1. Footwear 🥾

Without a doubt, the most popular tip for travelling to Ireland has been to bring along a pair of hiking shoes.

You will be doing plenty of walking with us. On Vagabond tours, we'll be hiking up steep valleys with loose terrain. A sturdy pair of hiking shoes are perfect.

Even with the more relaxed pace of Driftwood Tours, you may end up strolling around castle gardens, or exploring quaint villages for dinner options. A pair of comfortable shoes is advisable.

PRO TIP: Break in your hiking shoes before arrival here in Ireland with some practice hikes at home.


Hiking in Annascaul
Hiking in Annascaul


2. Sense of Adventure

Don't forget to bring an appetite for fun and a sense of adventure to Ireland.

While we do our utmost to prepare you for all eventualities, we also think the joy of travel is that it is sometimes unpredictable.

All Vagabond and Driftwood tours feature flexible itineraries. No two tours are ever the same.

We love to show you the back roads and secret delights of Ireland, alongside all the famously showstopping attractions.

Expect your amazing VagaGuide to take you off the beaten track, with hidden gems at every turn.


Horse riding along the beach with a VagaTron tour vehicle in close attendance
Horse riding along the beach


3. Bring a Camera

You're going to be making some serious memories on this trip. So to capture them, dont forget a good quality camera or smartphone.

If using your phone as a camera, invest in a quality case - just in case it takes an unexpected tumble or two from your pocket!

Don't forget any accessories you may need for your camera/phone such as: SD cards, batteries, adaptors.

PRO TIP: You will most likely need an electrical adapter to charge your appliances in Irish plug sockets. Check out our blog on electrical adapters here



Selfie at the Cliffs of Moher
Selfie at the Cliffs of Moher



4. Pack Light

We are all guilty of over-packing when travelling. You dont know what to expect. And so you bring everything and the kitchen sink just in case.

Lots of our Vagabonds and Driftwooders advised against this approach when we asked. It's better to travel light, particularly on a Vagabond tour, which will be active with multiple stops in one day.

Find more info here in our dedicated packing blog

PRO TIP: Choose luggage you can carry or that rolls along easily. In smaller towns and villages, we stay in boutique hotels that tend not to have elevators.


Suitcase exploding with clothes and other items
Don't overpack when coming to Ireland!


5. Travel Journal

Some memories just can't be captured by photos or video. Our Vagabonds and Driftwooders told us that it really helped to fill out a travel journal as they explored Ireland.

You may also need somewhere to write down the contact addresses of all the new friends youre going to make!


Two passengers stare into each others' eyes
Make memories you will cherish forever...


6. Rain Jacket

You've heard the phrase 'Four Seasons in One Day'? That's us! Ireland's weather can be blindingly spectacular or darkly dramatic, but it's never boring!

For this reason, come prepared. Lots of our Vagabonds and Driftwooderse recommended a lightweight raincoat. Make sure it's of decent quality - ideally waterproof rather than water resistant.

Preferably, choose a lightweight rain jacket you can wear layers under. This will allow you to strip off when the weather changes (which we guarantee it will) or when your hike to the top of the mountain gets intense! Dont forget sunglasses either. There will be times when you need both a raincoat and sunglasses, strange as that may seem.

PRO TIP: Make sure those you opt for a mixed fabric or synthetic outer shell, as this type of clothing will dry a lot faster when wet.


Tour vehicle parked with rainbow in the background
We stopped to find a pot of gold...



7. No Worries!

You may not know what to expect when traveling to Ireland for the first time. Particularly for solo travellers, we can reassure you that Ireland is known as a welcoming place for a reason. Irish people love to meet newcomers. And your VagaGuide will make your VagaTron or Drifter tour vehicle one big, happy, slightly crazy family.

As one previous solo traveller remarked, you really do feel like your part of a family. So rest assured, we will take care of you!


A trio of Vagabond guests jumping on the Irish coastline
A trio of Vagabond guests jumping on the Irish coastline


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