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How Big Is A Small-Group Tour?

The number of guests on a small group tour depends on the policy of the tour operator.

Make sure you check with your chosen tour operator before booking a small-group tour; the exact number of guests varies between companies.

Vagabond & Driftwood small-group tours never carry more than 15 guests.

Why Do We Restrict Group Sizes?

We believe small-group tours offer increased service levels from our tour guides and improved experiences for guests in general.

We limit the number of guests on our small group tours of Ireland.

🚐 The maximum group size is 15 for Driftwood Journeys of Discovery and 13 for Vagabond Cultural Adventures

This focus on genuinely small-group tours ensures exceptional quality and personalised service.

The minimum number of guests for our Ireland tours is 2.

Your departure is 100% guaranteed once you have confirmed your tour β€” as long as there is one other person booked.

Learn more about our departure guarantee

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