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Vagabond Customer Feedback

Vagabond testimonialsWe would like to say thank you very much to everyone who has travelled with Vagabond Tours of Ireland, and thank you also for your kind words. We have put a huge amount of work into creating a product that we consider to be very special, and it is always fantastic to hear that that you agree.

We will continue to aim to deliver the best tours of Ireland in the world.

Warm Regards Rob and the Team. (and the Vagatrons!)

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’12 day Giant Irish Adventure’ Tour Reviews
‘8 day Wild Irish Rover’ Tour Reviews
‘7 day World Tour of Ireland’ Tour Reviews
‘8 day Kerry UnCorked’ Tour Reviews
‘6 day To The Edge of the World’ Tour Reviews
Tour Reviews from 2011 and before

12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour Reviews

I had very high expectations after reading all the information on the website. The tour exceeded my expectations. Our tour guide Paddy was so much fun and so informative. We all felt so lucky to have him as our guide. I would like to pay a big compliment to him and his service and making our trip so much fun. I hope to go to Ireland again because I absolutely loved it! I would use your tour company again and recommend it to anyone that wants to see the real Ireland. Thank you so very much.

Ona, 12 Day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, Sept 2015

My husband, myself, my son and his girlfriend completed the 12 day Vagabond tour last Friday.  We just wanted to let you know it was the best trip we have ever been on and my husband and I travel a lot.  Making the trip even more memorable was our tour guide, Paddy Connelly.  I can’t imagine a better guide for our adventure of Ireland.  He was extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining.

Debbie, 12 Day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, July 2015 

I just finished the 12 day tour and I had an absolutely fantastic time. Dee was a fantastic tour guide. (My only complaint is that I wish I could have stayed on the tour for another month!)

Victoria Lawrence, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, May 2014

Rob, we are back home still trying to sort out the places, sites, and wonderful people. What a fine task to be saddled with!!
I wanted to tell you what a great group of people you have working for you. But I imagine you already know that very well. From the time we made our reservations until Mia shut the door and drove off we had been in “Good Hands”.
Wish you well and keep showing other the beauty of Ireland.

Tom Rollins, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, May 2014

We are not on Facebook or any of the other social networks, but I do want to thank you and your staff for our grand trip to Ireland. We could not have had better tour guides the Paddy for the first week and Mia for the second. Not only were they efficient and professional regarding their responsibilities, but just exciting and fun people to be with. They keep us well informed and entertained with their historical and geographical knowledge along with many stories. They were especially accommodating for the different levels of “adventure tolerance” among our group. They took good care of my wife, Elvis, (she doesn’t push the limits like her husband…)
The accommodations were exceptional! Our favorites were the Beech Hill Hotel in Londonderry, and the Gougane Barra Hotel in Ballingeary. The activities; hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. were all great. The waterfall in Carnlough, Giant’s Causeway, Slieve League Cliffs – (really windy!), Cliffs of Moher, and our visit to the sheep farm were all very interesting.; and lots of other stuff too!
Can’t think of any way the trip could be improved! Even the weather cooperated; only a few occasional showers to keep the emerald shining, and the day we went out to the Skellig Island Monastery was clear blue skies, very light winds, and 24 degrees
Thank you all so very much and please let Paddy and Mia know how much we appreciate them!

John and Elvis Farr, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, May 2014

Shawn and I are already daydreaming of our next Ireland adventure. We’ve been telling anyone with ears about how great your tours are; thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

Julie Wilson, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, May 2014

First and foremost, I want to say thank you for a fantastic and memorable trip. After having done the Vagabond tour, I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Sitting in the airport to head home I overheard many people talking about their stay in Ireland and the things they did but no matter how great their experiences sounded, my first thought was always “yea… we did it right.”
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how fantastic Larry was. It’s one thing to be knowledgeable of history and the sites that we visit, but Larry’s personality also allowed him to integrate into the group to the point where we felt like he was “one of us” so to speak. Everything we could have hoped for in not only a guide but a traveling companion. I can’t speak highly enough of him and wish both he and you well.

Travis Mountain, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, June 2014

I’m back home and just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for a wonderful experience on the Vagabond tour. Sean did an incredible job. He’s warm and friendly, knowledgeable and basically a joy to be with. You’ve got a rock star in that lad.
According to my Fitbit wrist band and the accompanying app, we walked slightly over 100 miles over the 12 days of the tour. A good stretch of the legs but nothing overwhelming, even for a guy like me at age 62. And the places we trekked and saw were stunningly beautiful.
My best to you and your team. And once more, my sincerest thanks for a journey that crafted memories I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

Greg Maguire, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, June 2014

Our trip with Vagabond exceeded our expectations – it was exactly the experience we hoped to have and more. Mia was an amazing guide and quick to help with any concerns/problems (i.e. I needed a doctor for a sinus infection).
I have some friends traveling to Ireland in a few weeks. We chose not to go with them because they had chosen another tour and we wanted LOTS more activity. Every time I saw one of those coaches I gave thanks that I was with Vagabond. I can’t wait to return to Ireland to see the parts I missed (SE and the homes my grandparents were born in).
Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Kathleen Heidenreich/Rick Jordan, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, June 2014

I would like to thank Mia ,our tour guide on the Vagabond tour that commenced on the 4th August.
I cannot speak highly enough about this tour, our tour guide was the best, our group was small and we all spoke English which I was a bit worried about before the tour started.
We formed great friendships in our group and we all got along with one another. Mia went out of her way to make us welcome .
She found out where the O’Connor castle was and, as it was only a short distance from where we were, she took us all there. We were all very pleasantly surprised of the condition of the castle and its history.
This tour was the best tour I have experienced, and it will take a lot to beat it. I was sorry it had to end, I would love to do it all again.

Mary O’Connor, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, August 2014

I have returned to Switzerland now and just wanted to let you know that I really had a very nice time in Ireland travelling with Vagabond. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot.
Thank you again for this nice journey and I can truly recommend your tours to others!

Patricia Rickenbach, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, August 2014

We did indeed have the trip of a lifetime with our tour group.  Russ was a fantastic guide. He never seemed to get tired of all our questions, always had lots of great facts about Ireland and was just an all around great travel companion. Give him our regards and thanks.

Tom & Dixie Prast, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, September 2013


Gina and I have travelled quite a lot, and this ranks with one of the best trips we have taken. Firstly, we both love Ireland, the people and the country.  We haven’t seen many places as beautiful and dealt with people as gracious and friendly.  We both particularly fell in love with the Connemara region, and also the town of Derry.  The accommodations were quite fine.

Now for the tour guide.  Sean Nee is a young man I would be proud to have as a son.  And I have two sons of whom I am quite proud.  Sean conducted himself in a professional manner at all times while being friendly and helpful.  Gina contracted a cold the second week, and Sean, on his own accord, stopped at a pharmacy and picked up a cold remedy.  He showed that kind of thoughtfulness throughout the trip.  He talked enough to explain the sights, etc., but not too much so as to interfere with the conversations and laughing going on in the back of the bus.  And he joined in the fun as we travelled and joked around.  I know you will find that everyone on the trip holds Sean in the same high regard.  Hold on to him!

The tour overall was well thought out and planned, and I have no complaints with anything other than that it had to come to an end.

Wes Cowley, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, September 2013


Thought I would take a moment and forward you my message letting you know what a wonderful and meaningful experience we had on our 12 day great adventure with Vagabond. We have shared our experience with many here back home and are planning returning to Ireland again soon.

Regards, Bob Huth, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, September 2013


We wanted you to know that Larry was wonderful. He was an amazing guide and very engaging. We will promote your tours and your excellent Ireland experience. Thank you so much for a memorable adventure and vacation!

Marty and Jeff Bledsoe, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, September 2013


Rick and I just returned from our 12 day Vagabond Tour. It was one of the best trips we have ever taken and definitely the most unique. Everything was well organized and planned so that each day was an adventure. The itinerary was perfect with hikes each day and sites with historical interest. We loved being in the country and in small towns. At the more popular sights, Sean always managed to coordinate it so that we were able to avoid the crowds being bused in. The accommodations were excellent and we enjoyed the combination of bed and breakfasts, small hotels and the castle. Sean always organized or recommended excellent restaurants.

You have obviously put a great deal of time into planning every aspect of your tours. Sean was fabulous. He was very sensitive to all of our needs and his quiet calm manner along with his sense of humour made our trip relaxing but also exciting. He always gave us just enough information about our adventures ahead of time to entice us but not to spoil the surprise. Sean obviously has a love of Ireland and he was very informative about Irish history and the areas we travelled through. Thank you for providing us with this wonderful adventure. It will be difficult to find another tour that lives up to our experience with Vagabond.

Mary Lou Shields, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, September 2013


Trip is awesome. National geographic has not disappointed yet with its recommendations – wish my family had come with me.

Sean went beyond necessary to accommodate myself and the other travellers (i.e. extra walks and activities, ice cream stops, ensuring accommodations at the castle, putting up with pranks/jokes at his expense, etc).

Shira Schneidman, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, July 2013


We had a wonderful time on our Ireland adventure thanks to your great planning, wonderful country and Larry of course. All of the accommodation was what we were expecting. Some small and quaint, some large and modern. All welcoming,  friendly and very helpful. We were not expecting heat and humidity but we were very lucky to have such wonderful vacation weather.

Larry is charming, patient, flexible, entertaining and knowledgeable. He made the trip fun. It was an energetic, educational adventure which we would recommend highly. By the end of our 12 day tour Larry felt like family and it was sad to say good bye.

Thanks to you all for an excellent time.

Mary Sissons and Chris Sturgess, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, July 2013


Loved the tour and Dee was such a great guide/driver.  So knowledgeable about all things Irish, a great story teller, lover of the outdoors etc etc and what a talent – she can sing and paint.

It’s impossible to pick out the main highlights but the Folk Concert at St James in Dingle Town has to be one of them.  The hike along the cliffs from Dunseverick Castle to Giant’s Causeway is another, learning the history of Belfast and Derry is another, The Burren and I have some amazing photos of Slieve League cliffs.  The green fields, the black-faced lambs, the colours of the houses and the neatness of their surroundings  – the list is endless.

Jan and Clive Edmonds, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, May 2013


My buddy and I had a great time!  I wanted to mention to you about MiaOur Tour Guide + Driver (+ Pharmacist + Doctor+ Translator + Diplomat + Eye doctor+ Therapist + Date consultant + Sheep expert + Photographer + Singer + Dancer + DJ) just to name a FEW of the Job descriptions I was able to see first hand!!!    Mia did a great job making us enjoy Ireland and what the road (and weather) would bring us each day! –    We appreciate her positive attitude and allowing us to enjoy the Vagabond experience.    She helped my buddy in such a great way when his prescription glasses broke and she was able to get a quick fix to continue on the trip – GREAT JOB! + Great Team!

Our only complaint:    THAT IT HAD TO END.   Thanks Again!

Jorge & Patrick, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure Tour, May 2013.

We just wanted to convey our compliments to you and our wonderful guide/driver Mia for our tour of Ireland with Vagabond.  Living up to its reputation, Ireland is truly beautiful, and coming from a state (California) with its own impressive coastline, we nevertheless must tip our hats to the stunning coastal vistas of the Emerald Isle, not to mention the seemingly limitless vistas of rolling hills and green pastures.

We also wanted to thank you for including Northern Ireland on the itinerary.  It really helped us understand so much better the strife that has taken place, and the pain everyone has suffered because of it.  Hopefully that trauma will fade deeper and deeper into oblivion.

We especially want to compliment Mia.  I can’t think of how anyone could have been better in any respect.  She’s a very skilled and prudent driver. She was unrelentingly generous in giving us commentary ­ often during challenging drives.  She was very conscientious in performing her duties, and in attending to the specific needs of some of the particular individuals in our group.  She remained enthusiastic and attentive throughout the 12 days, when you might think that at least some sign of “battle fatigue” could set in.

Again, thanks very much for our wonderful introduction to Ireland.

Sarah & Jean-Pierre Lafare, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure tour, May 2013.


