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Ireland Travel Tips

From the ultimate packing guide to transfers from Dublin Airport...

Our Ireland travel tips section is your essential guide to all aspects of the Emerald Isle.

Female tour guests with Vagabond tour guide smiling at a kayaking centre

7 Reasons Guided Tours Beat Self-Drive

11th April 2024
Less hassle. More friends. Freedom in spades. Compare how small-group guided tours measure up against self-drive vacations in Ireland with this helpful guide. Tours Vs. Self-Drive in Ireland πŸ’° Tours Are MORE Economical. Fixed Pricing Vs. Astronomical Rental Quotes, Gas, Insurance PLUS Other Fees πŸ“Έ You'll See MORE On Tour With Us Than You Would Driving. Let An Expert Guide You! πŸ—ΊοΈ Flexible Tour Itineraries With Choice & Downtime Built-In. Real Independence! 😎 Less Hassle. No Need To Adapt To Driving Stick, Driving On The Left Or Different Road Layouts πŸ™Œ Be More Sociable! Ready-Made Travel Buddies On Tour And The Chance To Meet Friendly Locals πŸ—ΊοΈ No Fiddling With Maps Or GPS. See The REAL Ireland. All The Must-See Sights PLUS Our Secret Destinations. πŸ•– Skip Queues At Major Attractions. We Time Arrivals Outside Peak Hours. βœ”οΈ Little Or No Research Involved. We've Been Exploring Ireland Since 2002!
A map of the world with different currency spread across it

How Much Money to Bring to Ireland?

28th March 2024
We all know that money makes the world go round. But how much spending money should you bring to Ireland? πŸ’Ά What Currency Will I Need? πŸ’° Where's Best To Convert Currency? πŸ’³ Will My Credit Card Work? πŸ’΅ Cash Versus Cards πŸ’Έ Ireland On A Budget
Gougane Barra church on a sunny day with the mountains in the background

When is The Best Time to Visit Ireland in 2024?

28th March 2024
Read our guide to Irish airfares, hotel prices, festivals, holidays and, of course, the weather.
Farmer/tour guide leaning on a gate at Jerpoint in Kilkenny

Funny Irish Phrases & Sayings

25th March 2024
What's the craic, horsebox? Fit in with the locals. Understand Irish culture. Suspend the logical side of your brain. Irish nonsense expert, Derry, breaks down slang in Ireland with these funny Irish phrases. Funny Irish Phrases At A Glance πŸŽ‰ Just What Is The Craic? πŸ‘‹ 3 Ways To Say Say Hello πŸ™Š When Words Escape You 🀣 Slag (And Be Slagged) πŸ«… How To Avoid Having Notions
Vagabond Tour Group exploring Ireland with vehicle

Get The Latest Travel News For Our Tours Of Ireland

13th March 2024
Get the latest travel updates from Vagabond & Driftwood about our 2024 and 2025 tours of Ireland.
A Driftwood group standing in front of their tour bus on a beach

Which Guided Tour of Ireland Should You Choose?

12th March 2024
Let travel expert Danielle help you choose the perfect guided tour of Ireland. Understand the difference between our two tour styles; active Vagabond Cultural Adventures and gently-paced Driftwood Journeys of Discovery. Compare Our Tour Styles At A Glance πŸ’“ Fitness Is Required On Both Tour Styles (Check Typical Step Counts) βŒ› Driftwood Features A Gentler Pace & More Multi-Night Stays 🚐 Our Mercedes Tour Vehicles Differ Ever-So-Slightly πŸ›₯️ Both Tour Styles Offer Boat Trips β€” But Only One Itinerary Lands on Skellig Michael!
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