Our Team in 2019: group photo for Vagabond Tours

😎 Still Got It!

The early days of Vagabond were great times. We are a little bigger these days. But just like back then, we continue to unearth hidden gems all around Ireland. We still strive to be the best. And we haven’t lost our mojo.

Your 2020 Vagabond or Driftwood tour will be led by one of 20+ amazing VagaGuide tour guides. By contrast, just six VagaGuides were leading our off the beaten track tours of Ireland in 2010.

These days, our renewably-powered VagaHQ in Wicklow has 10 permanent members of staff, working across Sales, Marketing and Operations departments.Rob driving Tron in 2010

Back in 2010, Rob was the only office staff member. He answered your calls. He answered your emails. He was head mechanic and chief tea-maker all rolled into one.

🚐 Tour Vehicles

My, how we’ve grown!

Back in 2010, we only operated 4 tour vehicles. We'll have 18 vehicles running during the 2020 season.

Land Rover Defender and Mercedes tour vehicles for Vagabond Tours of Ireland

What's more, our tour vehicles have changed alot. Ten years ago, you would have travelled around Ireland with us on a customised Land Rover Defender. They were chunky. They were funky. And they did most definitely did NOT have air con!

These days, our guests are spoilt for choice. Go anywhere in our rugged VagaTrons. Or sit back and travel in style in our slick and comfortable Drifters.

Our 2020 fleet of VagaTrons and Drifters will be 100% Mercedes-Benz too.

🗺️ Tour Itineraries

Ten years ago, your Vagabond small-group tour of Ireland would have focused on the southwest and west - a beautiful region yet to be re-named the Wild Atlantic Way.

Ireland 2004 - tour group with Vagabond Tours on beach

In 2020, you will be free to choose from a diverse selection of tour destinations, durations and styles.

We visit all four corners of Ireland. We offer varying levels of adventure activity and tour pace:

🛶 Want to kayak and horse-ride across the wild northwest? Take our 7 Day Vagabond Magnetic North Adventure Tour

🏰 Need some R&R in the cultured southeast? Enjoy our award-winning 6 Day Driftwood Ancient Ireland Tour

🏆 Awards

The world was only just cottoning on to our awesomeness back in 2010.

Rob had already taken home the prestigious 2003 Shell Live Wire Young Entrepreneur Award.

Still a young entrepreneur (at heart) in 2019, Rob is extremely proud of the ‘Tron-ful’ of awards we've picked up:

⭐ National Geographic Traveller Magazine’s Top 50 Tours of a Lifetime

⭐ Best Adventure Experience in Ireland (2015 AND 2017)

⭐ Best Ireland's Ancient East Experience (Under 25k)

⭐ Best Sustainability Initiative 2019

⭐ Pure Mile Clean Up the Uplands 2018 and 2019

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