1. Get The Tour You Want

Female hiker and Vagabond tour guest smiles for the camera at the summit of Rossbeigh on the Iveragh peninsula in Kerry, Ireland

Looking for a specific date to go on tour? August is your best option.

We schedule more Vagabond and Driftwood tour departures in August than most other months of the year.

And don't forget, all our tours are guaranteed from the moment you pay your deposit.

2. Get More Sunshine

Uragh Stone circle silhouetted against the sun

Soak up some rays! August is Ireland's sunshine prime time.

You are never 100% guaranteed settled weather in Ireland. But when we do get heatwaves, they tend to be in August.

3. Get Away From The Crowds

An empty, rural Irish laneway with a dry stone wall and red tractor driving into the distance

Make no mistake: Ireland is NOT the south of France.

Unspoiled, underpopulated and unmolested by crowds and queues; Ireland's off the beaten path villages, coastlines and mountains are left beautifully empty, even in August.

4. Get Offshore

Vagatron tour vehicle with Vagabond tour guide, silhouette by the sun

Ireland boasts some amazing offshore islands. Good weather means August is far and away the best time to hop on a ferry and visit.

Some of our favourites include:

5. Get Thee To A Festival

A young girl weating a tiara kissing a goat wearing a crown. Nothing weird about this.

Ireland in August is rife with weird and wonderful local festivals.

Puck Fair lights up Kerry each year in August. Enjoy live music, set dancing and the crowning of a local wild goat as 'King Puck'.

Fleadh Ceoil na hEireann (pronounced flaa kee-ole na hare-on) celebrates traditional Irish music in a different town each year. In 2019, 'the flaa' will be in Drogheda from 11 - 19 August.

Waterford Walls brings world-renowned artists to Ireland's oldest city to create amazing graffiti together. Total mayhem. Lots of fun.

Enjoy tall tales? Ireland's southernmost inhabited island hosts Cape Clear Storytelling Festival each August.

World class GGs compete for the coveted Aga Khan trophy at the Dublin Horse Horse Show from 7 - 11 August 2019.

6. Get Stuffed

Ice cream cone with chocolate flake in the foreground, with Vagabond tour guests and tour vehicle in the background, slightly out of focus

Foodie? Ireland in August is by far the best time to eat your way to the soul of the country.

Our clean oceans deliver delicate scallops, delightful seabass and delicious mackerel - the bacon of the sea. Vegetable gardens overflow with tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, beans and peas. Hedgerows abound with wild blackberries and elderberries. It's a great time to try wild venison steak too.

Don't forget an Irish summertime classic - soft serve ice cream with a chocolate flake. We simply call it a '99'.

7. Get Your GAA On

Vagabond guest tries her hand at hurling, Ireland's national sport

Gaelic Games (GAA, or gaaah) are Ireland's national sports. August provides the exciting preamble to September's All-Ireland finals.

If you're in Dublin, experience the riot of colour and atmosphere that is a GAA championship match at Croke Park. It's one of Europe's largest, noisiest stadia. Tickets from GAA.ie.

Out and about around Ireland? Almost any local town and village you pass through on tour with us will be hosting Gaelic football or hurling matches at some point in August. Ask your amazing VagaGuide where you can check out GAA while on tour.

8. Get In The Sea

Four men in swimsuits on a boat beside an island

Sea swimming in Ireland is not for the faint-hearted. Our ocean temperatures never get toasty. In August, they top out at around 18C (64F)!

Having said that, we love and encourage wild swimming! August in Ireland is the perfect opportunity to don your swimsuit, forget your worries and sprint into the waves. Perfect refreshment!

9. Get A Grand Stretch In The Evening

Female stands watching the sunset over Enniscrone beach in Sligo, Ireland

First time visitors to Ireland in August are often taken aback by our short nights and long days.

It's fully bright by around 6am. Sunset isn't until approximately 10pm.

More time to Vagabond!

10. Get Onto The Beach!

VagaTron tour vehicle parked up while Vagabond tour guests walk onto a scenic beach

We love offroading on Irish beaches in August!

Taking your VagaTron tour vehicle onto one of Ireland's gorgeous sandy beaches is the perfect way to test its 4x4 capabilities.

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