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Group of musicians playing Irish songs in a pub

10 Irish Songs You Need To Know

28th March 2024
Sing-along with Ireland folk music expert, John, as he serenades you with his favourite traditional Irish songs. πŸ¦ͺ Molly Malone 🎢 The Fields of Athenry πŸŒ„ Wild Mountain Thyme πŸ’• Raglan Road πŸ”Ί The Auld Triangle 🎻 The Wild Rover πŸ’Ž Black Velvet Band 😒 The Town I Loved So Well ☘️ Song for Ireland πŸ‘¦πŸΌ Danny Boy
Two musicians playing violin and banjo in Northern Ireland

Top 10 Songs of Northern Ireland

28th March 2024
Northern Ireland music rocks! Here's our top 10 songs of the wee country. Tour guide and Irish music guru John introduces the best music from Northern Ireland.
Irish musicians

The Best Irish Sing-Along Songs

28th March 2024
We Irish love a good sing-song. VagaGuide and musical guru, John, is here with some of the very best Irish songs to sing. Altogether now...
Farmer/tour guide leaning on a gate at Jerpoint in Kilkenny

Funny Irish Phrases & Sayings

25th March 2024
What's the craic, horsebox? Fit in with the locals. Understand Irish culture. Suspend the logical side of your brain. Irish nonsense expert, Derry, breaks down slang in Ireland with these funny Irish phrases. Funny Irish Phrases At A Glance πŸŽ‰ Just What Is The Craic? πŸ‘‹ 3 Ways To Say Say Hello πŸ™Š When Words Escape You 🀣 Slag (And Be Slagged) πŸ«… How To Avoid Having Notions
A statue of St. Patrick with guests standing in front of him

What Would Ireland Be Like Without Saint Patrick?

16th March 2024
With Patty's Day 2024 upon us, Irish expert Derry asks: what would we do without Paddy? And what is the REAL history of Saint Patrick and his festival? History of Saint Patrick At A Glance πŸ˜‡ Shock Horror! Saint Patrick Wasn't From Ireland β›ͺ Neither Was He The First Person To Evangelise In Ireland ☘️ March 17th Marks His Death (You Can Visit His Grave In Northern Ireland) 🐍 False: Patty Banished Snakes. True: It Was The Ice Age. πŸ₯³ Paddy's Day Became A Global Party Largely Due To Emigration πŸ’š Green Is Not The Only Colour Associated With Patrick (Or Ireland) ⛰️ There Are Countless Places Named After Patrick (Like This Holy Mountain)
Illustrated landscape featuring sheep with BCorp logo

How We Became A B Corp ... And How You Can Too!

14th March 2024
How can your business become a B Corp? Tour guide Brian shares tips and tricks from Vagabond's journey to become Ireland’s first travel B Corp. How To Become A B Corp At A Glance What Is A B Corp? πŸ€” How To Become A B Corp πŸ’š 5 Business Areas To Focus On βœ‹ Why We Became A B Corp β˜˜οΈ Looking To The Future πŸŒ…
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