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About Ireland

We love Ireland! We know a wee bit about Irish culture too.

Discover amazing facts and fun stories from the folklore, music and history of Ireland.

Two guests on a mountain playing the guitar and violin

10 More Irish Songs You Need to Know

28th March 2024
Back by popular demand, our very own traditional Irish music expert and VagaGuide, John McKiernan, takes us on a journey through his top 10 favourite Irish songs.
Two musicians playing violin and banjo in Northern Ireland

Top 10 Songs of Northern Ireland

28th March 2024
Northern Ireland music rocks! Here's our top 10 songs of the wee country. Tour guide and Irish music guru John introduces the best music from Northern Ireland.
A statue of St. Patrick with guests standing in front of him

What Would Ireland Be Like Without Saint Patrick?

16th March 2024
With Patty's Day 2024 upon us, Irish expert Derry asks: what would we do without Paddy? And what is the REAL history of Saint Patrick and his festival? History of Saint Patrick At A Glance 😇 Shock Horror! Saint Patrick Wasn't From Ireland ⛪ Neither Was He The First Person To Evangelise In Ireland ☘️ March 17th Marks His Death (You Can Visit His Grave In Northern Ireland) 🐍 False: Patty Banished Snakes. True: It Was The Ice Age. 🥳 Paddy's Day Became A Global Party Largely Due To Emigration 💚 Green Is Not The Only Colour Associated With Patrick (Or Ireland) ⛰️ There Are Countless Places Named After Patrick (Like This Holy Mountain)
A picture of Ernest Shackleton on a boat

The Genealogy Detective

26th February 2024
It's really common for our Vagabonds or Driftwooders to express an interest in tracing their Irish roots while visiting Ireland.
Nancy standing outside what was once her grandmothers home

How Nancy Came Back to Her Irish Roots

26th February 2024
Read about how one Vagabond traced her Irish roots to a tiny village in Ireland.
A plate of Christmas mince pies surrounded by pine cones, holly and a Christmas decorated coffee

What Foods Do Irish People Eat For Christmas?

1st December 2023
Mince pie expert Derry explains what foods Irish people eat at Christmas time. And yes, we really do leave beer for Santa! Christmas Food In Ireland At A Glance 🦃 Christmas Dinner Is A Serious Affair In Ireland 💪 Stamina Is Required 🥂 Irish People Imbibe A Variety Of Christmas Drinks 🍰 We Always Leave Room For Dessert 🎅 ...And Interesting Things For Santa
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