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Who Guides The Tours?

All of our tours are fully guided by our team of expert driver guides.

We call them VagaGuides.

Our VagaGuides are the most passionate, talented and professional tour guides in Ireland, if not the universe!

They'll masterfully guide your tour vehicle.

They'll organise your daily activities and answer all of your questions.

....They've even been known sing!

More About Our Highly-Trained VagaGuides

The cornerstone of any good vacation is the tour guide.

We invest painstaking time and resources in guide recruitment and training.

All VagaGuides are continually assessed and trained with the following skills/qualifications:

  • Driving - our spotless company safety record is upheld by in-house driving instructors;
  • First Aid - all VagaGuides are trained in emergency response;
  • Leave No Trace - all VagaGuides are trained in responsible outdoor practices.

What VagaGuides Do

Stunning scenery. Magic moments.

Your VagaGuide mixes it all together to give you a unique and extraordinary tour experience.

As you travel through Ireland's wild and rugged landscapes on a Vagabond or Driftwood tour, your VagaGuide will keep you informed and entertained, while also providing a snapshot of life in Ireland today.

Maybe it's time to meet our VagaGuide team?

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