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Top 7 Irish Festivals 2024

Ireland โ€” where the music is hoppin' and the craic is mighty. It's no wonder we host some of the best festivals in the world!

By Derry

A weekend without a festival is a rare thing in Ireland.

Irish people will give any excuse to celebrate.

From saints to sacred goats, oysters to roses, we'll find a reason to have a party.

Irish festivals are fun and friendly whether you're in a big city or a small village.

After touring Ireland with us, you'll understand...

Read on to find out at least one Irish festival happening in 2023 for each month that we tour.

๐Ÿ˜‡ Saint Patrick's Festival (March 2024)

It's the most celebrated national holiday in the world; the day that inspires the world to go green.

Saint Patrick's Day celebrations in Ireland

New York has the largest parade in the world. Chicago's river turns green.

But if you really want to experience St Patricks Day, Ireland is the only place for it.

Ireland on Saint Patricks Day is unlike anywhere else in the world. The entire country downs tools. Expect parades, people dressed head-to-toe in green and glasses raised to our patron saint.

St. Patrick's Festival centres on the closest weekend to March 17th. In 2023, Paddy's Day falls on Friday 17th March.

Celebrations happen all over the country. However, the largest and most boisterous are usually in Dublin.

A St Patrick's Day trip to Ireland should be on everyone's Ireland bucket list.

Find out more about visiting Ireland in March

๐ŸŽปClifden Traditional Music Festival (April 2024)

Combine incredible musicians and one of Ireland's most beautiful regions...

What do you get?

Traditional musicians playing in a pub in Ireland

One of the best local traditional music festivals in Ireland, that's what!

Clifden is a gorgeous little town at the heart of Connemara.

Spend 2 whole days in Clifden on our 11 Day Driftwood Discover Ireland Tour.

๐ŸŽฅ Fastnet Film Festival (May 2024)

West Cork is a place apart.

And Schull is a wonderful little town at the heart of this amazing region.

If you're a movie buff and like venturing off the beaten track, then the 2023 Fastnet Film Festival may be for you.

Fastnet Film Festival

The village of Schull is famous for its picturesque maritime location and many friendly pubs and restaurants.

Every imaginable type of film will be on show with lots of up-and-coming Irish film-making talent.

๐ŸŽถ Ballyshannon Folk Festival (June 2024)

Ballyshannon is one of the most authentic little towns in Donegal.

At the Ballyshannon Folk & Traditional Music Festival 2024, you'll enjoy some of the best live music acts Ireland has to offer.

While you're in Donegal, it would be rude not to catch a wave or too!

That's because the county of Donegal vies with Clare for the title of surfing capital of Ireland.

Surfer on wave in Ireland

Folk music and surfing; the perfect combination!

Read more about Donegal in our guide

๐ŸŽญ Galway Arts Festival (July 2024)

Galway city sparks to life with its International Arts Festival, a weeks-long celebration that's not to be missed.

Top Irish Festivals in 2017

Take a stroll along cobbled streets of the artsy town known as the 'City of the Tribes'.

Every street corner offers the possibility for new adventure.

Surreal, giant puppets walk the streets. Enchanting music is played by enthralling musicians. Awe-inspiring street theatre is also a feature.

Plan a Vagabond or Driftwood tour around the Galway Arts Festival

๐Ÿ Puck Fair (August 2024)

Puck Fair is one of Irelands oldest festivals, having been celebrated for over 400 years.

Top Irish Festivals in 2017

A wild mountain goat is crowned king of Killorglin and given reign over the Kerry town for the three days of the festival (before being released back to the wild).

Consequently, Killorglin has adapted the slogan where a goat is king and people act the goat!

The festival is jam-packed with concerts, storytelling, traditional music and dance, midnight madness, fireworks and a horse fair.

It has been said that wild goats fleeing from the hills, warned the local villagers of the approaching Cromwellian army in the mid 1600's, and thereby saved their lives.

๐ŸŒน The Rose of Tralee (August 2024)

The Rose of Tralee is one of Ireland's most popular festivals.


Young ladies of Irish descent travel from around the world to Kerry to compete to be crowned 'Rose of Tralee'.

In addition to crowning a Rose, the festival celebrates Irish culture and the global Irish diaspora.

Thousands of people gather in the Kerry town for street entertainment, live concerts, markets, fireworks and parades.

โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ”ฅLisdoonvarna Matchmaking (September 2024)

Each year romantic hopefuls from all over the world descend on County Clare for the worlds largest matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna.

The Matchmaker pub in Lisdoonvarna, Ireland

Willie Daly, a fourth generation matchmaker, is a big contributor to the festival because he has helped so many find love. He uses his matchmaking skills, passed down through the generations, to help all sorts of folk find love. Willie is so successful that as a result he only charges the couple ones they marry!

If you attend, it seems like you wont want to forget those dancing shoes. Everyone can take part in this, even if you have no interest in finding love.

The Lisdoonvarna festival takes place throughout the whole month of September.

๐Ÿฆช Galway Oyster Festival (September 2024)

Irish people are blessed to have access to some of the freshest fish and seafood in the world.

Fresh Oysters in Ireland

For generations fish has been a staple part of the Irish diet. Pubs and restaurants in Ireland boast some of the best fish dishes going!

We love our seafood so much that, every year, Galway hosts a world famous Oyster Festival.

People travel from all over the world to taste these delicious oysters. Shuckers compete to become the world oyster-opening champion.

Pair your oysters with a creamy pint of Guinness for the ultimate food pairing!

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