My wife and I just completed our Great Irish Adventure and cannot think of a better and more fun way to discover Ireland. We devoted quite a bit of time to make a list of all the flaws exhibited by Mia as a guide but could not come up with a single one! She is an impressive driver and a fabulous guide.

John P. Lafare, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure tour, May 2013.


My daughter Becka and I took the (July 9-21) 12 Day Adventure. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. We were blessed to have found your company and to travel with such a wonderful small group of folk. Both Paddy and Mark were informative and fun, each in his own way and I want to commend your hiring of them. 🙂


Kate Schieber, USA, 12 day Tour, July 2012


We have just returned to the US from an absolutely wonderful 12-day tour with Vagabond Tours. Paddy was an amazing and very accommodating guide and we would like to add that we would highly recommend Vagabond Tours to anyone who wants to visit Ireland. We had a fantastic time and loved having the opportunity to explore Ireland in this very unique way. The site seeing, the hiking, the hotel accommodations, the food, and, again, Paddy’s excellent guidance, was absolutely amazing. Your country is beautiful and the people of Ireland are the friendliest we have ever encountered. Thank you for giving us a wonderful vacation!

Eileen Neal, Cathy Lash & Lynn Danielson, 12 day Giant Irish Adventure, October 2012.


“Russ gave us a real adventure tour. Excellent guide-driver-nanny-friend. we loved our tour and will recommend this tour to our friends”

Gerry Brockman. 12 day Giant Irish Adventure, July 2012


I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the great tour you provided. Bill and I took the 12 day tour all around Ireland and it was perfect, aside from a little Irish drizzle. Ireland is beautiful and the tour really captures most aspects of it. Mark and Russ were our tour guides and we were happy to have both. Mark is well versed in Irish lore, literature and history, which was perfect for the northern part of the tour. Russ was absolutely wonderful as our guide for the last 7 days. He was extremely caring of our needs and could answer almost everything we could come up with. His knowledge of the foliage, landscape and nightly entertainment was perfect for the rugged western part of the country. We will highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to see Ireland in a more adventurous way than taking a big coach tour.

Anyways, thanks for accommodating our needs and having the best of the best people show us around your wonderful country.

Bill and Joni Sequira, 12 Day Giant Irish Adventure, June 2012.

8 Day Wild Irish Rover Reviews

I know you hear from so many people that you may not remember me. My husband, Joel, and I brought our two adult children and their spouses on the Vagabond 8 day Wild Irish Rover Trip this past summer.

The tour was AMAZING!!!!

I am writing to you to tell you personally how much we enjoyed the trip and how often we have spent time talking about the wonderful times we enjoyed together. You and Vagabond Tours made the “Yelvertons” dreams come true. We are very blessed to have had the means to be able to do this for our children and ourselves!!!

We are still communicating with some of the others on our tour and will be lifetime friends . . .

THANK YOU AGAIN for all you and Vagabond Tours did to make our first trip to Ireland an priceless memory. It will NOT be our only trip to Ireland!!!!

Cheryl Yelverton, 8 Day Wild Irish Rover Tour, May/June 2015

We had a tremendous time in Ireland with Vagabond. Both Larry and Mark did a great job!
Gerald Graham, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, March 2014

I would just like to say your guides are truly one of a kind!! Really friendly, knowledgeable and fun to be around. I see exactly why everyone is valuable. They can all bring something different to the tour.Thank you for an experience of a life time!! Everything was just so personalized to us and we just adored every minute!

Dominique Lalonde, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, April 2014

The trip was fabulous as were the guides. One of the best trips I have ever done. The guides were interesting and fun!! Not only were they full of facts and folklore about Ireland but they all seemed to have travelled extensively outside Ireland which was an added bonus. If I get back to Ireland again I’ll try the north next time.
Cath Smith, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, April 2014

We couldn’t have been happier with our Vagabond tour! Steve and Sean were fantastic guides and willing shared their vast knowledge of your beautiful country!! Thanks so much for making this a memorable trip for my family and I !!!!!!
John Flynn, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, May 2014

I wanted to drop you a note and say that I had a fantastic time! The trip was all I had hoped for and more! As soon as we were finished, I wanted to do it again, though I need to be a little better shape. Tim was a knowledgeable and fun guide! My ancestors came from Clare, and it was very kind of him to welcome me there once we crossed over the Shannon from Kerry. Mia also took great care of us during the transition at Killarney. The “Tron” made us feel like rock stars and it was kind of fun to have everyone stare at us as we drove around!

This was my first trip out of the US and I think I picked one that’s going to be very hard to beat. I’ll most certainly plan on coming back to Ireland. Y’all fulfilled your goal in making me love your country and you are running a classy organization I think you and your crew can be very proud of.
Kim Barker, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, May 2014

I can’t tell you how much fun my daughter and I had on the Vagabond Tour! Larry & Russ were the best guides ever!!! We loved the hiking so much and the humour of your guides were great (and even their singing!) ha! We are telling everyone about it and my daughter Paula and I are already looking at the Northern Island Tour, she doesn’t want to go with anyone else but Vagabond!!
Thanks again for your hard work and the care you put into your tours really show! You are the best!!
Rhonda Haegele, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, May 2014

Just wanted to send you a quick note to express what a great time we had. We did the 8 day tour that departed on Sunday the 25th of May. The entire tour was absolutely incredible, from the hotels to all the stops in between. We really enjoyed all the commentary from Wendy and Tim. They both brought so much knowledge and history regarding every place we visited. Tim was outstanding, you have a great asset in him, not only is he funny he is also very knowledgeable regarding the history on all the places we went. I have to say this was probably the best vacation we have had in a long time.
Carla Deyo, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, May 2014

I am known to be a notoriously picky about customer service and I can honestly say I don’t have one negative thing to say regarding any part of the trip. All your vendors lived up to their promises. Thanks again for a memorable trip.
Richard Deyo, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, May 2014

We had the best vacation ever! We especially loved how our guides Nick and Steve took so much care of us. We recommend this tour to anyone. It was a great way to see Ireland.
Lisa Cooke and Ian Morris, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, June 2014

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour of Ireland with your Vagabond. We had two guides, Bebhinn and Henry. While both did an outstanding job we especially enjoyed Bebhinn. She was so enthusiastic, fun and kept us amused for our journey. You have a real winner! If we get back to Ireland we will definitely use your services again!
Mighty Mike McManus, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, June 2014

Just wanted to let you know that we all had a wonderful tour with both Wendy and Dee. They were so helpful and accommodating. Kudos to you and your organization, we will recommend you to all our friends who are planning trips to Ireland. Thank you so much for all your help, let your staff know that they are awesome.
Pat Cameron, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, July 2014

We had a trip of a lifetime! It exceeded our expectations in every way. Both of our guides (Mia & Tim) were fantastic. They were fun and knowledgeable. Gillian was very professional and answered all our questions promptly. It was great being active and walking through the scenery not just looking at it through a window. We really felt we saw Ireland in a way we couldn’t have without Vagabond. You have put together a very nice company.
Brad Lierman, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, August 2014

We just returned from our trip and we are unpacking. It was one of our best vacations! Tim and Sean were great! I will recommend it to friends and family.
Laurel Holland, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, August 2014

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that Katie and I had an absolutely awesome experience on our 8 day tour with Mia last week. It was clear to us that much thought goes into planning the Vagabond tours, and we truly appreciated that. Also, Mia was fantastic – we couldn’t have asked for a better guide! Each of the choices for accommodations exceeded our expectations.
We will be recommending Vagabond to everyone (and Driftwood to our less adventurey friends and family – Katie’s parents are actually leaving on a Driftwood tour on October 6th!) and we will also post a glowing review on Tripadvisor shortly.
Staci Widlansky, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, August 2014

I just want to thank you for the trip of a lifetime! I couldn’t have imagined my bucket list trip to be any more wonderful. I met Amy on the trip to the Skelligs. I know we bragged about Emmett, but he really was wonderful. His archaeology background was well fitted to us.  I don’t know if you hand pick the 12, that journeyed together, but we were a perfect blend.
It was the trip of a lifetime. I came by myself, which was totally do able! God Bless.

Karen McGivney – Liechti, 8 day Wild Irish Rover tour, September 2013

I wanted to let you know how much my mom and I enjoyed the Vagabond tour and our guide, Steve. The places we went were beautiful, exciting, and moving. Steve’s great humour and knowledge of Ireland’s geography and history made every day fun and we learned so much. He made us feel like we were some long lost relatives from America and he was welcoming us home! We couldn’t believe how much Steve knows and what a great story teller he is! The other people in our group were wonderful, too, and everyone was up for any adventure Steve suggested. I don’t know how much control you have in putting together the groups, but it was perfect!
Your slogan is “We want you to love Ireland as much as we do” and the tour you designed and our guide Steve certainly achieved that for my mom and I!
Thanks again. I know I will be back to Ireland someday and I am telling everyone I know who likes adventure travel to go with Vagabond!

Christy McElligott, 8 day Wild Irish Rover tour, September 2013

My trip to Ireland was everything that I had hoped for and more.  Vagabond did an amazing job and Steve was a wonderful guide.  He is extremely knowledgeable and really made the trip perfect.  I wish you offered trips outside of Ireland – I would be the first to sign up.  I will, however, come back and do the 12 day trip.  Eight days was just not enough!  Thank you !!

Judy Trujillo, 8 day Wild Irish Rover tour, September 2013

I just wanted to thank you for the great time we had on tour with Vagabond!!   My family and I loved the experience and will definitely recommend you to our friends and family. Thanks again!!
 Alyson Casey 8 VB August 25th 2013

Our tour was amazing.  We had such a good time and will have wonderful memories for a lifetime.  Kudos go to our tour guides, Wendy and Jean.  Both girls were very knowledgeable in Irish history and Irish tales.  I didn’t see any Leprechauns but I’m sure the Irish fairies were with us since one boy in our tour kept losing his expensive sunglasses and finding them hours later on two separate occasions.  (Now that has to be Irish Luck!)

I appreciated the detailed planning that went into this tour and I now know why your received the 50 tours of a lifetime award from National Geographic.  I enjoyed the small group settings and the off the beaten track of the tour.  Our group was great and friendships developed with different age groups, different nationalities, and different skill levels.  We had such fun…….

I thought the hotel accommodations were lovely with each area offering a little different Irish experience.  Love the Irish music and Pubs!   All and all Ireland is beautiful but it is the Irish people that I will remember.  You Irish have as special way of life and it shows!

Pat James 8 vb August 4th 2013

I went on the 8 day Vagabond tour and just wanted to say the tour was wonderful.  Russell and Jean were great.  I loved Russell’s knowledge of plants and Jean was great.  The hikes were beautiful. Your country and people are wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

Jo Ann Prescott, 8 day Wild Irish Rover tour, June 2013.

Chris and I had an absolutely wonderful time! Every single day was amazing, especially the Skellig Islands.  Sean and Larry were both fantastic guides, they were very friendly and accommodating!  We hope to make it back to Ireland in the future, and take your northern tour. Thank you!

Amanda and Chris Johnson, 8 day Wild Irish Rover tour, June 2013.

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to join the Wild Irish Rover tour this past week. It was quite fun to go on a trip where I wasn’t the guide, especially one that was so well organized. I’m very impressed with how you’ve set things up and the relationships Vagabond has with all the hotels – Thanks again.

Marian Marbury, 8 day Wild Irish Rover tour, May 2013.

I can’t thank you enough for providing the 8 Day Wild Irish Rover tour.  It was absolutely perfect in all respects.  You were very helpful when I e-mailed you questions before the trip.  From the moment Mia picked us up at the Grand Hotel to the moment Russ dropped us off on Sunday night we felt very well cared for.  Both Mia and Russ were excellent drivers and tour guides and were always cheerful in answering our many questions about your magnificent country. Russ directed us to some excellent restaurants and we felt our hotels were charming and yet had all the modern amenities.  The Ballynahinch castle was gorgeous and we asked Russ if we could leave later in the morning so we could hike some of the trails.

