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Are Wheelchairs & Mobility Aids Allowed On Tour?

We want our small-group tours to be accessible to everyone and do our utmost to help you choose a tour that suits your needs

To fully enjoy our itineraries, all guests must have a minimum level of fitness. Your ability to step onto our tour vehicles unaided is crucial.

Which Tour Style To Choose

For people with lower levels of fitness, we would recommend the relaxed pace of Driftwood Journeys of Discovery. There are no long hikes or adventure activities on Driftwood itineraries.

In addition, Drifter tour vehicles are lower to the ground than VagaTrons; they are easier to get in and out of.

Read this FAQ to better understand the main differences between our tour styles.

Are Wheelchairs Allowed On Tour?

It may be possible to stow a lightweight, foldable wheelchair or mobility aid in the luggage compartment of our tour vehicles.

However, this is dependent on the following factors:

  • 🧳 There is enough room for all guest baggage in the vehicle storage compartment BEFORE your wheelchair or mobility aid is stowed.
  • 🦽 The wheelchair or mobility aid must be lightweight, non-motorised and foldable in nature. Our tours are not suitable for larger wheelchairs or electric mobility scooters.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Before booking, please let us know if you have reduced mobility or if you plan to travel with any type of wheelchair/mobility aid. We cannot guarantee your departure if you arrive for your tour with a wheelchair or mobility aid that is not pre-booked. Email us using

Our tour vehicles are not wheelchair accessible.

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