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Author Archive | Alison Hughes

Are Electrical Adapters Needed for Ireland?

Yes, if you have American or Canadian electrical devices you will need an electrical adaptor. In Ireland like the U.K. the plugs are three pin (see below). Besides a different shape plug, the voltage is significantly different too. In Europe it can be anywhere between 220-240 Volts, while in the U.S.A. and Canada it is

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10 Irish Songs You Need to Know

  Vagabond tour guide and lover of Irish music John McKiernan lays out his top Irish tracks to listen to before going to Ireland.   John – Ok…so this is an impossible task. Only ten songs…there are so many to choose from but we’ll give it a go… 1. Molly Malone The ultimate sing-along song about

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Should I go to Ireland in August?

The simple answer is YES. Read on to see why you should visit Ireland in August. This post was last updated on . Weather in Ireland in August Don’t panic… Ireland’s weather is very temperate. Unlike other European countries, Ireland rarely experiences heatwaves in August. Or any month, now that we think of it! But

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May Photo Competition – Win A Set of Louis Mulcahy Mugs

We’re into our second photo competition of 2018!  As always, we are looking for Vagabond’s very best on-tour photographers. This month’s Vagabond photo competition winner will win a set of Louis Mulcahy mugs. The prize was graciously donated to us by one of Ireland’s most famous potters: Louis Mulcahy Scroll down for details on how

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Best Guide Books For Ireland

If you’re looking for the best Ireland guidebooks, it’s safe to say you’re looking to get the most from your Irish vacation. Which is smart thinking, as the saying goes – ‘A little planning goes a long way’. Before launching into our list of the best Ireland guidebooks, it’s best to think of guidebooks in

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Ireland vs Scotland – There Can BE ONLY One

There is no doubt that Scotland is nice enough, but Ireland is totally awesome! To steal a quote from a Scotish movie – “There can BE ONLY one” Where shall we go on vacation, Ireland or Scotland? Some people might dismiss this as a first world problem, but we think it’s a question that needs serious

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