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Family & Private Group Tours

Family & Private Group Tours

Private group tours of Ireland

Are you interested in booking your own Vagabond or Driftwood Departure?

Vagabond is available for family and private group tours for you and your friends of Ireland based on our scheduled itineraries. If you have a group of up to 16 people and you are looking for something specific, we can organise it for you.

We have found that the best way to offer private tours is an adaptation of our excellent scheduled tours, this is for many reasons including:
  1. Our scheduled tours use a great mix of accommodation, which is well spaced out around the country.
  2. Each itinerary has a wide range of activities that can be adapted to your group.
  3. Timings: Vital to any tour. We don’t want you to be driving around for too long, for Vagabond it is all about getting off the vehicles and out and about. We know the timings on our tours and can you that to good effect on a private tour.
  4. We can lengthen a regular itinerary or just offer a section of it.
Within the flexible framework of our scheduled tours we can also adapt an itinerary, if…
  1. There is a certain area of the country you want to visit, maybe stay on an island or just stay longer in one place.
  2. You want to concentrate on certain activities, for example fishing, golf, horse-riding, surfing or hill-walking.
  3. Different accommodation is required; you may want 5-star hotels or a tent.
  4. You are a club or association that has an interest in the outdoors.
  5. You want to trace your family roots.
  6. You want to reward your employees for their hard work and have a great time too. Team building exercises can also be arranged also.
Private tours of Ireland that we have arranged in the past:
  1. Family group tours
  2. Corporate and incentive groups (and team-building)
  3. University re-union tours
  4. Student/educational tours
  5. Camping adventures
  6. Photography tours
  7. Just a bunch of friends who like travelling together!
Pricing a private tour

We suggest that 12 people is the minimum number for a private tour.

The prices are based on a variable scale related to the regular tour prices and are dependent on number of people in the group and the duration of your tour.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on:

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