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What Is A Boat Trip To The Skellig Islands Like?

Whether you're planning to land on Skellig Michael or simply cruise around both Skellig Islands, the boats you travel on will be similar in size and structure.

The boats are roughly 9 metres / 30 feet long. Though powerful, they are open-decked vessels with little or no protection for our guests from rain, waves and spray.

The trip is an open water crossing in the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean swell — the size of the waves — can be large. Waves often splash over the sides of the boat. You are likely to get wet. Ponchos are provided in the boats — but you'll still get wet!

If you are particularly prone to sea sickness, we recommend either skipping this activity or bringing sea sickness medication along with you.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Both types of boat trip to the Skelligs are weather dependent and are frequently cancelled at late notice due to inclement sea conditions. Boat tours cancelled due to bad weather will not be charged for.

Where Do Skelligs Boats Depart From?

The small harbour at Portmagee is the departure point for all Vagabond & Driftwood boat trips to the Skellig islands.

For both the Skellig Michael Landing and Skellig Islands Cruise, on the day of departure, your boat will leave the pier in Portmagee early. This normally happens around 9am but can be earlier or later to account for changing weather.

How Long Is The Boat Trip?

The total length of the Skellig Michael Landing can be up 5 hours. The boat journey to and from Skellig Michael can last up to 60 minutes each way. You'll have about 2.5 hours to explore the sland.

The total length of the Skellig Islands Cruise can be up 2.5 hours.

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