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Check Out Vagabond's New Flying Tour Vehicle

Founder Rob has exciting news as the Vagabond Tours vehicle fleet expands with a new breed of VagaTron and a whole new way to see Ireland.

By Rob

Vagabond Tours of Ireland is now offering FLYING tours!

That's right, we're trading our trusty buses for the open skies as we whisk you away on aerial adventures across the stunning landscapes of Ireland.

Picture this: soaring over the Cliffs of Moher, dancing through the clouds above the Ring of Kerry, or even spotting leprechauns from above as we fly over the rolling green hills of County Cork!

Flying tour vehicle mocked up in the style of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Our flying tours will feature the finest aircraft this side of the Irish Sea, piloted by our very own team of expert tour guides.

Our VagaGuides have been brushing up on their flying skills just for you.

And fear not, we'll still be serving up our famous Irish hospitality with a side of our trademark personalised service.

We've already taken a test flight with a group of brave souls — thanks for being our guinea pigs, folks! — and let's just say the craic was 90 and the altitude was 30,000 feet!

So, whether you're a seasoned Vagabonder or a first-time flyer, get ready to elevate your Irish adventure to new heights with Vagabond Tours of Ireland's flying tours.

Want To Take A Flying Tour of Ireland?

Check out our 8 Day Jigs & Reels Music Tour of Ireland.

Alternatively, you can also contact our friendly reservations staff directly on:

In All Seriousness.....

While we had you soaring with excitement over our 'flying tours' for April Fools' Day, the real magic lies in our grounded adventures of Ireland.

But we've still got some thrilling news to share!

Introducing our latest addition to the Vagabond Tours fleet: the sleek, state-of-the-art new mercedes tour bus that arrived this week.

A new vehicle that has just been added to the vagabond tour fleet

Get ready to explore in style and comfort with Vagabond Tours.

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