Like travelling with family

First things first, we are a small group tour company. This allows us to give a level of care to our customers that would be challenging if there were for instance, 50 people on tour with us. As one customer put it, (its) like travelling with family. This indeed captures the spirit of the tours. Small group sizes give us greater flexibility. Staying in small cosy B&Bs and hotels are a benefit of travelling this way. Which in turn gives you a better-engaged experience with the places you visit and the people you meet.

It was really nice going off the beaten track a lot

The benefits of having a small group means we can much more easily go off the beaten track. This is a core value of ours and in turn we can show you the real Ireland. In the process we can avoid those infamous tourist traps. One customer thoroughly enjoyed this approach of ours It was really nice going off the beaten track a lot, visitinglesser know historical sites. Such experience adds an element of adventure and discovery. Under the guidance of our experienced guides, you can explore these hidden gems for yourself.

Entertainers, historians, raconteurs, singers, poets, funny-men and mother hens

Our guides add that spark to the tours. From the description above, you get a feel for what we mean. They are a dynamic bunch, who love their jobs. We have found that one of the things people are thankful for (besides the personality of our guides) is the relative stress freeness of been guided. The guides take care of the itinerary and help you make the most of your time in Ireland. As a previous customer summed it up. The tour was so well organized that we werent even aware of being organized. Why should you worry after all this is your tour?

We hit all the must see tourist sites but we beat the crowds

After running tours of Ireland for 14 years, we have learned a thing or two along the way. A combination of experience and listening to customer feedback helped us fine-tune our tours. Your experience doesnt start when you meet us in person. Rather from the first point of contact. When we first signed up for the tour, the Vagabond staff answered my countless questions quickly and thoroughly. Our experience has allowed us build good relations with many family own B&Bs and hotels. This same experience means we also know how to help you get the most out of your tour. For instance, we know what time to visit certain areas and to beat the crowds. After all why waste time queuing when you could be off exploring some other hidden gems?

If you came here with the question Why should I choose Vagabond or Driftwood Tours of Ireland? I hope that someway answered your question. Otherwise the girls in the office will be glad to answer any other queries you might have.

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