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What Is The Typical Group Size for Ireland Tours?

Group sizes vary widely between tour operators in Ireland.

Some companies offer large coach tours with up to 60 guests. Small-group tours restrict guest numbers.

Benefits of Small Group Tours

At Vagabond and Driftwood Tours, we think small is beautiful.

Taking a small-group tour of Ireland will give you the following benefits:

  • Tour guides can allocate more of their time and energy to each guest, resulting in improved service levels for you versus a larger tour group!
  • You will be on first-name terms with your tour guide.
  • You will have more opportunity to bond with your fellow travellers while on tour, at mealtimes and at each hotel stop.
  • It takes less time to get on and off your tour vehicle.
  • It takes less time to check-in and out of each hotel.
  • You will be able to hear everyone on your tour vehicle and your tour guide will be able to hear all questions, even from the back seat!
  • Your more compact tour vehicle can access small roads and authentic, out-of-the-way destinations that are difficult or impossible for large coaches to reach.
  • Because your small-group tour of Ireland will go off the beaten tourist track, you can safely expect less crowds and queues than at the most popular attractions.
  • The communities that we visit receive more direct benefits from multi-day small-group tours than big coach tours or day tours. By staying at family-owned and independent hotels rather than chain hotels, for example, your small-group tour makes a direct and positive economic impact in the local community.
  • Our vehicles are highly fuel-efficient and have smaller engines than coaches. As a result, your carbon footprint will be lower on a small-group tour.


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