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A panoramic view of Slea head on a sunny day in September

Ireland in September 2023? Why You Should Look at Going

30th May 2023
Ireland in September can be quite delightful. With settled weather, warm sea temperatures and bright evenings, early autumn is an ideal time to plan a small-group tour to Ireland. 🌀️ Ireland's Weather in September 🧳 What to Pack πŸ˜‹ What To Eat πŸ’ƒ What's On πŸ’š Best September Tours of Ireland
A person writing ticking off a checklist

Planning A Trip to Ireland: 2023 & 2024 Essential Checklist

22nd May 2023
Our essential travel tips for planning, budgeting and packing for your 2023 and 2024 trip to Ireland. ⏳ Book Early for Best Value πŸ₯ Purchase Insurance πŸ›‚ Check Your Passport 🧳 Pack Only The Essentials 🏦 Notify Your Bank ⚠️ Last Minute Checks
Numerous one dollar bills spread across the picture

Exchanging Dollars For Euro For Your Trip to Ireland

16th May 2023
Confused about currency in Ireland? Where should you exchange dollars for euros in Ireland? Vagabond to the rescue! πŸ’Ά The Best Way to Get € Euros 🏧 How Much To Withdraw πŸ’³ Will My Bank Card Work? 🏦 Do I Need To Notify My Bank? 🧭 What About Northern Ireland?
Flowers on the beautiful coastline of the Dingle Peninsula with islands in the background

Should I Go To Ireland In May?

28th April 2023
If you're looking for the best time to visit Ireland, May might just be the perfect balance of weather, crowds and value.
Green valley in Ireland

8 Sustainable Travel Tips You Can Start Using Today

20th April 2023
How do I travel more sustainably? Make your impacts positive and give back to the planet by employing these sustainable travel tips. πŸ§‹Avoid Single-Use Plastic 🧳 Travel Light, Buy Local 🀝 Spend With Sustainable Businesses 🚊 Use Public Transport & Avoid Tourist Traps 🌳 Fly Green, Offset Your Emissions 🐌 Practice Slow Travel
Tour group toasting the camera on a beach in Ireland

How to Make A Wild Irish Coffee Vagabond-Style

13th April 2023
You know Irish coffee. But have you experienced a Vagabond WILD Irish coffee yet? Enjoy two Irish coffee recipes for the price of one: a classic Irish coffee and a wild-brewed Irish coffee.
A collage of sustainable food from Dublin

Try These 6 Sustainable Food Joints In Dublin

12th April 2023
Try these sustainable Dublin restaurants & food businesses. Expert tour guide Brian lists his favourite eco-friendly eateries. β˜• Coffee πŸ” Burgers πŸ›ŒπŸ½ Hotel πŸ₯’ Dim Sum 🍳 Brunch 🍽️ Farm-To-Fork ...And make sure that you read to the end for our sustainable food glossary
A guest at the Slieve Gullion summit in the sunshine

14 Guided Hikes That Show Ireland At Its Best

11th April 2023
Our Ireland adventure tours offer some of the best guided hikes in Ireland. Our favourite way to experience Ireland is going off the beaten path to the wildest places.
Robot leaning out of a van window

World’s First AI Tour Guide Launched By Vagabond Tours

1st April 2023
We are excited to announce the launch of the world’s first robot tour guides and AI-powered tours of Ireland. Founder Rob has all the details.
An aerial view of Derrynane lake which is surrounded by beautiful landscape and mountains in the distance

Guide To Connemara Ireland - A Place of Savage Beauty

28th March 2023
Connemara carries a savage beauty, as Oscar Wilde put it. VagaGuide Sean Nee is a Galway native. Read his guide to this spectacular destination in Ireland.
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