I think what we appreciated most, was the opportunity to take hikes where no one else was and arrive at the top to beautiful views of the coast and other treasures.    We were so happy not to be on a big bus riding around and not really experiencing the land.  When we were biking in Killarney national park, we all commented on a big tour bus with white haired passengers who looked at us like we were crazy riding bikes in the rain, and we were all thinking, ‘boy, are we glad we aren’t them’ (even though some of us have white hair!).  I have told friends about your trip and I wouldn’t be surprised if we send some business your way.   We may even come back and do the longer tour that includes Northern Ireland.  If we do any other European countries we sure hope we can find a tour like yours.

We had wanted to come to Ireland for about 20 years to see where my husband’s great grandparents came from but never had the time or resources.  May 2013 was our trip and we will never forget it.  Thanks again.  Our group was lovely and we enjoyed getting to know each one of them.  We couldn’t have had more craic.

Sandy Kromrey, 8 day Wild Irish Rover tour, May 2013.

I am writing to tell you how much my daughter Lindy and I enjoyed our tour. We feel like we experienced Ireland (at least the south) in all its glory with fairies, Celtic culture, trad music etc. You are very fortunate to have talented guides who share the wonders of Ireland with such style; Dee and Wendy. Thanks so much for your wonderful tour….it is a trip we will always remember (the Craic) and isn’t that what travelling is all about.

Roxanne Delmage, Ottawa Canada , 8 Day ‘Wild Irish Rover’ July 2012.


I had a great time in your beautiful country. Russ and Dee were both great group leaders and special in their own ways, I really enjoyed both of them. You have a great tour company, we definitely got a lot of attention and questions along the way and I know everyone always gave good feedback. One of these days I’ll get back and do the 5 day northern route with Vaga. Greg and Suzanne on our 8 day said they really enjoyed that, having just done it prior to this one.

Now its back to real life!

Thanks again, Janice Cox. 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, September 2012


“We just got off the Vagatron after Eight days of Wild Irish Roving adventure! Russell did a great job of warming us up for Dee who has convinced me of the existence of fairies. It met and exceeded expectations for group interaction, variety of experiences, flexible creativity. It is truly Dee’s passion and love of Ireland through her songs and stories that gave us a love of Ireland that we’ll take home with us. When are you going to Scotland?

Ginger and Janice, USA”. 8 day Wild Irish Rover, September 2012.


Rob – I thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know how great the Vagabond tour was. I think I mentioned I have done other tours of Ireland and this was by far the best! The accommodations were great, the roads we traveled were extremely scenic, and Dee was an absolutely amazing guide. I would like to put a review on your website… This was by far the the BEST way to see and experience Ireland. Thank you so much for being flexible and allowing my nephew and I to stay on the extra day…. Branden truly enjoyed the trip as well and it far exceeded his expectations…. That is exactly what I was shooting for…. I will definitely be recommending Vagabond and Driftwood to all my friends…

Thanks again


Katie Flanigan, 8 day Wild Irish Rover Tour, July 2012


I just wanted to tell you that your Vagabond Tour was the greatest trip ever! And Mark was the greatest tour guide in Europe! 🙂 And Dee was awesome too!! I would like to get her email address if at all possible so I can stay in touch with her.

I thought I would share some pictures with you. I would appreciate it if you could pass them on to Mark and Dee.

Sarah Birch, 8 Day Wild Irish Rover Tour, June 2012


We had a great time on the tour. Wendy, Paddy and Mia were excellent drivers and guides, and very professional. The Skellig was beyond fortunate to have experienced it.

Accommodations were excellent and the organization of planned activities went without a hitch (at least to us). It was obvious that there was constant communication. Was delighted that the tour avoided urban centres.

We thoroughly enjoyed the history lessons and the Irish music (come to Newfoundland sometime …it will feel like home!)

Thanks again. Will recommend to friends.

Jane and Doug Bryce, 8 day Wild Irish Rover, June 2012.

8 Day Kerry UnCorked Tour

This was our third tour with Vagabond and we will keep coming back. Rob and company have put together a great trip with two days in Dingle, two days in Kinsale and three other stops in Cork and Kerry.
Fantastic activities such as kayaking, bicycling, hiking and a trip to Skellig Michael. Outstanding accommodations, great food, comfortable travel and excellent guides. Five star rating in all categories.

Joe F, 8 Day Kerry UnCorked, July 2015.

7 Day World Tour of Ireland Reviews

The tour was absolutely fantastic. It was just the right amount of activity, and it was amazing to be able to see some out if the way areas other tours can’t get to. Both tour guides were warm and chatty and knowledgeable about all if the areas we were visiting. It was also wonderful to see the great relationships your company and guides are building with the people and places we visited – it helped me to feel very comfortable with all of the people we were involved with along the way.

Larry and Sean were of course both different, though I couldn’t speak more highly of both of them. Larry gave us a beautiful song and terrible yet loveable Dad jokes. Sean was with us for the longer haul, he bore us all very well. Another warm knowledgeable fella with some very good accents from around the world. (We agreed, though, that Larry gave good fierce warm goodbye hugs, Sean is an awkward hugger. It was funny. Get him in a room with your other guides and get him working on his cuddles!) The humour’s been great, the music on the bus adds some fun; the whole trip truly exceeded my expectations. This is a company I will definitely talk about and recommend to others visiting Ireland.

Thanks for such a wonderful trip. The admin staff I dealt with initially were so helpful from the get go, and it followed through with the actual tour experience.
Kirily Suggett, 7 day World Tour of Ireland, April 2014

We loved our Vagabond tour with Sean and Emmett in May. Hans and I toured a bit more before returning home to Wisconsin, so we’ve only recently come home. I’ve been going through photos and remembering all the wonderful places we saw and things we did.
Bobbie Bernet, 7 day World Tour of Ireland, May 2014

I took part in the Vagabond-7day-World-Tour. I just would like to give you a short feedback, because I enjoyed this trip more than any other trip I’ve done before!! I got to understand (a little bit) and love the Irish and their country: What a unique experience !!!

For me, I have it quite clear, the special service you offer to your clients, is unique and absolutely the best way to travel!!! I really enjoyed companionship (we’ve been a small group of only 7), tour-plan (good selection of sightseeing and activities), hot-spots, your special vehicle (very important!!!!! :-)) !!!!!!!)… all the exclusive locations (hidden from mass-tourism) we could discover, thanks to you (such as hiking to waterfalls, lakes in the mountains etc.) !!!
Your guides are amazing, most of all Russ (great entertainer, never boring, stuffed with knowledge)!!! He really gives a peace of the Irish way-of-life to the client, that’s such a big luxury… special thanks for that…
I hope I will get the chance to do another Vagabond-Tour soon!! For sure, I will come back to Ireland, because you made me love this country!!! Thanks a thousand times!! Big hug!!
Hannah (Johanna Blersch), 7 day World Tour of Ireland, June 2014

I have a very good experience with Vagabond trip (7 days). Thanks again at Russell who makes our first part of the trip quite trilling. Wendy was quite different but also very interesting.
Paule Hébert , 7 day World Tour of Ireland, June 2014

Our trip was great, beyond my best hopes. Our guide, Nick, was personable, informed & flexible. My children (22&25) loved the trip. The group was harmonious (which is pure luck, I know). We got to see interesting sights, avoided the crowds, the accommodations were wonderful. Really, I can’t say enough about the experience. Thanks so much!
Terry Dunlap, 7 day World Tour of Ireland, June 2014

Just a quick note to let you know what an amazing and life changing experience we had on our tour with Tim. He has been so considerate, accommodating and concerned to avail us of any opportunity we could hope for.
This is an important trip for my husband, son and I and I can’t imagine a better guide or itinerary for us. He told us he had a surprise for us today and lead us up to Slea Head and made us Irish coffees. As an English teacher and writer, please let me know where I can write a glowing review of this tour.
Kim Kiefer Kahn, 7 day World Tour of Ireland, July 2014

We are having a wonderful time on our trip. Both Nick and Sean have been excellent tour guides and have exposed us to so much of Ireland’s beauty and culture. We’re sad that it is coming to a close.

While the physical abilities, stamina, and interests amongst the group differ, the guides have been very good at working at everyone’s pace and making plans for everyone to be comfortable. We’ve enjoyed a nice combination of challenging hikes and adventures, but also thoroughly enjoy when we are able to spend some time to relax and absorb the atmosphere and beauty. Nick and Sean have been flexible with our plans and worked very hard to fit in time for everyone’s interests (and provide rests when some of the group is struggling to keep up on the more challenging days).

Though I think many of us were sad to lose Nick as our guide halfway through, Sean has proved to be as knowledgeable and as accommodating as Nick. Both men are willing to go above and beyond to make sure we are all comfortable and happy. And they fill us in with lots of fun details, stories, Irish folklore… Very obliging and patient considering our constant onslaught of numerous and sometimes farfetched questions!

Thank you so much for checking in and thank you for helping us have such a memorable Irish experience.

Roseanne and Maggie Malone, 7 day World Tour of Ireland, August 2014

A grand thank you to Russ and Mia for an incredible job hosting our 7 Day World Tour trip in June.  All the best ingredients in perfect measure for a most memorable trip.  Highly recommend Vagabond and will certainly be back for more in the future!

Jill and Robyn Sakhitab, 7 day World tour 2nd June 2013

Coming back from Ireland a few weeks ago I finally find the time to write you just a few lines to thank you and your team for the wonderful trip I had.

The 7 day tour was a great chance to know the wonderful south west coast of the Emerald Isle in the best way I could have guessed, with a great team of professionals that took us to the best locations, the most stunning views. Despite the weather we really had a wonderful time, even the hill walk under the rain was worthwhile.

Rob did a great job, I enjoyed very much the days he was our guide, we had great fun. Jean was also terrific and always trying to please us. I really liked the drive, Rob and Jean are not only very good drivers but great guides, their tales about the history of Ireland were very interesting and amusing.

I like very much the flexibility of the trip and the opportunity to do different activities. The cycling in Killarney National Park was really hard for me, I miscalculated my strength and I wasn´t able to do the other activities I had planned for the next day, but Jean gave us an alternative plan, so everybody had the chance to do what they liked.

All the accommodations we had were super, and the restaurants recommended to us were really good. And I was lucky to travel with a wonderful group of people on that trip, we really had a good ambience and lots of fun.

Marisa Iruretagoyena 7 VB 15th Sept 2013

We are back at home now and oh how I miss Ireland!  We could not have asked for a better tour.  My husband and I went there ten years ago and just thought we had seen Ireland!  Your tours are amazing and I will recommend them to anyone going to Ireland.  Wish you the best and continued success!  Thank you for a wonderful week in Ireland!  Emmet was the most wonderful guide one could possibly hope for.  He is amazing in his knowledge of his lovely and beautiful Ireland.  We enjoyed getting to know Sean.  He brought a different view of the last three days of the tour.  The week went by way too fast. Thank you so much for everything!

Louise McCord 7 day world tour September 15th 2013

We just wanted to drop you a line about our recent trip to Ireland with Vagabond.  We are so pleased with our entire trip.  Wendy was our first tour guide and she took very good care of us.  She went out of her way to make sure we had an authentic Irish adventure watching the finals of the Cork-Clare Hurling Championship in a pub in County Clare!  Up the Banner!! It was a great afternoon.  She did a great job arranging our activities for the rest of the week.

Once in Dingle we met Russ who became fast friends with our entire group.  Russ has great knowledge of history and knows the area well.  He made every day fun and enjoyable.  Russ also went out of his way to accommodate a side trip to Beara Island for us to see the Island the Harringtons came from.  Despite bad weather, tough roads and a tiny ferry it was a highlight of the trip.  All the accommodations were wonderful.  In particular we loved The Dingle Skellig Hotel in Dingle and The Coachman hotel in Kenmare.

The optional tours were great. We really enjoyed the kayaking, horseback and bicycle riding and the sheep farm.  The kids really had a great time learning to surf.  We had fun watching them try!  All the guides were very friendly and professional.  Russ truly made this the family trip of a lifetime. We will without reservation recommend your company for anyone looking to travel to Ireland. The small group was wonderful, it allowed us to not worry about driving and enjoy the ride. We wanted to let you know what great employees you have in Wendy and Russ.  Please pass on our thanks and gratitude for such a wonderful family vacation.

