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What Is Landing On Skellig Michael Island Like?

Landing on Skellig Michael with Vagabond Tours is DEFINITELY an adventure! Fitness is required.

The first challenge is the boat trip, followed by disembarkation and a steep hike to the summit of the island.

Disembarkation on Skellig Michael

There is no marina or dock on Skellig Michael Island.

To disembark your boat, you step off directly onto the island.

Your boat is likely to be moving up and down on the waves, but the pier will not be.

Depending on the ocean swell, the gap that you need to step over to the island can vary. You'll need to be agile. It can be a leap of faith!

Hiking To The Summit of Skellig Michael

Hiking on Skellig Michael is a must.

That's because the summit is where you'll the 6th century monastery remains.

To reach the summit, you will have to hike up 600 rough stone steps

This not a conventional staircase. The steps on Skellig Michael are cut directly from the rock face. They are steep and of varying height and width. There is no handrail and a steep, vertical cliff face lies below.

A very limited number of visitors have died after falling on Skellig Michael.

You will need to be...

  • In good physical condition;
  • Used to steep and prolonged hikes;
  • Not scared of heights;
  • Sure on your feet.

We recommend wearing a good pair of comfortable hiking boots or shoes.

Remember, after your visit to the monastic ruins on Skellig Michael, you have hike back down the 600 steps.

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