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Where Is My Luggage Stored On Tour Vehicles?

The answer depends on which tour style you have chosen.

Driftwood vehicles have space for luggage onboard. Vagabond vehicles tow a trailer.

All luggage/baggage is stored either:

A) Inside your tour vehicle. On Driftwood Journeys of Discovery, all of your luggage/baggage travels with you in your Drifter tour vehicle.

B) In a secure trailer. On Vagabond Cultural Adventures, your large luggage/baggage travels in a securely locked and weatherproof trailer, pulled behind the tour vehicle.

For both tour styles, we recommend you bring along a fannypack/bumbag and/or.a daypack or backpack that you can keep on your person in the tour vehicle.

This is to store the essentials you'll need quick access to.

These might include:

  • Medication
  • Cash required for activities on the day (your tour guide will advise daily)
  • Smartphone, camera or other device
  • Refreshments, such as water, gum, snacks etc.
  • Lunch, if your tour guide has planned a picnic
  • Lightweight layers of clothing such as a rain jacket and sweater

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