The Harringtons – 7 VB world tour September 8th 2013

It has been a marvellous trip on every level! We are very seasoned travellers and I have never been on anything like this. Unique concept and well done.

Eileen Riley Sutton, 7 day World tour, June 2013.

“Just finished the 7 day southern tour with Wendy and Russ. Had a fantastic time! I highly, highly recommend if you are considering a trip to Ireland. Great time, beautiful country!”

Melinda Wasenger – 7 day World Tour of Ireland, September 2012.


“To Rob, Wendy and Russ, (ok, a shout out to John as well), thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the best trip around your island I could have hoped for. It met and exceeded any expectations I had, and I made some wonderful friends along the way.

Anyone who is even thinking of signing up for any tour of Ireland should look no further than Vagabond. Next year, the North!!!

You deserve a standing ovation, t’was great craic!!!


Karen Schulman 7 day World Tour of Ireland, Sept 2012


Just returned home yesterday and thought I would touch base to tell you what a wonderful time I had! I was a little nervous about this vacation since I’m not used to travelling solo, but as it turned out, we had a terrific group that I felt comfortable with almost immediately. I have also never done an adventure-based tour, but did I ever have fun!

I would like to add an extra comment about D, she is a keeper! She has such a warm, fun way about her, and our group just loved her. I got quite emotional when we stopped to look at St. Brigid’s Well, and D was so kind and thoughtful that I didn’t feel embarrassed or awkward – just such a sweetheart. Our group even talked about reuniting for another tour and requesting D as our guide! Admittedly, that likely won’t happen, but it says a lot about how everybody was feeling about the tour in general and D specifically.

Thanks for everything, Rob. I hope that Vagabond continues to enjoy great success, and perhaps I will be back someday to tour the north!

Alyson , 7 day World Tour of Ireland, May 2012


Hi Rob.

I just returned from the 7 day World Tour of Ireland, and had to tell you how impressed I am with Vagabond. From my initial contact with Gillian and subsequent correspondence with you, I was so pleased with the level of responsiveness and professionalism. This carried through the rest of my vacation. Our guides, Wendy and D, were energetic, funny, spontaneous, plus calm and collected at all times (considering some of the places they had to drive, I really admired this!). Also, the depth of knowledge they had about Ireland made me think I should learn more about my own country! The tour was a perfect mix of seeing the spectacular countryside (wow!), activities, “roughing it” a bit during the day but then enjoying downtime in the lovely accommodations that all exceeded my expectations. The food was fantastic as well, literally not a bad meal the entire trip. Your team clearly does the research required to pick high-quality, interesting places to see, stay and dine. I had been wanting to visit Ireland for a few years, and I am so glad I chose to travel with Vagabond. I was able to see and do things that I would not have been able to do with other tour operators. I will be singing your praises to all of my friends and co-workers and I know you will have some repeat visitors from our group (we joked about having reunions and weddings on the Vagatron!). You and your team can feel very proud of what you have going here – keep it up!

Alyson Rudkins, Toronto, Canada, July 2012


It is hard to believe our tour is behind us – but the pictures and videos certainly show we were there! I can’t say enough about Dee and Paddy as our guides. Both brought their experiences and perceptions and of course their accents into the tour. To have local, enthusiastic, very competent younger people as the tour guides was wonderful. They reached out to all on the tour and took note of anyone needing a little more attention. They always layed out the next day of what to expect and time frames, which I think is huge working with a group of people!

I was very glad I took note of my brothers suggestion to bring a day pack and rain gear – – I know you also emailed or had instructions on this, but I would stress this to be sure the person is comfortable. Loved all the hiking/walking and glad I was in shape for it!

We would all highly recommend this kind of tour! You have left us, wanting to see more of Ireland! So until next time,


Connie Moreau, 7 day World tour of Ireland, June 2012.


I wanted to thank you for an incredible vacation. I didn’t expect the detailed and comfort we received. I am also not the most fit person and yet the guide (Wendy) accounted for my challenges. I may have been the last one always but the hiking made it all worth while. I would suggest this tour to ANYONE who likes to go off the beaten path. Thanks,

Brian de Souza.”


“I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland and I am so glad we decided on Vagabond! What a BLAST we had touring around in the Vagatron and listening to Wendy’s wonderful stories of Ireland’s colorful history. Thanks Wendy and Russ for being awesome guides.”

Pam De Souza, 7 day World Tour of Ireland, September 2012

6 Day To The Edge of the World Tour Reviews

We had a FANTASTIC time! Everyone was so hospitable and I can safely say that it was the most fulfilling vacation that my husband and I have ever been on. Larry and Russ were amazing hosts and fully qualify as walking encyclopedias of Ireland! We would also like to say a big thank you to one of the other tour guides, Emmett, who arrived at the Dublin train station and helped us figure out where we were going and went out of his way to get a taxi for us to our hotel. I could not have asked for more. We will definitely be returning for the northern tour and we will be recommending Vagabond to all of our friends and family!
Thank you for making our Honeymoon amazing!

Anna Torrance, 6 day To the Edge of the World Tour, May 2014

My favorite part of the overall tour was the focus on local businesses and tucked away paths and walks. When I asked Paddy how Vagabond found these paths, he said that often times it was places his parents took him when he was a kid. I loved that I was getting to see parts of the country that weren’t just tourist attractions, but a part of true native Irish traditions.

Julie Murphy, 6 day To the Edge of the World Tour, May 2014

We had an awesome time! I will highly recommend your company to others (already have with my week long posts on FB, mentioning Vagabond many times!) and the kids have started to leave comments on trip advisor.
Nick was “outstanding” (please pass that descriptive on to him please, he will get a chuckle out of it!). Seriously, for myself- being in a career where having the best people work for you is vital- you have one great tour guide in Nick. He was very professional and informative. He helped us with all of our needs and he was such a great person to be around. We have several history buffs in the family and his stories were very informative, the kids and my husband looked forward to each ride and listening to him.
Nick did a great job accommodating a diverse group, as my family of 6 joined with 4 others in Tralee. The two groups were a little different but he did a great job balancing our need for activity with others who did not want as much.
The accommodations were great, each place was clean and the staff friendly and very accommodating. Gougane Barra was fabulous!!!
The kids are calling this a trip of a lifetime, which makes me happy. This trip was about celebrating our family and its heritage and remembering their grandparents, who wanted their grandchildren to see Ireland. Your company and crew did that for us. From the very first email, answering all my odd questions, to picking us up in Dublin and getting us to the train, to the week around Dublin with Nick, we had an awesome time!! We hope to be back in a couple years to do the Northern tour.
Thank you!!!

Jodie Kelly, 6 day To the Edge of the World Tour, June 2014

This was a great trip! I dubbed it summer camp for adults – and I was a kid who loved summer camp. Aidan was great at adjusting for road closures, unopened lunch stops, rained out picnics and people getting sick (me). I was traveling by myself and that worked out just fine.
Really liked the optional hikes, and activities. Liked the organizing meals together. Most of the accommodations were great, meals were good. I would definitely like to do another Vagabond trip again.
All in all I loved the trip and am so happy I booked it. I made great friends on the trip and this was a perfect way to see Ireland. Your company is great, and it is a great way to travel through Ireland, and just a great way to travel.

Alicia Austin, 6 day To the Edge of the World Tour, July 2014

Thank you! I wanted to take a moment to tell you what an AMAZING time I had on my Vagabond tour. It was truly more than I could have ever hoped for, and I have to give a lot of that credit to Aiden – he was so wonderful. He consistently went out of his way to make sure we were all enjoying ourselves and he was so very genuine.
We had such a great time, that my friend and I who did the trip are actually already thinking a return trip for next summer to see the North of the country! The real question is, how can we request Aiden again?

Dyann Margolis, 6 day To the Edge of the World Tour, July 2014

I’ve just come arrived home from my European adventure, and wanted to say thanks for the great tour. I really enjoyed all the activities and Larry was an excellent guide.

Emily Cull 6 day To the Edge of the World Tour,  14th July 2013

I was thinking back on the tour this morning and remembering how skill fully Russ handled changes in plans, usually due to the weather. His experience was evident whenever the weather blew up in our faces and he had to come up with Plan B, because the fabulous hike he’d intended to bring us on was about to be rained out. I thought he did a great job of introducing us to the alternative, as if it were intended all along. Case in point was when we found out that we could not take a boat out to Skellig Michael because the guides on the island had folded up shop two days earlier. Huge disappointment for me as this was one of my top things that I wanted to do on the tour, however Russ loaded us up in the Tron and took us to the chocolate factory (nice way to distract us) and on a hike to the windy top of the signal tower outside Portmagee.

We enjoyed travelling with Russ very much, and the other travellers on our tour as well.


Kendal 6 day To the Edge of the World Tour,  29th September 2013

I want to tell you our tour was fabulous, Paddy a superb tour guide!  We saw Ireland just the way I wanted Kyle to see it and only Vagabond could do this.  I will recommend Vagabond to everyone that wants to see Ireland’s out of the way places not just the tourist places.  Thanks to all that made our tour easy to manage and enjoyable.

Pat Moran, 6 day To the Edge of the World tour, June 2013.

The Edge of the World tour with Sean – to say it was a great time would be an understatement. Vagabond exceeded our expectations and Sean was a terrific ambassador, both for his country and your company.

Everything was absolutely “First Rate!”  Thanks for an unforgettable experience.

Michael and Karen Reed, 6 day To the Edge of the World tour, May 2013.

Our six days with Larry were spectacular. He is a wonderful guide and a true asset to your company. He is so knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable and safe, yet still adventurous. We have truly never had such a fun filled vacation that was relaxing while taking us out of our comfort zone into things we wouldn’t have normally tried. We will recommend you to all of our friends and family and hope to join one of your tours again in the future.

Carol Jensen and Alyssa Sturm, 6 day To the Edge of the World tour, May 2013.

Wynter and I are missing Ireland already!  I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on our tour.  Sean was an awesome tour guide and his love and passion for his country was evident to us while he was telling us about the different places that we were visiting.  We would recommend Vagabond tours to anyone looking to visit Ireland.

Thank you again for a wonderful trip.

Duncan and Wynter Davis, 6 day To the Edge of the World tour, May 2013.

We just wanted to thank you, Dee and Patty for an incredible adventure with Vagabond. We loved South West Ireland – the clouds, the ocean, the green fields, the vistas. It was great to have such nice weather throughout the trip. We enjoyed all the hikes, the thrilling boat ride to the Skelligs, the kayaking with Fungi in Dingle tonight, the visits to the sheep farm and the bog, and of course the wonderful music. We can’t wait to tell our friends about this trip and show them the photos. On the one below – Julie, Laura, Maria and Dave board the boat to the Skelligs on a clear morning in Portmagee. P.s. We now wish we had booked the longer trip, but hope to come back.

Maria and Dave, 6 day To The Edge of The World tour, June 2012


We had an absolute blast on the trip and will be happy to advocate for you and spread the word! Both Russell and Wendy were awesome, and my kids are still walking around saying Russell’s signature line, “happy days”.

Mike Finegan, 6 day Tour ‘To The Edge of the World’, July 2012

Wow, wow, wow! What a tour we had two amazing tour guides, Mia & Aiden. They were both great, giving us tons of Irish history, along with local info. We wnet to places the big tour buses could not ever go. Every hotel and inn was just wonderful. The owners were fabulous, helping you in anyway they could, recommending restaurants and pubs to visit. I could go on and on about the places we visited during the week. The tour is very relaxing and flexible, making each day an adventure. The final place we stayed was in a castle. What a way to end our trip. If you are coming to Ireland and you do not take this tour, I can tell you that you will have missed a ton of fun and some amazing places and views. Thank you Vagabond tour for putting on an amazing tour.

