Our scheduled Vagabond and Driftwood Tours are also available as family and private group tours.

If you are planning an Ireland vacation with a group of up to 16, we can help.

Happy Family and Private Tour Groups

Family group posing at the Cliffs of Moher
Colourful group posing at the summit of Diamond Hill in Connemara
Family group posing on the coast in Clare with wildflowers in the foreground

We adapt the itineraries of our scheduled tours for private tours.

✅ Our scheduled tours use boutique accommodation located in all corners of Ireland.

✅ Each scheduled tour itinerary offers a wide range of activities that can be adapted to your group's preferences.

✅ Timings are vital to the success of any tour. We know the timings of our scheduled tours and can adapt that effectively on a private tour.

✅ Our scheduled tours itineraries are flexible. We can lengthen a regular itinerary. Take a detour. Or just offer a section that you'll love.

Our Family and Group Private Tours Will Suit You If...

  • You love a particular town or region in Ireland NOT featured on our scheduled tours
  • You're tracing your Irish family roots to an area NOT featured on our scheduled tours
  • You're dreaming of overnighting on an Atlantic island
  • You're an avid angler or keen golfer and would like extra time to pursue your passion in Ireland
  • You are a club or association that has a specific interest connected with travel or Ireland
  • You're rewarding your hard-working employees with a team-building experience in Ireland

Private Tours of Ireland That Past Guest Loved:

  • Family group tours of multiple generations;
  • Corporate and incentive groups (with team-building exercises);
  • University re-union tours;
  • Student/educational tours;
  • Camping adventures;
  • Photography tours;
  • Just a bunch of friends who like travelling together!

How Many People Go on Our Private Tours?

Driftwood Minimum = 12

Want to relax on your private culture-focused Driftwood Journey of Discovery tour? We suggest 12 people as a minimum group number.

Vagabond Minimum = 10

Ready for action on an activity-filled private Vagabond Cultural Adventure tour? We suggest 10 people as a minimum group number.

Pricing For Our Private Tours of Ireland

Our private tour prices vary. The price we quote will relate to the regular tour prices but also the number of people in your group and the duration of your tour.

Select a Tour to Explore...

6 Day Epic Ireland Food Tour
View Vagabond Tour
6 Day Ancient Ireland Tour
View Driftwood Tour
6 Day Northern Island Tour
View Driftwood Tour
7 Day Treasure Ireland Tour
View Driftwood Tour
7 Day Irish Castles & Kingdoms Tour
View Driftwood Tour
11 Day Discover Ireland Tour
View Driftwood Tour
7 Day World Tour of Ireland
View Vagabond Tour
7 Day Magnetic North Adventure Tour
View Vagabond Tour
8 Day Wild Irish Rover Tour
View Vagabond Tour
12 Day Giant Irish Adventure Tour
View Vagabond Tour

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