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Is November A Good Time To Go To Ireland?

Yes! Here are just some of the reasons why November is a good time to come to Ireland…

November in Ireland At A Glance

By Danielle

👋 Hi. I’m Danielle, Sales and Reservations Specialist at Vagabond Tours.

While most people come to Ireland during the spring, summer and autumn months, for me, visiting Ireland in November should not be overlooked.

At this time of year, you can look forward to fewer people, quiet trails, the beginning of the Christmas markets and plenty of craic in our cosy pubs.

As Ireland starts heading into winter, you can’t expect perfect weather. But, hey, it’s all about attitude. As the old saying goes” there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad attire.”

With good gear, an appetite for adventure, and a little bit of insider knowledge, November in Ireland can be very rewarding. Hope for the best and pack for the worst!

How Is The Weather in November in Ireland? 🌤️

Expect wintery weather with average highs of 11°C/52°F and average lows of 6.2°C/43°F. It’s likely that you will see your fair share of rain visiting Ireland in November but that doesn’t mean it will be a complete washout.

Some November days can be quite calm, others are stormier so keeping an eye on the weather is key!

Wild weather might sound off-putting but there is something magical about standing atop the Cliffs Of Moher when the Atlantic is swirling ferociously over 213 metres (700 feet) below.

November In Ireland

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What To Keep In Mind When Visiting Ireland in November 💡

There are lots of great reasons to visit Ireland in November. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind to get the most out of your trip.

Seasonal Attractions Closed ⚠️

Some of Ireland’s seasonal attractions are only open from Spring to Autumn (Fall).

However, major sights such as the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare and Blarney Castle in Cork are open year-round. Be sure to contact places before travel.

Our small-group tours focus on supporting small independent providers in off-the-beaten path destinations. Many of our activity providers, as well as others around the country, take a well-earned break from the end of October until springtime.

If you want to take a tour with us, you’ll have to wait until March as we don’t run tours in November.

Shorter Days ⏱️

November in Ireland sees the days start to get shorter which means making the most of the daylight that you have.

At the beginning of the month, sunrise is around 7:20 am but will be as late as 8:15 am by the month’s end. Similarly, sunset will be 4:55 pm at the start of November, moving to 4:13 pm later in the month.

Unpredictable Weather 🌦️

Through the winter months, Ireland’s weather can be very unpredictable.

Over the last few years, we have had relatively mild weather in November in Ireland. However, we have also had some chaotic storms steamroll in from the Atlantic.

Don’t rule out outdoor activities completely. Just be sure to check the weather properly and choose the best days for hiking, biking and general adventuring.

Hiking Bullig Bay Cork

Cheaper Flights And Hotels 🤑

If you are chasing better value flights, November is a great time to visit Ireland. This is your last chance to snag cheaper flights before prices increase for Christmas and New Years.

At this time of year, you’re also likely to get better deals on accommodation. Whether you’re staying in a hotel, guesthouse or local B&B, there are generally better rates in November.

Check out John’s tips for booking cheap flights to Ireland and grab yourself a bargain!

What To Do In Ireland in November ☘️

There is so much to do in Ireland in November.

Depending on your interests, you can road trip around the country, explore small towns and villages, hike in the hills, visit some amazing indoor attractions and meet the locals in our fantastic pubs.

Irish Christmas Markets 🫐

Christmas is a very special time in Ireland. So much so that the festivities kick off mid-November.

A lot of the country’s most popular markets open their doors in November and are well worth checking out:

Distillery and Brewery Tours 🥃

Ireland is known around the world for its amazing whiskey. What better way to learn more about what goes into the nation’s favourite tipple, than touring one of our distilleries.

Learning more about the process of whiskey distilling, strolling through the production facilities and hearing some local stories attached to each distillery can be thirsty work. Most distilleries offer a tasting at the end of your tour, often included in the price. Sláinte!

Museums and Galleries 🖼️

Scattered throughout Ireland are countless museums and galleries. Whether you want to learn about the history of the country, dive into the culture or simply wander through beautiful collections of art and sculpture, this is the perfect rainy day activity.

Covering centuries worth of history, politics, art, sport and culture, November is the perfect time of year to check out some of our favourite spots:

Lively Pubs 🍺

When the weather outside is not ideal, we say “it’s a day for the high stools.”

There is no shortage of pubs in Ireland. Walking into one of our drinking establishments, you’ll always be given a warm welcome no matter where in the country you are.

These are some of our favourtie traditional Irish pubs in Dublin.

Live music often kicks off later in the evening. Visit enough pubs and you might even be lucky enough to encounter an impromptu “session”.

Have the craic, meet the locals, and feel the energy of a real Irish pub. There’s something very special about a cold pint in a cosy pub with a roaring fire, as you listen to the weather beating down outside.

Enjoiying pints in a cosy Irish pub

Well-Planned Hikes ⛰️

Just because you’re visiting Ireland in November doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the great outdoors.

In November, the trails are quieter and you’ll often have the place all to yourself. And, we can assure you, the views are just as breathtaking!

VagaGuide Tim has written a great blog all about hiking in Ireland to help you out.

As the weather is changeable, we definitely recommend planning your hike well. Take the time to study the weather forecast, ask for local advice and pack appropriately. Plenty of warm layers, rainproof gear and a solid pair of hiking boots will be necessary.

With the right gear in your rucksack and a good plan in place, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery Ireland has to offer first-hand!

What to Wear in Ireland in November?

With winter settling in, you’ll certainly notice a chill in the air in November. The weather at this time of the year can be a bit of a mixed bag.

Our advice is to hope for the best but pack for the worst! Four seasons in one day is not uncommon in November in Ireland. Be sure to pack appropriately.

What you should pack will depend largely on your travel style and what you are planning to see and do in Ireland. However, there are some must-pack items:

  • 🧥 Waterproof jacket
  • 🧤 A warm hat and gloves
  • 🥾 Robust, comfy footwear
  • 🔥 Plenty of warm layers
  • 👖 Casual clothing for the evening

What We Love About Ireland In November

Brian B, VagaGuide:

"November is a great time of year to get out on the trails. You'll usually have the place to yourself and there are always a few good weather days."

Paige, Sales & Reservations Specialist:

"I love checking out the Christmas markets, the craic in the pubs and all the festive events that start in November. It's the countdown to Christmas!"


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