Kurt and Cindy, Private Tour, 2015 

I have just returned from the 8 day tour with Mark Doherty and wanted to write to say that he is an exceptional tour guide in all ways: professional, intelligent, informed, creative, passionate, personable, able to reach out to the youth ~ our students ~ to the elderly ~ me! Both Ronnie Kane and I felt exceptionally well led, guided, supported and strengthened by Mark’s expertise, whether singing a ballad or giving a history, reciting a poem or choosing something from his playlist. He was very good company for our students who wrote a poem in thanks to him at the end of our journey. Always willing to take an extra step or extra mile to show us something of interest. We hope to continue to have Mark as our tour guide.

Sue Ann Morrow, Private 8 day tour, March 2014

I thought our tour was excellent – couldn’t have been better. I particularly want to complement our two guides, Mark and Nick. Each was on top of everything and provided us a lot of Irish history. We all were very appreciative. Many thanks again for a great trip.

Jim Clark, Private 7 day tour, July 2014

We had an absolutely wonderful time… Emmet became family…   Whenever we hear of anyone going to Ireland for sure we will recommend Vagabond Tours… Thank you for making everything perfect… it truly was our own tour with the expertise of a very knowledgeable guide … who has become a lifetime friend.   Again – Thank you.

Casree Holland, Private 7 day World tour, May 2013.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks to Vagabond Tours and in particular Wendy Jack. We had a fantastic trip. Saw more of Ireland than most Irish people see in a lifetime. You have a beautiful country with fantastic people. Wendy was great. I’m not sure what she thought of eight crazy Canadians but she was always very accommodating. Her insight to her country’s history and landscape, and the great stories she told were amazing. We had a lot of fun and a lot of great memories.

Thank you, Rob Parkhill, Private Tour, May 2012

Reviews from 2011 and before

Hi Rob! We’re back to the real world.

I can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour with Vagabond! It was so incredibly meaningful in our lives!! You have developed an amazing way to visit Ireland. For those people who don’t want to be in the masses of tourism and who enjoy getting out in the outdoors, this was perfect! Everything that was planned for our days was perfect! 

But that is not to say that it might have been interesting for someone else!!!! Our days were filled with amazing hikes, visual beauty, wonderful food, fun pubs, fabulous music, lovely picnics, and most especially the wonderful history lessons from Steve and Paula. What amazing people they are!!! They made sure to let us know what we were doing ahead of time, and why. They were both so knowledgeable in the history and physical layout/beauty of the country they so obviously love.

We were totally exhausted at the end of every day!! In addition to the activities, they also made us feel like family. It felt as though they were on vacation with us and that it was not just a job for them. They made sure to pack our days fully with a variety of activities! I cannot imagine seeing Ireland any other way. I am so glad that I just happened to come across your website when I was researching coming to Ireland. I already have 2 sets of friends that are seriously considering using Vagabond now!!

We mentioned to Steve that we would do another Vagabond tour in other countries if you should decide to expand!!! Also, I would do this same adventure in Ireland again!! We’ll see how my life goes as old age approaches. I was the oldest on the tour, but I felt as though I was able to keep up!! Just a little slower that the rest! 

Thank you Rob!! What an amazing adventure you are providing!!

Sharon, Katie and Matthew Ziglar, California 
August 2011

It’s taken me a little while to write to you about our great trip, but better late than never, I hope! 

Thank you! The End of the World trip of Ireland was amazing. I could not have asked for a better time! Besides the scenery being absolutely stunning, the daily hikes and the kayaking, the off road detours were great fun and lovely! The accommodation was very nice and accommodating! Needless to say, I had a great time in the pubs listening to the music and enjoying the very welcoming people of Ireland. 

 I don’t know how you did it, but what a great group of people to tour with! Everyone was so nice and so much fun! Mia, our driver, was wonderful. She was well informed of the history and landmarks. She was fun and a great leader of all of us North Americans (Can’t leave out our Canadian friend, Jill). Mia took good care of Jill and me, after having too much fun in Dingle. She was very patient and led us back to the hotel , which I’m sure was no easy task. But, I am very grateful.

Again, thank you!

Ember Crippen, US 
August 2011

I wanted to contact you to express my sincere thanks for the best vacation my wife Sandy and I ever had. We just completed the 11 Day Irish Adventure (Aug 22-Sep 1). We had been discussing this vacation (and belated honeymoon) for the past 15 years and finally decided to stop talking and actually do something. We spent quite a bit of time on line looking for the right kind of tour. We knew we were not interested in the standard large coach type of tour with all the usual tourist locations. Vagabond was recommended to us by Sandy’s knee doctor of all people. One visit to the web site and we had found our company.

During the weeks leading up to our departure we became worried that we were getting our hopes too high. After all, this had been our dream trip for so long and was going to be a once in a lifetime experience. I am happy to say that from the first moment of the tour all aspects met and exceeded our expectations. The small B&B locations were fantastic and the accommodations were all outstanding. Sandy and I agreed that this is the only way to see Ireland.

Our guides Steve and Paula (for the first 5 days) were exceptional. They worked incredibly hard to ensure each individual on the tour was completely satisfied. They were both knowledgeable and well spoken. Their love for and pride in their country was obvious. You should be very proud of the high quality of these employees. They made the trip much more enjoyable. I recently retired after 25 years in law enforcement and have been told I am a harsh judge of character. I therefore have a small group of people I call friends. I now have two new additions to that group. Indeed, I have invited Steve into my home whenever he decides to visit the U.S. This invitation applies to Paula as well.

We have returned home with memories to last a lifetime. However, we have already decided that they won’t have to. We are already planning our return and are actively recruiting family members to join us. We are describing our trip as magical and do NOT consider it an exaggeration. Thank you again and slainte mo chairde!

A.J. McCauley, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, USA
11 Day Irish Adventure, August/September 2011

I had the pleasure of travelling with you and Sam on a 7 day trip in Sept last year. I was on a 12 month trip of the world but am now back home in Australia and making up photo books of my fabulous year. I am currently doing one of Ireland so going through the pics and the diary and re-living it all, especially a couple of lovely walks we did through the countryside – off the beaten path. Perfect. Which has prompted me to send a very belated Thank You! 

I’ve been travelling for about 30 years in about 95 countries. I’ve been on zillions of tours. Until 2010 a chap in Mexico had my personal award as Best Tour Guide Ever – but I’m pleased to announce – you’ve pushed him off first place! Congratulations.

You have the rare combination of the people skills plus the historical knowledge. Many guides are very good at one but fail on the other. You managed to give us great snatches of history that was interesting AND fun to listen to. You told us about the history as if it was a personal experience – not just something you’d read in a book. That alone is priceless but your sense of humor and the way you’d always include everyone and keep us all up -beat and alert on longish drives was fabulous. The right mix of talking and quiet patches.

The tour itself was also fab. I loved the accommodation and variety of stuff we did and the flexibility you could run with according to the weather. Going for those walks where a local told me that hardly anyone but Vagabonders go was a real highlight for me. My good decision in choosing Vagabond was enforced for me when we drove through some little village with a gaggle of tour buses all crammed in the main street and then we ducked off down some gravel road with no-one else in sight. Although obviously I am a tourist – I don’t like to feel like one and your trip really worked for me. (No “C and F” tours for me!! – Do you remember that expression??) 

Credit to Sam too as he was also a fab guide.

Thanks again.

Julie Christensen
7 day tour, Sept 2010

My sister and I had booked this tour mid-summer of 2010 through Katherine Hirtzel of Carlson Wagonlit Travel in London, Ontario. We were so excited to finally set out on our adventure with Vagabond Tours. It was well worth the wait!
Mark was our driver he was the perfect gentleman, an excellent guide and driver. He entertained and educated us, he somewhat spoiled us with his singing abilities . Mark surpassed all my expectations on how knowledgeable he was in many areas of the history of Ireland . Very easy to talk too and very comfortable to be around. He always invited you to join him for dinner and walks. Truly a remarkable man.

Anne Floyd & Karen Perry – Ottawa, Canada
 June 2011

Just a quick note but thank you, thank you, thank you! We had a wonderful time on the tour. Wendy was brilliant – she was so knowledgeable about the geology, geography and history of Ireland, so much fun and pleasant, so patient and considerate – a really, really wonderful guide. My only regret was that we did not have enough time; I would have loved to stay at each stop for two or three nights. I definitely want to come back to Ireland, and to go on another Vagabond tour. I’ve been going through my calendar and trying to figure out when I can get back. It’s not looking good for this year – my daughter is expecting a baby in the fall – but I am definitely hoping to get back in 2012.
You can be sure that I will be telling everyone to travel with Vagabond.

Colleen Schiefen
April 2011

Just a quick note regarding our fabulous tour last week to Northern Ireland, Donnegal and Sligo.
Jim and I had a fantastic time. Wendy is a gem…so much fun, so knowledgeable and very in tune with the needs of her group. The inns and B&B’s were wonderful. My husband surfed and horse rode and we both enjoyed the various tours and walks etc.
I will post to FB and share some photos when I get over the jet lag issues. 
I will not hesitate to recommend Vagabond. I am so happy I found out about your company.
 Thanks again

Michelle and Jim Dignan, Chicago
 June 2011

Linda Ponder 
May 2011

We are having the best time ever!!!
Kevin is awesome!!! Unbelievable the knowledge that man has in his head!!!
We cannot tell you how lucky we are to have found your company. 
It is exactly what we wanted to do..
Thank you so much

Linda Dokken McFarland, WI USA 
7 day tour, 2011

My husband Larry and I (along with our daughter and her husband) just completed your 7 day “world tour” with Sam and Steve. We wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time! It was truly a first-class adventure that definitely exceeded our expectations. The beautiful countryside, the ruins, the food, the accommodations and especially Sam and Steve (You guys are the greatest!) were enjoyed by all. The spectacular weather (which we didn’t expect!) was an added bonus, as well. We will definitely recommend your company to anyone planning a trip to Ireland. Thanks for the memories!


Rob, I wanted to express my gratitude for the tour provided by Vagabond. I simply see no possible way this could have been better than it was. The tour was fantastic, with many varied activities. We saw much of what Ireland had to offer with incredible commentary to support it. And – no praise would be too high for Kevin. He’s incredible! The man has boundless energy, enthusiasm, patience, and knowledge of his country and its people.
 Thank you again for a fantastic tour.

The McMillins, St. Peters, MO March 2011

I am back in France after 11 days with Wendy and Sam.
I have really enjoyed my trip, your country is beautiful, and mixing sports, tourism and adventure is a success.
The organisation was very good, perfect.
In spite of my non native English spoken and of my many mistakes in your language,
Wendy and Sam were very patient, speak clearly and slowly, thanks a lot also for their happiness.
And I have had my first lessons of Gaelic with Sam !
I am waiting for my next travel in Ireland !
”Je suis tombée sous le charme de votre pays, mais pas ques …”

Kristell Valognes, France
11 day tour, June 2010

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful adventure tour my sister Christine and I had with Vagabond last week! It exceeded our expectations and we were so sad to have the experience come to an end when Sam dropped the gang off at the train station. Eight people on the tour was the perfect size and we bonded effortlessly, irrespective of the language barrier. All of our everyday cares and worries dropped away once we entered the Vagatron and left Dublin that rainy and cold Sunday morning. Smiles and a lot of laughter filled our days (along with plenty of sunshine) and not once did I think about my work and the stress I left behind (and will have to face again tomorrow… huge bummer) in order to go on my Vagabond vacation. 

Sam kept us entertained the entire time and he even taught the group a few words, one of which we used down at the pub… Langored! He is a true Renaissance man… telling captivating stories; singing & amp; playing the flute; stoking the fire at a little pub; steering the boat for Captain Dave as we left the Skelligs while Captain Dave handed out ponchos; and mapping out the driving route to take and sights to see for our German tour mates as they explore Northern Ireland after the Vagabond adventure. Everyone was so impressed with Sam’s talents, at one point someone asked, “What’s next Sam? Are you going to birth a calf?” We all laughed as he responded, “We have to find one first.” Sam made the tour all the more memorable.

You have an awesome company and I want to sincerely thank you for providing my sister and me with this opportunity to truly see beautiful Ireland! We would love to come back to Ireland one day to explore the northern part with Vagabond! 

Everyone I know will hear about my amazing Vagabond adventure!!

We took so many photos to remind ourselves of this incredible experience that I wanted to share a few with you. 

