silly season discounts

We felt these people might need a bit of cheering up, a financial hug or a much deserved well done you. So these special discounts are just for them.


5% Discount For :

  1. Out-of-work former US presidents and British Prime Ministers (and former democratically-elected leaders from around the World).
  2. People who were nominated for Oscars but didnt actually get them.
  3. Singers who had one-hit-wonders in the 1970s and 80s.
  4. The cast of Dallas and Dynasty.
  5. Members of Scotlands 1990 or Irelands 2009 Grand-Slam Winning Rugby teams.
  6. People who invested in Bitcoin at its peak.
  7. Anyone who has won millions on the lottery and blown it all.

And Then Worthy Notables:

  1. Nobel Prize Winners (10% for Nobel Peace Prize winners, or anyone who won a Nobel prize and was also nominated for an Oscar but didnt get it).
  2. Olympic Gold Medalists - 5% per gold medal.
  3. Saints (Real ones)
  4. People whose photo is in the current Guinness Book of records.

Free tours to:

  1. The surviving members of AC/DC

We will keep adding to the list and if you have any suggestions, please send them in.



Terms and Conditions:

Discounts apply only to relevant person and one travelling companion, not other people travelling with them.

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