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From the ultimate packing guide, to how best to get from Dublin Airport to Dublin city, we have numerous blogs to help.

Westport Town on a sunny day with trees and a river in view

Top 9 Prettiest Towns and Villages in Ireland

25th September 2018
One of the first things you'll notice in Ireland is the lack of big cities. Outside of the urban capitals - Dublin and Belfast - charming, small settlements dot the countryside. Here, we look at some of Irelands prettiest towns and villages.
A speaker, and Iphone plugged in to an extension lead

Are Electrical Adapters Needed for Ireland?

30th July 2018
Yes, if you have American or Canadian electrical devices you will need an electrical adaptor. In Ireland like the U.K. the plugs are three pin (see below). Besides a different shape plug, the voltage is significantly different too. In Europe it can be anywhere between 220-240 Volts, while in the U.S.A. and Canada it is usually 110 Volts.
Vagabond guests beginning a hike with a sign saying Causeway Coast Way

Best Guide Books For Ireland

1st May 2018
If youre looking for the best Ireland guidebooks, its safe to say youre looking to get the most from your Irish vacation.
Parade performers taking part in the Dublin St. Patrick's Day parade in front of crowds

Top 7 Irish Festivals 2019

11th January 2018
Ireland where the music is hopping and the craic is mighty! Is it no wonder we host some of the best festivals in the world?
The exterior off the Grand Canal Hotel on a sunny day

Finding Hotel Accommodation in Dublin For Before & After Your Tour

2nd January 2018
Accommodation in Dublin, particularly when the City is hosting a concert or major event, can be difficult to get at a reasonable rate. If you've booked your tour, we strongly advise booking your accommodation as soon as possible. Below we've listed a few accommodation options to explore.
A woman drinking an Irish coffee in a crowded pub

How to Make An Irish Coffee - Simple Irish Coffee Recipe

6th November 2017
Whether as an after dinner treat or to warm up the bones in a pub during a "soft day". Irish coffees have always gone down well on tour.
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