Best Regards (and yes, my Irish eyes are still smiling brightly)

Linda Glodek, USA
 5 day tour, May
My sister, niece and I just arrived home. We had a fantastic time in Ireland. Sam was an extraordinary guide! Warm, personable, smart and funny and above all a great story teller. We thank him and you for sharing the spirit of your magnificent country through the Vagabond experience. Everything was just perfect. And the food! Consistently outstanding.

 I cannot recommend your wonderful itinerary highly enough. I have had the good fortune to travel fairly extensively and was truly overwhelmed by your country’s beauty and the warmth and grace of the Irish people. We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather the entire week. Ironically, it is raining like mad here in Philadelphia. 

Please pass along our heartfelt thanks to Sam!

Robin Austin, Michelle Blosenski and Krista Higgins, USA
 5 day tour, March 2010

Dear Vagabond, Fred and I had an awesome 5 day tour to Southwest Ireland on August 8-12th! We just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful holiday and thanks again to Steve, our guide! He was an excellent historian, showed us amazing views and was great fun to be with. It was relaxing and will be in our memory for years to come.
We will definitely want to use Vagabond again and highly recommend it to our friends and family.
Thanks again!

Fred and Beth Pahmeier, USA 5 day tour, August 2010

It’s hard to believe that my Irish Adventure is over, although I must say that it won’t be the last time that I visit your beautiful country. I can only imagine how much work you have put into crafting these experiences for us, and I therefore think it’s only fair for me to write a thorough note of appreciation about what the last two and a half weeks have meant to me. 

I am not a world traveler by any means. I knew what I wanted – a small group, guided by a knowledgeable guide, with activities to keep us busy and active. I certainly found all of those requisites with Vagabond.

The activities that you have chosen for us were outstanding. I can honestly say that there wasn’t one thing on that itinerary that I didn’t enjoy. It is hard to choose highlights, but the activities that have made lasting memories for me were: the Giants Causeway, the walking tour of Derry city, caving on the Mahares Beach, the Slieve League Cliffs boating ride (exquisite sights that left me speechless), the Hunger walk on Laugh Doo, the entire Dingle experience, the drive along Slea Head, the Skellig Islands, the views near the copper mines of Allihes, and the Rock of Cashel. As I said, everything else we saw was spectacular, but these sights and experiences left me emotionally stirred. I think that we were able to witness the spirit of the Irish people in these magical places; the land is integral to their identity and we were able to see the reasons behind that passion because of the places you chose on our behalf.

I cannot express how happy I was to have Kevin Clancy as our driver and guide. That man has amassed knowledge about so many different aspects of life – history, culture, agriculture, sports, music, politics, geography, literature, etc. I realize that it is in his job description to be well versed in these subjects, but his awareness and recall of information went way above and beyond the call of duty. If he did not know the answer to a question, he found it swiftly. He fostered a deeper understanding for his country by playing meaningful music at certain points in our journey that corresponded with the sights on our itinerary. His passion for Ireland was infectious and we appreciated his desire for us to experience the best the country had to offer. Everywhere we went, owners of pubs or hotels or organizers of walking or boating tours spoke very highly of Kevin, proving that his good nature and efficiency is not only reserved for clients. I think that he has a hard job, trying to accommodate people of different ages, different activity abilities, different backgrounds and different personalities. He was always professional and demonstrated an excellent sense of humor. Please feel free to share these comments with him, as he should know how much we appreciated his time and efforts.

Thank you so much.

Adrienne McQuay, Canada11 day tour, July 2010

Hope all is well! I’m back on home soil and trying to get back into the swing of things here.
But wanted to write a note to say just how fabulous the tours were. Still getting my head around what a wonderful place Ireland is and just how I can get back there!
 I am telling anyone who will listen to get on the Vagabond and get there butts to Ireland quick smart, because you guys certainly know the place. 
So thanks again, and if you know of anyone looking for an Aussie let me know, I’m seriously trying to work out how to get back there. 
Please pass on my thanks to Jean & amp; Wendy again, 
thanks again for a wonderful experience, and showing me an exceptional part of the world.

Monica Boyd, Australia
11 day tour, July 2010

Just to let you know Peter and myself had a great time on the 11 day Irish Adventure which we completed in May with Kevin our fabulous tour guide. The trip was everything we had hoped for and would most certainly recommend to like minded people. 

Please pass on our thanks to Kevin and ask him if he requires further botanical help!

Elizabeth Doyle, Australia 11 day Tour, May 2010

I’m repatriated to Canada and have made it back to my home Town after a grand tour of Ireland. I’m bragging to family and friends that I had put together an exceptional trip and emphasizing how smart I was to have signed on for the Vagabond 5 day NI tour and the 7 day World Tour of Ireland.

An outstanding feature of the tours for me was the leaders. Kevin led the tours I was on for nine and a half of the days and freely shared with us the people, history, legends, anecdotes, customs, language, music and more. Jean led the group for the final two and a half days. Isn’t she a darling’? Her charm and enthusiasm in sharing her information with the group is a memorable component of the tours.

The tours were a full and active two weeks. By my count I was in 23 or 24 of the 32 Counties in both the south and north. Even before leaving Ireland I was rethinking my travel agenda over the next year or two and plan on a revisit next spring to spend two or three weeks in Counties Kerry, Clare and Galway, particularly Killarney National Park, the Dingle Peninsula and The Burren.

May you have continued success with Vagabond Tours. Best wishes and good health to you, Jean and Kevin.

Larry Connelly of Parry Sound, Canada
5 and 7 day tour, May 2010

Let us begin by saying “Thank you!”. Our week of travelling with Vagabond around South West Ireland was wonderful. Our guides – Mark and Jean (both of whom have obviously kissed the Blarney stone too many times!) – were really fun to be with. They imparted loads of information, sang on demand and were very accommodating with our requests. Our group was a great mix of people that allowed us to share and enjoy the experiences together.
You are also to be complimented on the exceptional job you did with the weather!
I now have hours of work ahead of me in editing the 5500 pictures that I photographed around your beautiful country. I’ll send you a link when the album is complete….
Thanks again

Dov & Ricky Yarden, Israel
5 day tour, May 2010

We enjoyed our Vagabond tour immensely. Jean Gormley was a terrific guide and host. Already looking forward to our Northern tour.
I have recommended you to one of our marketing people, who is planning a family trip there later this year. Her name is Amy Garrison and I expect she will contact you soon. But whether she does or not, we wanted to express our thanks; it was great fun.

John Marvin, USA
5 day tour, March 2010

Well, we have to say that we were very much satisfied with both Tours and we enjoyed a lot all what we passed throughout as well as the accommodation, places, sites, vehicles, and of course our tour’s Guide (all 3 of them). Finally, the core of your idea to create such kind of sight-seeing Ireland is really remarkable and we should, no doubt, recommend it to any of our friends who might be a good potential to explore it as we done. 

Thanks a lot for making us an opportunity to see your country in a very unique way. It is wonderful ! Branka & Zoran Pavlovic, Serbia
7 and 5 day tours, August 2010. It was so much pleasure meeting all of you and I had the most brilliant time with you! THANKS again!!! I’ll never forget this tour!
Sabrina Scholz, Germany
5 day tour, August 2009
I’ve recently returned home from my overseas travels, which of course included Vagabond’s 11 day ‘Giant Irish Adventure’, and I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic time I had in Ireland. The tour was absolutely brilliant, made special by my fellow travellers and by Sam our guide – you’ve a real asset in him. As a recreational photographer, I found Ireland to be such an inspiration for me that if you’re ever in need of photos for your website, I’ve taken literally hundreds! Also, if you’re ever thinking of expanding Vagabond’s tours to include Scotland (or anywhere else for that matter), then I’ll be first to put my name down to join!
Once again, thanks heaps for what was, without a word of a lie, the best tour I think I’ve ever done – and I’ve done a few! Thanks too for your patience (given I had to defer my trip for a year) and friendly, helpful advice. Vagabond is a great company and you have every reason to be proud of it .
Catherine Alsford, New Zealand
11 day Tour, August 2009. I can’t thank you enough for a truly wonderful vacation. Kevin was a great tour guide! His knowledge and love of Ireland was so evident in all we did. Right from very start in Westport to our sad goodbye in Limerick, we had a fabulous time. My ‘trip of a lifetime’ and ‘heritage tour’ for our family of 5 was so perfect right from the start with our Vagabond Tour. We continued to capture the moment in Dublin – alone and with relatives and then on to Paris for ‘the other side’ of our family. I’m back now and have shared so many wonderful stories about our adventure with Vagabond both in Ireland and here in the states.Deirdre St Jacques, USA 
3 day Tour, September 2009, The trip was fantastic. The attention to detail was suburb We loved every stop. Our 3 mile hike was a blast. Even though we were encased in mud. Steve’s travel knowledge was fascinating to hear. The accommodations were just what we wanted. Thanks for arranging a great trip quickly and with such ease. I will be happy to recommend Vagabond Tours to anyone! Can’t wait to start arranging the Pushkin Family trip for kids and families with Vagabond. Remember anytime you visit NYC I will be happy to be your inside tour guide!Stacey Winnick Pushkin, USA
3 day tour, August 2009. Steve – I want to thank you for making our trip that much more enjoyable. As I told you, I had planned this trip for years and it was very important to me to take Erin to see Ireland. I had plenty of time to have a lot of images in my head of what I expected it to be like. You helped make that dream come true, with your friendliness, easy-going attitude and knowledge of the country and it’s history.
Mary Spray, USA. 
7 day ‘World Tour of Ireland, June 2009 Just wanted to say what a great time we had this past week. Jean was a fabulous guide. We really loved Northern Ireland, some of the hikes were beautiful. 
Now that we’re back in hot, rainy Florida, I really treasure the time we had in Ireland. 
Any suggestions for an encore, this was our third trip and they have all been great. 
If you ever get around to putting a trip together in Scotland, the Kennedys will gladly be your guinea pigs. 
Say hi to Jean and everyone else (I think we met all your guides sometime on this trip ) and thanks again, the trip was great….
Ed, Lauren and Caitlin Kennedy (USA), 
7 day ‘West by Northern West’ tour, June 2009. We had a spectacular time and loved all of it. We could not have picked a better way to see our Ireland. I had chills crossing the Shannon to the first of my family’s counties-Clare- and in reaching Mayo, my second. All the accommodations were wonderful and just what we were looking for. Food was excellent everywhere and the Irish people most accommodating and fun. Our group represented 5 decades in age and we got along very well and found each other interesting and enjoyable, often sharing meals and other things even when it was optional. I am sure I will be in contact with several for a long while. I will always remember Nancy dancing for everyone in the pubs in Dingle and Doolin, for example. 
We hope to be back someday and maybe bring along some Queen of Tarts (Dublin) scones for the first day of another tour with Vagabond! Thank you for all that Vagabond, its people, and its tour contacts did to make our trip one of our most memorable and breathtaking.You even got the weather to cooperate!
Gail and Chris Johnson, 
7 day ‘World Tour of Ireland’ 24th May 2009, Aside from the weather, it was an awesome trip! I loved Paula & Steve & Jean, and the places we went were terrific & the hotels very posh! Couldn’t have been happier with just 3 of us on the tour…thought I’d send you a photo of our group….
I’ll be back soon, maybe catch a tour up north with you guys…LOVED going to the South Pole Inn…
thanks SO MUCH for such a terrific tour…
Marsha Kendall, Austin, Texas, USA 
(5 day southern tour, 31st May 2009)We write to say a big THANK YOU to you and Kevin for the tour of Ireland that we were privileged to be on! We were very impressed with Kevin’s knowledge and the interesting way he led the tour, also for his help with photographs (especially seagulls!) Many thanks again for making our holiday special.
Rosie and John Parsons, UK. 
7 day world Tour of Ireland, May 2009

We wanted to thank you for the fantastic tour of Ireland that you and your company provided. It was memorable for the countryside, walks, accommodations and really knowledgeable and entertaining guides. But most memorable was the day our son, Neil, proposed to Julie. Your tour provided the perfect setting for this event and we will always remember and be thankful.

