Get yourself ready for Ireland by reading the latest travel updates and our most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

You'll also find info on visa requirements, packing tips and advice on budgeting.

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What Should I Pack?


Travel light.

That's the one travel tip that we hear again and again from guests who have experienced our tours.

Your Ireland trip will run smoother if you pack these essentials.

πŸ‘£ Footwear

Are you taking an active Vagabond Cultural Adventure?

Comfortable trainers/sneakers work fine for our hikes.

However, lightweight hiking boots are even better because they...

  • Are usually waterproof or water-resistant
  • Offer improved grip over steep and/or loose terrain
  • Support your ankles on uneven ground and when descending

There are no long walks or hikes on Driftwood Journeys of Discovery so you don't require specialised footwear.

However, comfort is the order of the day. But make sure you pack shoes suitable for light walking.

You'll enjoy lots of free time to stroll around cute little towns and take guided tours of sheep farms.

πŸ’‘ TOP TIP: Make sure you wear-in your chosen footwear for at least a few days BEFORE you come on tour.


We highly recommend you bring a WiFi-enabled mobile phone with you to Ireland.

All of our hotels have free internet access so you can keep in touch with loved ones at home.

A phone will also come in very handy if you are delayed or need to contact a local number while you are here, for any reason.

If you do plan on bringing a phone, please share your number with us before the trip:

πŸ‘š Clothing

One of the things that makes Ireland so much fun is the exciting climate.

Sun. Wind. Rain shower.

Then, 5 minutes later, sun again...

Here are our tips for what clothes to pack for your tour:

  • πŸ§… Pack Layers. We suggest packing flexible and lightweight layers (under a waterproof outer shell). Layers will allow you to quickly adapt to unexpected changes in weather or temperature.
  • πŸͺ© Think Casual: Formal wear is not required for dining and nightlight in Ireland. The dress code is casual at 99% of pubs, restaurants and venues.
  • πŸ§₯ Waterproof Shell. Beat sudden rain showers and gusts of wind by packing a lightweight waterproof shell jacket. Make sure you buy from a reputable brand. You'll thank yourself later!
  • 🧒 Head First. You'll never regret packing a hat. Either a soft 'beanie' or a peaked baseball cap will come in handy at some point.
  • πŸ‘– Trousers. Are you taking an active Vagabond Cultural Adventure? Lightweight waterproof or water-resistant trousers can be handy for longer hikes. Quick-dry walking trousers are another great option.
  • 🌀️ Protect Your Eyes & Skin. Pack sunglasses/shades and protective sun cream. Yes, it can get sunny in Ireland! What's more, when sun and wind combine, you may not notice your skin burning; which won't be fun for anyone.
  • πŸ›Ά Towel: Are you taking an active Vagabond Cultural Adventure? Watersport options like sea kayaking or surfing require a light towel. Towels are supplied by all our hotels but you may wish to bring your own.
  • 🩳 Swimsuit/Trunks: Pack a swimsuit/trunk for watersports (see above), for cheeky dips in the sea or for accessing hotel spas, where available.
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🧳 Luggage

Guest luggage on Vagabond & Driftwood Tours is restricted to one suitcase per person (no bigger than 30” or 75cm along their longest side).

Soft-sided bags work great.

πŸŽ’ Daypack/Backpack. A smaller bag where you can store your daily essentials will also prove convenient.

Learn more on this luggage FAQ.

🀭 Facecloths

You might think we are joking here...

However, some hotels in Ireland do not provide facecloths.

If you like to have a facecloth to hand while travelling, we'd suggest bringing one or two along with you!

Read our blog about packing for Ireland

Do I Need Travel Insurance?


We strongly recommend that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance cover before your trip to Ireland.

Your policy should cover all medical costs associated with travel.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Even though the risk is small, make sure your insurance over includes costs associated with one of your party contracting COVID-19 while in Ireland.

Ensure your policy also covers issues arising from:

  • Flight cancellation
  • Personal accident cover
  • Lost/stolen personal luggage
  • Lost/stolen money
  • Public liability

Travel insurance is not a requirement for our tours.

However, Vagabond Tours can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings or liability for personal injury/death while on tour with us.

Better safe than sorry!

Read our full terms and conditions

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Ireland?


Are you a citizen of the USA, Canada, Australia or Aotearoa/New Zealand?

If so, you DO NOT require a visa to travel to the Republic of Ireland and/or Northern Ireland (UK) for the sole purpose of tourism.

You DO NOT need a visa as long as you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You're a citizen of the USA, Canada, Australia or Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • You're travelling for the sole purpose of tourism
  • You're staying less than 3 months in Ireland.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Ireland is NOT a part of the ETIAS scheme. ETIAS is a pre-authorisation system for travellers planning trips to certain European countries β€” but not Ireland. It is expected to launch at some point in 2025.

If in any doubt, please contact the Irish embassy or consulate in your home country before embarkation for travel.

If you're NOT a citizen of the USA, Canada, Australia or Aotearoa/New Zealand, a visa may be required when visiting Ireland and/or Northern Ireland.

Once again, ETIAS pre-authorisation is not required to visit Ireland for a vacation. It only appies to the Schengen countries. Learn more about the ETIAS scheme.

Is your passport in date? Make sure you read about passport validity requirements

How Much Cash Should I Bring To Ireland?


We recommend bringing a small amount of cash in euros to Ireland with you.

Around €300 euro should be more than enough to get you through your first days in Dublin.

🏧 Withdrawing Cash From ATMs

While in Ireland, you can withdraw cash from cash machines/ATMs as you need it.

You'll find cash machines/ATMs in most towns and gas/service stations on tour.

Just ask your VagaGuide tour guide for advice on when and where is best to withdraw cash.

