After hearing what they had to say, we would have to say we agree. both countries appear on par as fantastic similar vacation destinations. A big thanks to Hans for highlighting these again in his blog post (link below). Here are the top 5 similarities we would like to share from his blog.

1."Both countries have about 4.5 Million inhabitants. And what is really great that we found a lot of a Pura Vida approach to life and very happy people here in Ireland.

That was probably the most important thing that both countries have in common. Kind, humble, helpful and just genuinely nice people"

2."There is great Seafood in Ireland and in Costa Rica. Both countries produce excellent grass fed beef and wonderful dairy products"

3. Costa Ricans and the Irish like music, like to dance and like to have an occasional drink or two. We found that it takes as much of passion and rhythm to dance well to Irish folk music as to Latin Salsa or Cumbia.

4.Both countries have great surfing spots with amazing waves. Although you would be wise to wear a wet suit while enjoying Ireland's surf

5. Both countries economies were purely agricultural a few years back. By now tourism is one of the most important contributors to GDP as well as service industries. Both countries have a well-educated young and motivated workforce that attracts foreign investment.

Hopefully this post has highlighted how Costa Rica and Ireland could be considered similar vacation destinations.

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