👋 Hi, I'm Rob, founder of Vagabond & Driftwood Tours.

Let’s get straight to the point: there’s no BAD time to visit Ireland. Ireland is as beautiful in the sun as it is in the snow.

But if you want to visit Ireland in July, we’ve got some lovely news...

July is a fantastic time to experience this magical island!

After 21 years, it's consistently one of my favourite months to lead tours of Ireland.

Maybe it will be yours too!

What Is The Weather Like In Ireland In July? 🌤️

The weather in July in Ireland is as good as it gets!

It's normal to see prolonged periods of settled weather and sunshine in Ireland in July.

While the average July temperature high of 19°C (66°F) may seem modest, this is the highest average temperatures of any month in Ireland.

The average temperature in Ireland in July can be anywhere between 10-17°C (50-63°F).

The average high in July is between 16-19°C (61-66°C).

My experience is that this warm but fresh weather is just perfect for exploring.

No Extreme Heat In Ireland 🌡️

Thankfully, Ireland's temperate climate never gets too hot nor too cold.

Our island escapes the heatwaves that tend to happen elsewhere in Europe.

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Does It Rain In July In Ireland? ☔

Spoiler alert: it does sometimes rain in July in Ireland.

If there's one word that sums up Ireland's climate, it's changeability.

You are likely to see at least some rain during your July visit.

The remote and beautiful destinations that you'll visit in Ireland may be exposed to winds.

Rainshowers are known to blow in on the breeze - yes, even in July!

So it's always wise to pack accordingly.

What Time Is Sunset In Ireland In July? 🌅

One of the most surprising aspects about Ireland in July visitors is the length of the days and the shortness of the nights.

Ireland is on a similar latitude to Nova Scotia, believe it or not.

Because of this, sunset in Ireland in July can be as late as 10pm. Conversely, the average time for sunrise in Ireland during July is between 5-6am.

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What To Pack For July In Ireland? 🧳

Packing your suitcase for Ireland in July is much like packing for Ireland at any time.

The main lesson is to pack layers and travel light.

  • 🧅 Wear Lightweight Layers. We suggest packing a combination of lightweight layers. Temperatures in Ireland in July can go from chilly to hot — and back again — in the space of minutes.
  • 🧥 Invest In A Good Jacket. Pack a lightweight, breathable, waterproof jacket. Choose a high quality brand. You'll be laughing at the rainshowers when you're in Ireland!
  • 👖 The Bottom Half. If you're taking an active Vagabond Cultural Adventure, conisder packing a pair of lightweight waterproof trousers. Some guests swear by 'tear-off' trousers that convert into shorts.
  • 😎 Protect Your Skin. Pack sunglasses and a sun cream with a suitable SPF factor. Yes, it can be get very sunny in Ireland! When it's sunny and windy, you carry the risk of not noticing your skin burning.
  • 🌊 Towel: Taking part in watersports on an active Vagabond tour? Pack a light towel. Bath towels ARE supplied by our hotels. You may wish to bring your own quick-drying towel for water sports.

Footwear 👟

Comfortable trainers or trail shoes work great for our active hikes.

Hiking boots offer better grip, but are bulky to pack.

Guests on Driftwood Journeys of Discovery require casual shoes. You won't be hiking but you should be comfortable walking in your chosen footwear.

You'll enjoy plenty of time to explore the quaint towns and villages that we visit.Spanish Point sunset

Is Ireland Crowded In July? 😳

Unlike many European countries, Ireland remains unmolested by crowds in July.

Outside of major cities, travellers remain spread out across the island.

Major tourist sites — such as the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin — do see spikes in visitor numbers during the summer.

But this won't worry you on a Vagabond or Driftwood Tour. Our itineraries are famous for amazing, off the beaten track destinations.

Group of Vagabond guests at offroad location in Kerry

Destinations like the Beara Peninsula and Gougane Barra — both hidden away in remote West Cork — are not well-known tourist hotspots. Even for Irish people!

We live up to our mantra: 'We want you to love Ireland as much as we do!'

That means we’re committed to showing guests the REAL Ireland.

Our unique tour vehicles and compact Drifter mini-coaches are perfect for reaching places that you simply can't find in guidebooks.


What Is The 12th July Festival In Northern Ireland? 🟠

Northern Ireland is one of the two countries on the island of Ireland.

It is part of the United Kingdom (UK).

On the 12th of July each year, many people in Northern Ireland celebrate the historic connections between their own communities and the UK and the British monarchy.

The Orange Order is the main institution involved. But you may also hear the people celebrating described as 'Unionists' or 'Loyalists'.

The 12th July celebration in Northern Ireland usually takes the form of parades of marching bands and, the preceding night, local bonfires.

What Is The July Festival Of Lughnasa? 🫐

Lughnasa (pronounced loo-nasa) is an Irish pre-Christian festival of the harvest.

It was celebrated widely in Ireland in the past.

In the countryside, towards the end of July, people would climb local hills to forage for wild blueberries.

The berries are sometimes known as bilberries or 'fraughans' (pronounced frockens) and you can still find them all over Ireland during July.

Reek Sunday ⛰️

Certain Lughnasa traditions live on in the present day.

Reek Sunday is a good example.

On the last Sunday in July each year, pilgrims climb Croagh Patrick mountain in Mayo.

Witnessing the pilgrimage offers an authentic cultural experience - even if you do this from the comfort of the pub at the foot of the mountain!

Things To Do In Dublin In July 🥽

Sea swimming may not be top of your bucket list of when planning a trip to Ireland in July.

But hear us out...

Sea swimming offers you way to see the REAL Dublin. That's because you are pretty much guaranteed to meet genuine Dublin characters when doing it.

What's more, Ireland's capital city is located on a wide bay, dotted with covert rocky coves and dainty sand beaches.

Popular Dublin swimming spots include:

  • The Forty Foot (Sandycove)

  • Bull Island (Clontarf)

  • Killiney Beach (South Dublin)

Finally, Irish ocean temperatures hit their peak in July; a balmy average of 14°C / 58°F.

What are you waiting for - dive in!

What Did Guests Experience In July In Ireland?

Every day is filled with fun outdoor activities, beautiful beaches and gardens, sweet adorable animals, fascinating culture and history, delicious farm-to-table food, Irish trad music, clean and comfortable hotels.

Highlights for me were hiking the Antrim Coast, exploring the stone ringfort, Grianan of Aileach, and Titanic Belfast. Our group of Americans, British and Canadian (me) quickly bonded over shared interests and we had a great camaraderie.

Our tour guide, Tim Orr, was excellent…a 10 year veteran of Vagabond tours. He was friendly, funny, proficient and accommodating...making the most of every moment for us... Guides like Tim make the tour extra special and memorable."

blue_green_surf, via TripAdvisor, July 2022

"The tour was awesome! It was affordable, inclusive, and took me to some truly amazing parts of Ireland.

Our tour guide Jason was very knowledgeable, organized, and fun. I learned so much from him about the history of Ireland.

I highly recommend this tour company and look forward to returning to Ireland soon."

Gwen, via TripAdvisor, July 2022

What We Love About Ireland In July

Edwina, VagaGuide:

"I enjoy seeing the looks of surprise on the faces of our first-time visitors to the Beara. Where are all the people, they ask. It feels like the edge of the world!"

Deirdre, Marketing & Sales Manager:

"Everyone seems to be happy in Ireland in July. There are lots of festivals to enjoy. Every little town seems to have a festival. And my birthday is in July too!"


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