery, all of your luggage/baggage travels in the trunk/boot of your Drifter tour vehicle. It is not accessible from the passenger area.

B) In a secure trailer. On Vagabond Cultural Adventures, your main luggage/baggage travels in a securely locked and weatherproof trailer, pulled behind the tour vehicle.

tour guide packing bags onto vechicle

Bring The Essentials In A Backpack

A backpack helps you store the essentials you'll need quick access to during each day on tour.

These essentials might include:

  • 💶 Wallet - Cards, to pay for souvenirs and lunch, and cash, as required for activities on the day (your tour guide will advise daily)
  • 🤳 Electronic Devices - Smartphone, camera, tablet or other devices
  • 🍪 Refreshments - Such as water, gum, snacks etc.
  • 🥪 Lunch - Your VagaGuide may plan a picnic and advise you where to pick up supplies in a deli/supermarket
  • 💊 Medication - If required.
  • 🧥 Lightweight Clothing - A warm hat and lightweight layers of clothing such as a waterproof rain jacket and sweater

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