In 2014 we will see the arrivalof the first of a new breed of Vagatron (our legendary 4X4 vagabond tour vehicles). In March we should see the delivery of a brand new Mercedes 4X4 minibus, specially designed, built and branded for Vagabond.

It will still be able to go everywhere the current Land Rover Vagatrons can go, and will be very comfortable funky and chunky. We cant wait to head out on tour and do some exploring. The new vehicle will be able to seat 13 passengers all facing forwards, it is 4x4 so in the true spirit of our tours we will be exploring tracks nobody else uses while also part taking in great activity options and learning about the fascinating history and culture of Ireland. To learn more about are fantastic small group tours of Ireland see here .

Also we value are customer feedback and every year make changes based on it.


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