Our small group tours are ripe with choices for things to do.

You'll experience the real Ireland by enjoying active and cultural activities in the beautiful Irish countryside.

We have a range of activities to suit all levels of fitness and skill. They are all optional and we never put any pressure on guests to take part.

Read on to find out some exciting Driftwood and Vagabond activities







Sea Kayaking



The Driftwood Experiences - On Driftwood every day is a day for discovery, with a mixture of historical sites, sightseeing, free time and some great local experiences. The pace of the Driftwood tours is more relaxed than the Vagabond adventure tours, and the activities and stops are chosen to be as accessible as possible.

The Driftwood experience includes:

-Stately Homes & Gardens

-Jaunting ride on a pony and trap.

Boat Trips

-Exploring Irish Crafts


Experience Real Irish Adventure & Cultural - Vagabond Tours of Ireland

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