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An animated small leprechaun sitting on top of a Vagabond tour vehicle under a rainbow

Do Leprechauns Exist?

24th February 2020
It's time to address the question on everyone's mind, do Leprechauns exist? We in Vagabond can't be more sure of their existence - so lets learn a little bit about the indigenous people of Ireland.
St Stephens green on a spring day with flowers in bloom and people enjoying themselves sitting on the grass

Spring in Ireland

12th February 2020
Ireland in spring is beautiful. Lambs leap in the fields. Hedgerows brim with flowers. What's not to love?
Two musicians playing violin and banjo in Northern Ireland

Top 10 Songs of Northern Ireland

20th January 2020
Northern Ireland music rocks! Here's our top 10 songs of the wee country. Tour guide and Irish music guru John introduces the best music from Northern Ireland.
Female tour guest with sunset during summer in Ireland

You Know It's Summer in Ireland When...

17th January 2020
Summer in Ireland is magic. Take advantage of long days, great food, friendly locals and fun times. And now there's no excuse not to see how easy summer can be, with FREE Dublin experiences for all June and July guests. Offer ends January 31st.
An Irish violinist with the blog title 9 Incredible Irish Songs

9 Incredible Irish Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

11th December 2019
Love Irish music? We've uncovered some lesser known artists and classic songs from Ireland.
A child decorating her christmas tree in her living room

Christmas in Ireland: What Are Some Traditions and Customs?

11th December 2019
Christmas in Ireland is HUGE. Irish Christmas traditions boast deep origins, both Christian and pagan, that live on into the 21st century.
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