Chris and Pat White, USA, 11 day Tour, July 2008

Thanks again for the great time I’ve had on the 7 day World Tour of Ireland. The tour was wonderful and amazing. Again, I’ve seen and visit a few more things and places I haven’t been before. The landscape and the scenery amazing, especially the sunset in Killadoon.
Kajak with the seals was a great expierence and we’ve had also a lot of fun during our surfing lessons. The last time I’ve been in South West Ireland (on the 5 Day To the Edge of the Word Tour two years ago) it was raining and mostly foggy during the tour and so we couldn’t see the spectacular coastline on the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula. But this time we’ve had the best weather I’ve ever had on my former 8 Ireland trips – 10 days sunshine and only ca. 3 hours of rain. I don’t know why but it always rains in Galway when I’m there ;-)
A big Thank you and kind regards to Sam and Mark as well. They are both great guides and drivers and we’ve had a lot of fun. He is a fantastic storyteller too and he has also a big knowledge about the history, legends and myths of Ireland. Once again, thanks for everything. Take care and best wishes.

Kerstin, Germany.

7 day ‘World Tour of Ireland’ June 2008 (her fourth Vagabond tour, so far) was great. I have been to Ireland many times but I think this holiday was one of the best. My friends had never been to Ireland and I was not too sure what they would make of this type of holiday but I am glad to say they to enjoyed themselves. Sam the man has the patience of a saint. He helped to make our holiday a great success.

Maureen, USA. 7 day ‘World Tour of Ireland’, June 2008

It was a very beautiful “7 Day World Tour of Ireland” I had the pleasure of participating in.
Kerstin had told me so much about your tours and shown me many fotos, so that I was very interested to join her on her trip to Ireland this year. It was all and more of what I expected.
You and your tour guides have shown areas a bus tour could never take us to. You, Sam and Mark have made this tour a special experience for me. We had a lot of fun and got Sam and Mark to sing the traditional Irish Songs. Also, Sam is a very good “Seanachais”. Given enough time, I could listen to him for hours telling myths and legends, the history of Ireland, his passion.
In a short time, we’ve got the feel of Ireland, your guides explained origins and traditions of specific areas – I believe in Gaelic it means Duachais.
Would I participate another time in a tour with your company and would I recomment it to friends? Yes to both. I will keep myself informed by visiting your website and see what my future brings…
…in going over my e-mail from yesterday, I like to add another comment. It may not mean a lot to you or some of the others in our group, but I was very impressed and awed by the driving skills of you and your team. Being used to open and wide roads, I would never attempt to drive in Europe and that includes Ireland.
But I think this was also the charm of this tour – to observe and view the scenery, while at the same time being educated, entertained and charmed by you and your team. Many thanks to you,

Sam and Mark for this experience.
Eva, USA. 7 day World Tour of Ireland, June 2008

Brenda and I survived the balance of our 3 weeks on your island. Th rest of our adventure paled in comparison to the places we went and things we did with you and Mark.Also Irish trains and buses run on time and are quite comfortable. I can’t say that is true of US public transport. I will certainly recommend Vagabond to our friends in Houston.
Fred and Brenda, Texas. 7 day ‘World Tour of Ireland, May 2008.

Just a quick note to let you know how very much we enjoyed the five day ‘To the Edge of the World’ Tour! We have had such fun reliving the experience through our photos and recalling the many great stories, jokes, and history shared. We know the exceptional planning and attention to detail that went into making this such a wonderful trip, and truly couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Wishing you the best for a successful season.

Beth, Mark, and Kate, USA. 5 day ‘To The Edge of The World’ Tour, May 2008

Hi, I was just on your northen ireland 5 day tour with Sam & Paula. To start with thank you for such a great and memrobile holiday. It was absolutly fantastic. Sam & Paula really made the trip what it was though, I’m sure there are other ways to get to all the places that we saw but Sam & Paula were great full of useful info. They are great story tellers and great fun to be around. Thanks again for providing such a great tour. Well worth the money. 10 out of 10.

Gary and Vanessa, Australia. 5 day Northern Island Tour, June 2008

We recently did your 5 day SW tour of Ireland – 18th May – and thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wanted to let you know that the tour was great – Mark was the perfect guide. He was always positive and worked his butt off keeping us all happy with things to do and presented a nice clean van each day. I think he deserves a raise!!!!!
I was wondering if the 7 day tour (continuation) of our tour managed to get you singing. Mark told us all that you loved singing but needed a lot of encouragement to start you off. After you left he admitted that the one thing you didnt like to do, was sing. Must be the Irish sense of humour, I am sure you will get him back sometime.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for providing us with a great tour and a great guide who is also a great bloke.

Dee and Lindsay, Australia. 5 day ‘World tour of Ireland’ May 18th 2008

We are home again, trying to fit back into our normal routines. This is not easy to do with thoughts of the wonderful tours we took with Vagabond constantly surfacing. We are so glad we “succumbed” . The trip was everything you promised and everything we wanted. We love Ireland, its people, its beauty, and also have come to respect its bogs and sheep!
We particularly want to commend Mark, our intrepid guide, for his boundless energy and never failing good humor. He was able to individualize everyone’s needs and did his best to insure everyone’s comfort. And besides, he’s cute and funny too!

Kate, Marilyn, Ronnie and Susann, USA, 7 day South and 5 day North tour, May 2008


My wife Laura and I were on your Sept. 16 thru 22nd tour, we were in Ireland for 2 1/2 weeks but this 7 day tour made the entire trip for us as memorable as possible.It was just a wonderful tour made especially so by the professionalism and knowledge and tremendous personality of Dave. We were also quite impressed with the quality of lodging selected, but mostly just the Vagabond theme of off-the beaten track fit precisely what we had in mind when booking. Congratulations and thanks for filling a niche in the touring market. We wish you continued success and if we could do anything to provide a testimonial to our great time we would be most happy to do so.

Best regards—Joe and Laura Shull, USA, 7 day tour.

Thanks again for the trip in December. I had a blast! It’s was breathtaking. Beautiful! Amazing! Words somehow seem inappropriate. I was blown away with the entire trip, level of service, type of accommodation and of course… Ireland!

Dominique, Australia. 7 day tour, December 2007

Dear Rob and Vagabond team,
A belated message to say what a great time I had on my holiday. The scenery and the weather were absolutely stunning but being with Vagabond made it more special. It was restful having all the accommodation, which was all delightful, taken care of and being driven door to door The idea of having enough flexibility in the itinerary to take account of the group’s wishes and the weather made it a unique tour, as did the route and the by ways we were able to take. It was an added thrill to see the seals so close and dolphins and a minke (whale).
I’m sure you know what a gem you have in Dave, with his perception about the whims and nature of a group who have come together at random, so as to speak. As well as keeping us all happy and safe, he gave us so much information about history, geography, culture etc, making it sound as fresh as if it was his first tour; the legends were a particular favourite of mine, ( having fancied myself as a bit of a story teller myself, I’ll have to up my game now). I hope to be able to send 2 or 3 tracks to add to the music library, which was also so entertaining. I really hope I will be able to be a Vagabond again 1 day.

Flora McCallum, UK, Sept 2007

Just a little note to say thank you. I spent such a great and wonderful vacation with Vagabond tours 1 1/2 weeks ago – which is unforgettable!!! I enjoyed it so much and would not have missed it; it could not have been better!!! We’ve seen so much from Ireland’s beautiful landscape, stunning scenery, great mountains and coastlines. We did great walking, very interesting adventures and heard a lot of the Irish history, the lovely tales and legends. Special thanks go to Stephen our tour guide. Never had I such a very dedicated, excellent and likeable tour guide. His only concern all the time was to ensure that we all are happy and have a great time in Ireland. Honestly, it was the best vacation I ever had.

Claudia Meyer, Germany (7 day Tour), September 2007

We joined the Edge to the World Tour two weeks ago (23-27 July 2007). It was excellent. If anybody in Germany wants more information feel free to give them my telephone number. We were in good luck because Keith was our driver and guide. Never had such a talented guy with us! We are very sure to do another tour with Vagabond. Hopefully next year! And of course we always had very nice hotels at each stop. All our expectations were exceeded.

Olaf Waskow, Germany

I simply have to let you know how much i enjoyed last weeks’ tour with our fun group and fantastic Dave as our guide! It certainly was my best holiday ever so far and I am driving everybody nuts talking about it! I cannot remember ever laughing so much in one week and the scenery and company made it perfect. Dave is a gem, hope you pay him enough!!!His endless knowledge of history, songs, poetry and baloney made the trip unforgettable. Thank you, keep up the good work and I hope to see you next year!

Andrea Liehmann-Robinson from Munich, July 2007

I would just like to thank you, Vagabond team and especially Keith our guide for a great holiday. The adventure far surpassed our expectations and we had a blast. I would also like you to thank Keith on our behalf, he was a brilliant guide and made the holiday that much more enjoyable,
Now that we have seen Northern Ireland we need to make plans to see the South, so see ya next year.

Gareth, Juls, Paul, Lynda, Caz, South Africa. July 2007

I just wanted to say that the tour I was on to the west and south of Ireland April 30 to May 4 was superlative in every way. I was on the tour with Christie and Stephanie from Halifax, Nova Scotia (you may remember us as the quiet tour, we’re Canandians after all). We had two tour guides, yourself for the first bit, then Wendy. Both you and Wendy did an excellent job.This is the only tour I’ve ever taken, and I think I was very lucky to have found you. I have to admit that the experience of being on a tour of any kind, an outsider being ferried about and looked after at every turn, is a little disconcerting, perhaps even alienating, just because of the situation itself. However, that’s just the nature of the thing, and you and Wendy did everything possible to make the trip full, enjoyable and memorable. I do hope your company thrives, it certainly deserves to, you offer a really first class experience.

Liz Mckeen, Canada, April 2007


The reason for this email is just to say we all had such a fantastic time – really enjoyed it. The scenery was so spectacular, the rugged coastlines were amazing, and I think you have the route of the tour just right. 
The places Dave took us to were all so spectacular – he had lots of walks sorted out for us. And did you know he has a piece of music or song for every place we visit? He plays it just as we are arriving ! He is such a fantastic guide – his knowledge of Ireland, its history and myths and legends is so amazing – he really made the tour very special for us. So hope you are well, and Vagabond is still going strong and I will look forward to the next tour – maybe with yourself next time. Kind regards and many thanks for organising such a great holiday. Please pass on many thanks to Dave as well.

Carol Fosh, UK (5 Day Northern Tour, 2nd October 2006, her 3rd tour with Vagabond)

I’ve recently come back from an amazing 5 day ‘Edge of the World’ trip. Emma is a ‘lovely, lovely’ girl – very open, friendly and capable and always wears a smile – and Dave – what can I say? He is very funny, knowledgeable, open, friendly – and cute! I’m sure his cheeky, charming Irish ways are always a big hit with the ladies – they certainly worked for me!My Vagabond experience was all that I hoped it would be – and more. Plenty or fresh air and stunning scenery, with the magic and mystery of the mountains, the wild rugged coastline, picture perfect fishing villages, beautiful Loughs/lakes, ancient stone circles and standing stones, stories of pagan worship and rituals, Celtic culture, legends and music. With the ‘Vagatron’ taking us truly off the beaten track and the most amazing and varied accommodation to look forward to every night I couldn’t have asked for more. Whilst it was disappointing not being able to go kayaking or horse riding or to the Skellig Islands because of the weather, Dave and Emma always found great alternatives for us. Being in a small group also worked well – I travelled with some lovely and interesting people. We all really enjoyed our night in the Admirals House on Bere Island – such a unique place to stay that would not have been possible on any other tour with a bigger group size (and no Vagatron!)
I already knew I liked Ireland – but now I love it. I WILL be back! Thanks a lot.

Anna Barrs, UK. (5 day s/w tour, 17th September 2006)

I wanted to let you know that I had an amazing time on the Northern Ireland trip with Dave. Dave’s thorough knowledge of Irish history was a huge boon especially for this trip where it is impossible to ignore the history that comes up and smacks you in the face. Thank you so much for doing your best to get in touch with me after my very last minute attempt to get on board. I will most certainly pass along your group’s name to my friends of mine, and let them know about the best way to travel in Ireland.

