Carrick-Rede Bridge

Situated along the stunning coastline of North Antrim. Fans might recognise the area as the location of Storms End. Visitors are able to walk out across the bridge to the little island of Carrickrede. Local fishermen initially erected the bridge, in order to check their fishing nets out on the island. Running 20m across and 23 m high, you will be treated to stunning views on the other side. Just dont look down!


Ballintoy Harbour County Antrim

Not far from the Carrick Rope Bridge is Ballintoy Harbour. A stunning location that looks out to Rathlin island and Scotland beyond. In season two the harbor was the scene where Theon Greyjoy returned to Pyke. The area was also used as an exterior shot of Pyhe and the Iron Islands. A plaque has been erected to commemorate the scene. Access to the harbour is tricky as the road is quite winding and thin. We are just about able to fit our Vagatrons down to it. The production team apparently had quite an arduous task setting up. The transformation in fact took several days.

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