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You know you're Irish when...


You Know You’re Irish When

The Irish have a certain distinctive way of going about their business. Known for their friendly demeanor and sharp wit.  They’d as quickly welcome you into their home for a cup of tea as set you straight (in a friendly way) for any misdoings. On the subject of tea, no problem is too big or small that it can’t be solved with a warm cuppa. “Hold on, I’ll put the kettle on” is an oh so familiar phrase to anyone who grew up in an Irish household. So whether you were born in Ireland or Irish at heart one thing is for sure, you can not hide your true colours. We’ve compiled a list of the top signs that you’re Irish.

You’ve Plenty of Green in Your Wardrobe for St Patrick’s Day

It’s your favourite holiday of the year. Of course you’re ready to celebrate in style, and let your true colours fly! You might even have a leprechaun hat, but sure that’s all the fun of it. “Kiss me I’m Irish” will be the slogan of the day”. Topped off with a small bunch of shamrocks . It’s cheesy, but hey it’s great fun!

you know you're Irish when

There is no Such Thing as a Short Story

Story telling is so deep rooted in Irish culture, it permeates even into conversation. Probably stemming from the stories told years ago around the fireside. Someone has probably pointed this out to you before; you can’t make a story short. Just ask our general manager & tour guide Larry, but only if you have time on your hands 😉

you know you're Irish when

Tea is the Solution to Any Problem

Whether someone has lost their car keys or got some upsetting news. Your immediate response is : “Sit down, and I’ll put the kettle on”. You know any problem, however big or small can always be solved over a cup of tea.

No Meal is Complete Without a Potato

There nothing quite like a floury, steaming potato. Topped off with a dollop of butter slowly melted in. Being Irish, you’re probably salivating at the prospect of such a feed. Whatever the meal is, it simply isn’t complete without a potato. So lay on the potato goodness we say.

You Can’t Say One Goodbye, But Have to Say Many

You know what I’m talking about. You’re on a phone call, the conversation is nearly over, and you break into: “Bye, bye, bye. bye, bye” . The other person may have hung up already, or if they’re Irish more than likely, will also be joining you in a chorus of ‘bye’s’. It just doesn’t feel right to leave with just one bye.

you know you're Irish when

You Know Where Your Roots Are From to the Nearest Town

Irish people have a great sense of belonging. If you’re not living in Ireland, there’s a good chance you know exactly where in Ireland you’re from to the nearest town. Naturally you’ve researched your family name and place, and take great pride in this.

You Can Say Any Craic, to a Policeman and Won’t Get Arrested

How’s the craic? What’s the craic? It was great craic! Although no direct translation in English, craic can be summed up simply as fun. Sometimes misunderstood by non Irish. You know how to put on that Irish charm, particularly when confronted by a policeman. Sure it’s only a bit of craic ;).


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