Paraag Maddiwar, USA/India. (5 day Northern Tour, 11th September 2006)

Many thanks to Vagabond Tours for an exceptional Irish experience. Special thanks for choosing such great travelling companions – an eclectic group – and for arranging just about perfect weather (in 9 days in Ireland, I experienced a total of less than 40 minutes of rain). Your stories of Irish history and folklore were a real plus! Emma, I had dinner Saturday night at the Town Pub & Grill on Kildare St. – grilled sardines for starter and roast lamb (finally) for main course – perfect ending to my Ireland visit.

Doug Christman, USA. (7 day tour, 10th September 2006)

First of all I want to thank – again! – to Rob and Emma for the wonderful trip they took us for. Ofra and I enjoyed it to the top and we are already recommending VAGABOND to whomever we talk about Ireland. True, my back is still aching, but it’s a price I don’t regret having paid. 
We enjoyed a lot the company – and this is not an empty phrase. Being together for a week, all day except sleeping, can be exhausting if the company is not good.

Ofra and Louis, Israel. (7 day tour, 10th September 2006)

First of all, Rob, we’ve included you because even though you weren’t on our adventure, you are responsible. Thank you so much creating Vagabond, and especially having the wisdom to hire the ‘brilliant’ Emma! Ireland is not only beautiful, but I had no worries or things to plan for, Emma took care of everything, and that made it a real vacation/holiday. She mentioned you are originally from Scotland, so the question must be asked, ‘Have you considered such a tour of Scotland?’ If you do, let us know, if you don’t, we may email you some questions.

Michelle Van Der Hoeven, USA (7 day tour, 3rd September 2006)

Just wanted to say thank you Rob for a fantastic holiday. Emma was brilliant! All the “activities” were in really nice places and the hotels were superb.

Linda Bermingham, UK. (5 day s/w tour, 28th August 2006)

Dave and Rob,
What a great week we had with the “Gang of 7” and the spares!!! People asked how my week was in Ireland and I sound like an advertisement for you! The week went WAY too fast. You know how to treat the gang. Thanks for taking care of me at Skellig. Should you need test tourists for an adventure, please let us know. We could put together a Vagabond-Midwest for you. We miss you and just had one BLAST of a vacation!

Barb Breese, USA. (7 day tour, 27th August 2006)

My family and I want to thank you and especially thank Dave for a wonderful 7 day tour of Ireland. We so enjoyed the hikes, sea kayaking, canoeing and the history of Ireland. We enjoyed the Bed and Breakfast accommodations and, although we do not drink, we loved the pubs and the atmosphere. We fell in love with the people and the country. We took a one day bus tour before we left Dublin after our tour with you and we sooo missed Dave and the Land Rover. Thank you again for the wonderful 7 days and, as we say in Utah, “Oh my heck” we certainly plan on joining you once again for the Northern Tour.

Gary, Shirley, Kenneth, Bernice, Carissa, Zachary, Joshua, Sarah. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (7 day tour 20th August 2006)

Rob, I thought I’d drop you a note to say how much my son and I enjoyed last week’s SW tour. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. And I hope Wendy is a keeper!!!. If there was ever a contest for tour drivers on single lane coastal roads ( Ireland and Italy both have their fair share), then my money is on Wendy – she’s a great driver and a pretty decent raconteur as well. So now….I just have to figure out how to get the time off to fit in a NW tour….Regards, 🙂

Gloria Kristorian, USA. (5 day s/w tour, 14th August 2006)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note. First, we had a GREAT time on our tour last week with Emma and Stewart. They were both very nice, professional, knowledgeable and friendly… and we appreciated their efforts to help us get where we needed to be to get our rental car for our drive north to our friend’s wedding. We enjoyed seeing the “real” Ireland and were very glad we weren’t on one of the big tour busses! Thank you again for all of your help, and we will definitely pass along Vagabond to any friends we know that are heading your way.

Geoff & Julie Newman, USA. (7 day tour 2nd July 2006)

As Jane and I continue to look at our pictures of our holiday in Ireland, we can’t stop; thinking about the wonderful time we had. Our great holiday was because of your company and the outstanding guides Dave and Emma. Jane and I are retired teachers and we could see the very careful planning on your part to build a wonderful company and give 10 star service. Everything from where we travelled, ate, and slept was the result of extremely great planning. Thank you. 
 Now that we are home we continue to think about what a total holiday experience we had with Dave and Emma. Thank you for helping us to have a great Irish holiday. Dave and Emma were outstanding with their presentations concerning geography, history, general information, etc. about everything Irish. Dave helped me understand the politics and history of Northern Ireland, and Emma did as well with the Republic.
Jane and I thought all of the hotels were excellent. Dave said that if you got your feet wet while in Ireland, it meant that you would have to come back. Well while kayaking with Emma I got more than my feet wet so I know it is a must that I do return. There is a possibility that my daughter might want to take the Northern trip in June of 2007.If she does I will come back and do it with her. We hope that Dave will be doing the Northern trip again. Have you made any plans for your company that far in advance. Since school would be out any date in June would be good. Jane and I were in Dublin for a total of 8 nights and Dave and Emma told us about many things to see and do and we did almost all before time ran out. A member of the Northern tour from Florida sent me a web site for an Irish radio station and I am listening to it now as I write. Jane and I enjoyed travelling with your company very much. You, Dave, and Emma made our trip so much more than we expected. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~with warm regards, Henry C. Spengler

Henry and Jane Spengler, USA. (5 day s/w tour and 5 day NI tour, June 2006)

Finally made it back to the states. I had a fabulous 5 day tour with you. You have a beautiful country and I was amazed by all of the history. My highlights were kayaking with the seals, horseback riding on the beach, and most of all the Irish dancing and Gaelic football on the beach. But I truly enjoyed all of it, great pubs, the music and the people. Thanks so much, Hope to see you again!

Gloria Costello, USA. (5 day s/w tour, 19th June 2006)

Awesome experience. thanks for everything. Jen and I had the greatest time. Wendy and Emma were wonderful—good tour guides and lots of fun. that said, Dave was totally amazing. He is full of knowledge of history and folklore both and is a magnificent storyteller. He also has a way of pulling a group together and getting everyone involved and interacting. Wish we could come back again. Hated to see the tour end, but all good things must end at some point.

Anita Robertson, USA. (7 day tour, 28th May 2006)

I write to you, Dear Sir, concerning Dave O Connor – Patron Saint of Patience and Craic – Vagatour 21 May -28 May 2006. 
Dave was at all times professional, had us quickly summed up and then took us on a helluva joyride. Special mention must be made of the fact that my sister had a medical condition which required a visit to a local GP for a script. Dave handled the whole episode with aplomb. He had the other Vagatourers sorted out in no time, looking forward to their walk. My sister duly dropped off at the Doctor’s rooms, no fuss, no hassle. He was also extremely considerate of my Brother in Law’s need to water the Irish flora, more often than not. 
Dave was extremely informative, it took some doing on our part trying to figure out what was fact and what was fiction. With him showing us the true beauty of Ireland and all the History, fairy lore etc thrown in, we came away from Ireland knowing a great deal about more about Ireland and its people. My highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the trip to the Skelligs. What were those Monk’s thinking??( a trip to the Arran’s would have been wonderful, too.) We found Ireland, generally, to be quite expensive, so the Vagabond tour was extremely good value for money. Not once could we find fault with the arrangements. The accommodation was excellent, each establishment with it’s own charming setting but I daresay that I don’t think I could look another Full Irish breakfast in the eye for a while. We will most certainly be recommending Vagabond as the ONLY way to see Ireland. 
I wish you further success with Vagabond, and I vote “Give Dave an increase”.

Kathy de Wet, South Africa (7 day tour 21st may 2006)

This is just a short note to thank you and Dave for the outstanding job you did during our tour last week. There are many ways to do the work, but yours was fantastic. In addition good weather was also with us. We enjoyed that very much and we will highly recommend our friends.

Asun and Jordi, Spain. (7 day tour 23rd April 2006)


Hi… we are back home to the real world, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time that we had. You were so accommodating and helpful to make our visit to Ireland GREAT!. We loved every minute of it and the guide, Dave, was great, also. He was so organized, you actually weren’t aware of what all goes into each day. That certainly made the trip enjoyable. Because of his good planning and organization, you never felt like you were rushed or needed to hurry to get somewhere. His sharing of the history also made Ireland come to life. We absolutely loved our time there and hopefully will get to visit again. Thanks for everything.

Don and Magy Martin, USA. July 2005

As we enter Dublin it makes me wish I were still back on the sand dunes, along the sea or high on the hillsides. The was a very beautiful (absooolutely) way to see the country. I feel sorry for the people in the coaches. I had a great time.

Beverley Schermerhorn, USA. June 2005

I have just cleaned the last of the bog from between my toes, my liver function has returned to baseline, and my tan is fading. Though no one at work believes that I got my tan in Ireland. Now comes the time for the required effusive missive.
We had a wonderful time. I appreciated the fact that the trip was organized but not regimented, the flexibility, the way Mark and David complimented each others strengths or insulted each other as the case may be. The way they dealt with the group dynamics and seemed to read the us so well. I was amazed at the beauty and solitude of some of the walks-or that could have just been oxygen deprivation due to my hyperventilation trying to keep up! I thought would come to Ireland, do my tour, take some pictures and move on-but I find I would like to come back.
Anyway my thanks to you- Dave and Mark for making the trip such a wonderful experience. I hope to hear about any other areas you go to- that is if you don’t run screaming at the thought of dealing with me again!

Dauryne Shaffer, USA. June 2005

We have been racking our heads for a creative tribute to you- and alas, continue to come up empty. I didn’t want another week to pass without telling you that our time with you was truly the view of Ireland we hoped for, and all else paled in comparison The camaraderie you offered, the fun times, and now the great memories is more than I could have hoped for my family.
We’ll be back next year to do the southern loop with you!

Cheryl McGarrity, USA. June 2005

Just wanted to tell you that the trip WAS MAD CRAIC!!!! I can’t tell you how much fun we had. I wanted to let you know that Dave was a first-class guide. We learned so much of the history and the mythology of your country. Of course, he could have been making stories up as he went along, and we wouldn’t have known the difference, but he was so likeable and sincere (and mad) that we believed ALMOST everything he said. We enjoyed his company thoroughly.

Linda Collins, Boston USA. June 2005

Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had on our vagabond tour. Dave was the best guide! He was informative and entertaining. Because we had such a good time a friend of mine is booking a trip with you this week! Thanks again.
Jennifer & James Ryan, USA. June 2005

Brilliant! Fantastic time away. Couldn’t think of a better way to see Ireland. Its been great.

Kara Lowe, New Zealand. April 2005

It was a great trip, lots of really good memories – everyone should go on a Vagabond trip.

Andrew Cliffe, England. April 2005

A great trip – the most exercise I have had in years – wonderful scenery and accommodations and very nice company. I’d recommend to everyone.

Geraldine Gahan, USA. April 2005

Thanks for an awesome week away, loving all the little towns and off the beaten track attractions.

Laura Schmerl, Australia. April 2005

I had a wonderful trip! Thanks for the great history lessons, great foggy views or the most amazing spots in Ireland, great local characters, great live music and quiz nights at the pub and an all over entertaining holiday.

Stephanie Kassoy, USA. March 2005


I look at my pictures everyday and I miss it so much. Thank you again for one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life.

Karen Becker, USA. March 2004

The last five days have been fantastic. The sights have been amazing at the ‘Edge of the World’ and it has been great to get off the beaten track and experience the more remote areas of the Emerald Isle.

Joanne, Australia

Of the last 8 months I’ve been in Ireland, the last 5 days have been amazing. Having a great guide to show you so much more than most tourists will ever see, and I’d say a lot of locals as well. A real off-the-beaten track tour, highlights galore. Awesome time, thanks.

Jon, NZ

Its been action packed and loads of fun. Getting off the coach bus tourist trail is highly recommended. The renditions of Irish history are fabulously entertaining and really informative.

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