🆕 New Team

As Vagabond & Driftwood tours growin popularity, our tour support team continues to grow.

We welcomed the following new VagaGuides to the team this year:


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Cork-born and bred, Brian knows a thing or two about Ireland. He’s an award-winning travel blogger and a published Lonely Planet author.


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Naval veteran Dave hails from Wicklow, the ‘Garden of Ireland’ where Vagabond Tours is based. Aside from his tour guiding skills and encyclopaedic knowledge on Irish history, nature and landscapes, Dave is also a fully qualified instructor in scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, hill walking and — according to him — drinking games!



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Donegal native Eamonn has certainly carpe’d the diem. His career so far has included being a chef on a New Zealand cattle station, a Santa in a Christmas grotto and a pub landlord (aged 23, no less).


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Kildare native Joe is a thoroughbred when it comes to adventure. Skydiving in New Zealand. Cycling in Africa. White-water rafting on the Nile. Joe has done it all!


Dee was a welcome new addition to our Sales & Reservations team.

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After a year away, Shauna re-joined our VagaHQ team in the Marketing department.

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🆕 New Live Calls

We've already been busy, answering your questions about Irish family names and sharing fascinating personal stories.

So much to look forward to in 2022!

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