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An Irish violinist with the blog title 9 Incredible Irish Songs

9 Incredible Irish Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

11th December 2019
Love Irish music? We've uncovered some lesser known artists and classic songs from Ireland.
A child decorating her christmas tree in her living room

Christmas in Ireland: What Are Some Traditions and Customs?

11th December 2019
Christmas in Ireland is HUGE. Irish Christmas traditions boast deep origins, both Christian and pagan, that live on into the 21st century.
A plate of Christmas mince pies surrounded by pine cones, holly and a Christmas decorated coffee

Guinness for Santa Claus: Irish Christmas Food Traditions

10th December 2019
Yes, we really do leave beer for Santa. No, you can't refuse mince pies. Christmas in Ireland = lots and lots of Irish Christmas food and drink.
The inside of a full cinema with the screen playing

12 Of The Best Irish Movies To Watch Over The Holidays

10th December 2019
Looking for the best Irish movies to watch this festive season? Our Irish culture vulture, John, is here with the ultimate Irish film list.
A couple renew their vows at the Ogham stone near Dingle, Ireland

Mark's Guide to Romantic Ireland

13th November 2019
In Ireland, says VagaGuide tour guide Mark, you'll discover there's a lot more to kiss than old stones in Blarney.
Orange pumpkins grouped together

Halloween in Ireland - Traditions, Origins and Foods

14th October 2019
Where does Halloween come from? What happens in Ireland at Halloween? The answers may surprise you!
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