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About Ireland

We love Ireland! We know a wee bit about Irish culture too.

Discover amazing facts and fun stories from the folklore, music and history of Ireland.

The fortress of pirate queen Grace O'Malley on Clare Island, Ireland

Grace O'Malley - The Pirate Queen

6th August 2019
Our own VagaGuide Bébhinn O'Malley recounts the extraordinary life of her ancestor: Irish pirate queen Granuaile.

Where Did Irish Music Come From?

26th June 2019
The history of Irish traditional music is long and colourful one, reflecting the history of Ireland in general.
Colourful group posing at the summit of Diamond Hill in Connemara

Vagabond Tours: Fun Outdoor Things to Do in Ireland

17th June 2019
Looking to get active on your Irish vacation? You're in luck!

Top 7 Tips for Traveling to Ireland

7th January 2019
What are your tips for traveling to Ireland? Travel expert John polled our friendly community to see what item — or attitude — you should not leave home without. Read on for the results!
Guides jumping around in front of the sea

Silly Season Discounts

14th February 2018
Being the kind hearted folk that we are here at Vagabond, we have decided that there are people out there who have found themselves in less powerful and lucrative positions than they once were, others that have devoted their lives to great causes or noble achievements and finally, certain great musicians.
An overhead view of Skellig Michael and Skellig Beag

Skellig Michael - Set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

11th December 2017
Skellig Michael, County Kerry  
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