Spring in Ireland is a favourite time to visit for many.

It's easy to see why.

From must-see experiences like St Patrick's Day to Ireland temperatures in March/April, read on for your guide to making the most of your Ireland tour in spring.

Spring in Ireland 101 - The Basics

🛫 Off-Peak Crowds and Flight Prices

🌡️ Mild Temperatures

🌼 Cute Lambs and Beautiful Wildflowers

🧳 What To Pack for Spring in Ireland

💰 10% Off All March/April Tours

Lambs during Springtime in Ireland

Is Spring The Best Time To Visit Ireland?

First things first, there's no bad time to visit Ireland.

Spring in Ireland tends to be a little quieter than the summer or autumn months. Our local destinations and experiences are always off the beaten track. But rural Irish towns, pubs and attractions remain particularly quiet during springtime.

Another factor to consider is flights to-and-from Ireland in spring. Airlines tend to offer significant discounts if you travel off-peak; springtime is no different.

Taking everything into account, a spring break in Ireland can be very relaxing!

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The Weather in Ireland in March/April

Springtime weather in Ireland in March and April may be ever-so-slightly cooler than at the height of summer. However, the difference is not substantial.

Generally, temperatures are mild in March and April. The average springtime temperature in Ireland is between 46 to 54F.

Ireland.com tells us:

"In spring it becomes gradually warmer with average temperatures between 8 - 12°C (46 - 53°F). Towards the end of the season, the temperature often reaches 15 °C (59°F), with April usually being a particularly pleasant month."

What To Wear in March/April in Ireland

'There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes'.

Irish weather is famously unpredictable.

During Spring in Ireland, It's normal to wake up to glorious rays of sunshine streaming through your window, only for wind and rain to sweep through in the afternoon, with a clear sky returning at sunset.

A 4x4 VagaTron touring vehicle parked up with blue skies and a lovely Irish landscape in the background

Be prepared and you'll enjoy your small-group tour of Ireland all the more. The key is to wear light, breathable layers with a waterproof outer shell. That way, you can strip off in the sun but are ready for the rain.

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Your Essential Spring in Ireland Packing List

  • Hiking shoes or boots (PRO TIP: break them in before you arrive)
  • Light, waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof pants
  • Warm fleece
  • Multiple cotton t-shirts, mix of short and long-sleeve
  • A thermal layer
  • Quick-dry pants
  • A woolly hot, scarf and gloves
  • Warm socks (as many as you can pack)

Generally speaking, Irish people dress casually. If you would like to wear something fancy, saving it until evening time is a good idea. It's OK to wear jeans. Just be mindful that if you're caught in a rain shower, they can take a while to dry.

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St Patrick's Day Festival - 17th March 2021

He's the Irish saint celebrated across the globe. But you can't beat the original and best St Patrick's Day experience here in Ireland.

The St Patrick's Day Festival is now a multi-day celebration in Ireland. The highlight is the famous Dublin St Patrick's Day parade - happening next year on Wednesday 17th March 2021.

A group of colourful St Patrick's Day parade perfomers

Outside of Dublin, nearly every little town and village in Ireland hosts their own parade. St Patrick's Day is a public holiday all over Ireland.

Check out some of our favourite local St Patrick's Day celebrations in Ireland

Visit Ireland With A Spring In Your Step

Want some really great news? Travel to Ireland in March or April 2021 to save a further 10% on the cost of your tour.

Spring in Ireland discount 10% - girl at sheep farm

Save a 10% on all Ireland tours departing in March and April 2021

Spring in Ireland - Season of Cuteness!

Springtime in Ireland means lambing season. With millions of sheep being reared across Ireland, a springtime trip means you are more or less guaranteed to see adorable lambs playing in green fields.

Many Vagabond and Driftwood tours include a fun, hands-on visit to a sheep farm.

Group of Driftwood tour guests pose holding a baby lamb each

See these cute creatures up close. Enjoy a sheep herding demo from a talented sheepdog. You might witness a sheep being sheared - or shear one yourself! You may even be able to feed a lamb.

Wildflowers - Spring in Ireland

A riot of colour explodes across the Irish landscape in spring.

Spring Gentian flowers in the Burren

Blooming flowers burst forth from hedgerows, gardens and parks. Woodland glades become carpeted with bluebells and wild garlic in April.

Pink Irish wildflowersIn March, bright yellow daffodils grow, everywhere from suburban lawns to motorway verges.

Daffodils in BlarneyIt's a stunning feast for the eyes. And great material for your Insta account!

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