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Best Free Travel Apps Ireland - Your Essential Guide

Enjoy our selection of the best apps for Ireland. They will all come in extremely handy!

By Derry

Smartphone screen with XE app


Currency converter app for Euro

Currency rates can be confusing at the best of times.

Using a currency converter such as XE Currency is an excellent way to convert your currency to euro or sterling (and back again).

The XE app even works when the internet doesn't. Wifi isn't readily available off the beaten track in Ireland so this feature can come in very handy!

It's an essential for tourists traveling from outside the eurozone.

XE App for iPhone

XE App for Android

Smartphone screen with map


Transport Travel Apps for Ireland

If you're staying in Dublin before and after your tour, we recommend using the city's public transport network.

Dublin's bus, rail and tram services cover everywhere you need to go but cost very little.

The Real Time app is great tool for figuring out how to get from A to B. It shows you routes and suggests modes of transport, including tram, rail and bus routes.

Real Time on iOS

Real Time on Android

Smartphone screen with taxi app


Irish Taxi Apps

Off the beaten track, you're more likely to bump into a sheep than a taxi!

Taxi apps such as Uber and Lyft are not commonly used in Ireland. MyTaxi is the next best thing.

Order a taxi for now or book in advance. You can track your drivers arrival and share information about your trip details with friends, letting them know when youve arrived safely.

MyTaxi for iOS

MyTaxi on Android

Smartphone screen with entertainment app

Entertainment & Nightlife Apps Ireland is the Irish go-to for news, events, cinema listing and festivals. It's Ireland's most popular entertainment guide.

Every single cinema screen in the country is listed as well as 7,000 venues featuring music, clubbing, comedy, theater and lots more. The service is location based and in real time.

Smartphone screen with GAA app


Sports Apps for Ireland

Looking for the full Irish sporting experience? The GAA app is perfect. Our native sport - Gaelic Games - makes for some electric matches to watch. This official app gives you everything from fixtures to results, photos and information on tickets and venues.

GAA App for iOS

GAA App for Android

Smartphone screen with triposo logo


Finding Accommodation

The usual suspects -, Hostelworld and Airbnb - are great to have downloaded if you havent booked your accommodation in advance.

For a unique experience, try Ireland's Blue Book. This is a collection of quality Irish country house hotels, castle hotels and restaurants. Located around Ireland these charming and stylish hideaways are the perfect way to begin or end a Vagabond or Driftwood tour in Ireland.

A handy app for all things Ireland, including accommodation, is the Ireland Travel Guide.

Ireland Travel Guide on iOS


Smartphone screen with app


Eating and Food Apps in Ireland

There are so many great restaurants to discover in Ireland. From traditional Irish food to fusions of Irish and international flavours.

The app points you in the direction of the best local grub, as well as giving you great content about Irish culture in general. for iOS for Android

Smartphone screen with weather app

Irish Weather Forecasting Apps

You'll discover that the weather is a big topic of discussion for Irish people!

An Irish day can change in a heartbeat! So Ireland's meteorological service are the best people to chat to when it comes to weather.

Met Eireann for iOS

Met Eireann for Android

Remember, there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!


Feature Image by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash


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