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How Do I Bring My CPAP Machine To Ireland?

Plan ahead and you should be able to use your CPAP machine in Ireland with no problems.

Past guests have reported that finding distilled water and packing a suitable power adapter are the main challenges.

How Should I Pack My CPAP Machine?

You are free to pack your CPAP machine separately to your main luggage or within your main bag.

Some CPAP machines will take up luggage space. Other, compact travel CPAP machines will fit snugly into your bags.

As long as your main piece of luggage conforms to our size guidelines, how you pack your CPAP machine is really up to you.

Where Can I Find Distilled Water?

While distilled water suitable for CPAP machines is not easily found in the smaller towns that our tours visit around Ireland, several pharmacies in Dublin sell distilled water.

Please note, occasionally distilled water can also be referred to as 'sterile water' in Ireland.

If you want to pre-pack distilled water before your trip, Amazon sells several brands that are specifically labeled for CPAP machines. Airlines accept them if they are in checked baggage.

If you are at a loss and can't find distilled water in Ireland, water that has been boiled and then cooled has been known to function in CPAP machines (though this approach is generally not recommended by the manufacturer).

Another option suggested on our Facebook Community Group was to switch off the humidifier on your CPAP machine, if possible. This negates the need for distilled water.

What Power Adapter Will I Need?

If you're coming to Ireland from the USA/Canada, a universal power adapter should work to power your CPAP machine.

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