πŸ’³ Card Charges & Acceptance

Check how much the charges on your cards are for withdrawing foreign currency before you leave home.

Please note that American Express (AMEX) and Discover are not widely accepted in Ireland.

Our advice is stick to Visa or Mastercard, if possible.

⚠️ Let Your Card Provider Know You're Travelling

It's important to let your bank know you are travelling to Ireland before you leave your home country.

If you don't alert your bank, payments could be blocked on the grounds of suspicious activity.

πŸ’· Money In Northern Ireland

Remember that you'll need British pound sterling (Β£) in cash if your tour is visiting Northern Ireland:

The following tours visit Northern Ireland:

     πŸ’· 15 Day Driftwood All Ireland Tour

     πŸ’· 12 Day Vagabond Giant Irish Adventure

     πŸ’· 11 Day Driftwood Discover Ireland Tour

     πŸ’· 7 Day Vagabond Magnetic North Adventure Tour

     πŸ’· 6 Day Driftwood Northern Island Tour

πŸ’Ά Exchanging Dollars for Euros/Pounds

If you're travelling with dollars, you can exchange them for Euro (€) or Pounds (Β£) at Dublin Airport or any currency exchange.

Read our full guide to money, budgeting and credit cards in Ireland

What Day & Time Do Tours Depart?


Some of the only non-flexible elements of our tours are the departure location, departure day and departure time.

The most important information to know is that all of our tours depart from Dublin's Grand Canal Hotel on either Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays.

Here is the full list of scheduled departure days and times for both Vagabond and Driftwood Tours of Ireland:

Sundays at 8.10am

Sundays at 8.20am

Sundays at 8.30am

Mondays at 8.10am

Mondays at 8.20am

Mondays at 8.30am

Tuesdays at 8.10am

Booking Suitable Flight Times

We strongly advise that you book your flights arrive at least the night before your scheduled tour departure.

We aim to have you back in Dublin between 5-6pm on the final day of your tour. If you're planning to fly out on the last night of your tour, please do not book a flight that departs Dublin Airport before 10pm.

Check return days and times for our tours

Are There Any Luggage Restrictions?


Yes, we do operate a limit on luggage.

Owing to the compact nature of our small-group tour vehicles, your luggage limit is one suitcase per person (no bigger than 30” or 75cm along their longest side).

Travelling as a couple? You can bring along one large suitcase instead of two medium ones.

Soft-sided bags work even better than hard shell luggage.

πŸŽ’ Day Pack

Besides your larger bag, you can carry a small day pack on your Vagabond or Driftwood tour vehicle for those essentials.

🧳 Left Luggage

Most Dublin hotels offer a left luggage service.

You can leave luggage at the hotel while you tour and return to it when your tour is complete.

🧺 Laundry

Need to do laundry?

We can organise laundry facilities for you on tour if your tour visits the towns of Dingle, Clifden or Kinsale.

Just ask your VagaGuide tour guide in advance.

Please take note of our health-themed FAQs below.


Do I Need To Be Vaccinated To Travel To Ireland?


Vaccines are not required for travel to Ireland.

Ireland is open to travellers regardless of your vaccination status and whether your journey originates in the USA, Canada, Australia or elsewhere in the world.

Do I Have To Wear Masks In Ireland?


You are not required to wear face masks in public spaces in Ireland.

While it is not necessary to wear a mask on a Vagabond or Driftwod tour vehicle, you are welcome to do so, especially if you have symptoms of any respiratory illness

Do I Need To Be Vaccinated To Take A Vagabond Tour?


A vaccine is not required to take either a Vagabond or Driftwood small-group tour of Ireland.

Do I Need A Test Before Coming To Ireland?



All travellers β€” irrespective of vaccination status β€” are not required to show any sort of test result before travelling to Ireland


Do I Need To Test Before Taking A Tour?


We do not require testing of any kind before taking one of our small-group tours of Ireland.

Find out how we've made changes to our tour experience and health and safety measures in the answers below.


What Safety Precautions Are In Place?


The welfare of our guests, as well as that of our staff and the communities we visit, will always be paramount.

Here is how we ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene and lowest risk:

  • 😷 While it is not necessary to wear a mask on Vagabond and Driftwod tour vehicles, you are welcome to do so, especially if you have symptoms of any respiratory illness
  • 🧴 Hand sanitiser is provided for guests in all Vagabond and Driftwood tour vehicles.
  • 🧼 We actively and continuously review our standard operating procedures, ensuring the highest possible standards of hygiene for our vehicles.
  • 🏨 We insist that our hotel destinations, activity suppliers and other partners comply with the latest safety guidelines.
  • πŸ›ž Our VagaGuide tour guide team receive dedicated training to ensure safe, smooth driving and minimise risks.

Should I Wear A Mask On Tour?


Wearing of face masks on Vagabond and Driftwood tour vehicles is not required.

100% of respondents to our February 2023 poll said that we should leave the decision to wear masks up to individuals.

While it is not necessary to wear a mask on a Vagabond or Driftwod tour vehicle, you are welcome to do so, especially if you have symptoms of any respiratory illness.

How To Contact Us

If you have any concerns about your upcoming tour, please do not hesitate to contact us.

☎️ By Telephone

From Ireland: +353 (0) 1 563 4358

From USA (Toll Free): 833 230 0288

From CA (Toll Free): 833 681 6903

πŸ“¨ By Email:

PLEASE NOTE: Our office hours are MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9.30am-5.30pm GMT.

Our phone numbers divert to Ireland so 'your' time might be the middle of the night for us. Please leave a message and we'll get straight back to you.

The whole team are excited to be welcoming you to Ireland soon!

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