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Your Ultimate Ireland Travel Guide

your ultimate ireland travel guide

We’ve compiled your ultimate travel guide when visiting Ireland. From practical advice on what to pack and how much to bring, to must see sights. This is your one stop shop for getting the most out of your trip to Ireland!

How to Prepare For Your Trip to Ireland

essential list for planning your trip to ireland

Essential List For Planning Your Trip to Ireland

From a couple of months out to right before your trip. In this guide to planning your trip to Ireland, we look at flights, hotels, packing and more.

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how much money to bring to irelandHow Much Money Should You Bring To Ireland

From your time post/pre tour in Dublin, to your meals & optional activities on tour. We looked at how much money to bring to Ireland when on a Vagabond Tour
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Books To Read Before Going to Ireland

From the history, the culture, the tales and of course the people. This list of books will give you a full flavour for what’s in store, ahead of your Irish vacation.

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Travel Guide to Dublin Ireland

how to get from dublin airport to dublin city centre

How to Get From Dublin Airport to Dublin City Centre

From public to private buses and taxis. We looked at the different ways you can get from Dublin airport to the city centre.

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Non-Touristy Things to Do in Dublin

You’ve heard of Temple Bar or the Guinness Stores House, but if you’re looking for non touristy things to do Dublin and explore Dublin like a local.

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Best Traditional Pubs in Dublin top traditional pubs in dublin

From great Guinness to colourful characters & that unbeatable atmosphere. We looked at the 5 best traditional Irish pubs in Dublin.

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Best Places to Eat in Dublin

Dublin has seen somewhat of a food revival over the last few years. We looked the top places that best reflect this and are raising the bar on Irish cuisine.

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Must See Sights in Ireland

historical places in ireland that will leave you speechless

 Historical Places That Will Leave You Speechless

Ireland is a country steeped in history, spanning thousands of years, each telling a unique story. We looked at our top 10 historical places in Ireland.

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ireland castles and their fascinating facts

Ireland’s Castles & Their Fascinating Facts

Ireland is famed for its many castles. Invoking feelings of enchantment, others foreboding. We look at the top Ireland castles & their fascinating facts.

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Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way Travel Guide

jaw dropping sites along ireland wild atlantic way

9 Jaw Dropping Sites Along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way possess a rugged raw beauty. Meandering along 2,500 km of stunning Irish coastline. It has become a bucket list destination for many.
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West Ireland Travel Guide

connemara a place of savage beauty

Connemara – A  Place of Savage Beauty

Connemara Ireland – As Oscar Wilde once said ” Connemara is a savage beauty”. Tour guide and photographer, Sean Nee talks about his favorite place Connemara.

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Cliffs of Moher and the Burren

cliffs of moher and the burren

Connemara Ireland – As Oscar Wilde once said ” Connemara is a savage beauty”. Tour guide and photographer, Sean Nee talks about his favorite place Connemara.

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South West Ireland Travel Guide


top must see sights beara peninsula

Top Must See Sights On The Beara Peninsula 

Famed for its jaw dropping beauty and sweeping coastal views. The Beara peninsula in Ireland’s south-west, is the west coast of Ireland, as you imagine it.

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A Guide to the Dingle Peninsula

a guide to the dingle peninsula

“You don’t get to Dingle by accident; it is on the way to nothing but itself”. Tour guide Mark Doherty looks at what to do on the Dingle Peninsula Ireland.

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Skellig Michael Survival Guide

skellig michael survival guideHeading to Skellig Michael? From getting out there to dealing with lack of toilet facilities. Check out our essential survival guide to Skellig Michael.

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North West Ireland Travel Guide

Donegal – The Coolest Place on Earth

donegal the coolest place on earthRugged, dramatic Irish coastline and scenery – most people will immediately think of Cork, Kerry and Connemara to name a few. However Donegal, while not as well known, is no less beautiful.  It is no wonder that National Geographic recent awarded Donegal ‘The Coolest Place on Earth’.

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north west ireland points of interest

North West Ireland Points of Interest

Counties Cork, Kerry and Galway feature on many Ireland travel itineraries but the west and northwest have some of the country’s most diverse scenery, with rugged mountain ranges, rocky coves, pristine beaches and cultural treasures ranging from ancient stone forts to warrior queen tombs and poetic landscapes.

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 Northern Ireland Travel Guide

 The Antrim Coast Road – Northern Ireland’s Stunning Coastline

northern ireland coastline





A favourite area of tour guide Mark Doherty. He takes us on a tour of this gem on Ireland’s north-east coast.



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South East Ireland Travel Guide

south east ireland's points of interestSouth East Ireland Points of Interest

Spanning over 5,000 years, Ireland’s South East region, is an area with a rich tapestry of history and lush green fields. We’ve taken a look at some of the top points of interest in Ireland’s South East region.

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Why You Need to Visit KilkennyWHY YOU NEED TO VISIT KILKENNY

Kilkenny is steeped in Medieval history. From its winding streets, to its churches, abbeys and castles. In fact it was once the Medieval capital of Ireland. We’ve dived into what makes Kilkenny a must visit, on your trip to Ireland.

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Adventure in Ireland

14 Guided Walks That Show Ireland At Its Best

guided walks in irelandOur tours offer some of the best guided walks in Ireland. We take you off the beaten path, and explore the best bits of Ireland.

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Top Off The Beaten Track Places in Ireland You Must Visit

top off the beaten places you must visit

When you think of Ireland, most people will immediately think –  Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle or Guinness Storehouse, to name but a few. While those places are definitely worthy of a visit, there’s nothing quite like finding a remote part of Ireland. Somewhere away from the crowds, that feels like yours.

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Tips When Visiting Ireland

your essential irish pub etiquette guideYour Essential Irish Pub Etiquette Guide

Going to an Irish pub is usually right up on the list of things to do for those planning on going to Ireland. For that reason, we’ve pulled together an essential Irish pub etiquette guide for your trip to Ireland.

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eating vegetarian in ireland

Eating Vegetarian in Ireland

Our marketing intern Ciara has been a vegetarian for several years. Full of beans and enthusiasm, she knows it can be daunting travelling as a vegetarian, as Ireland isn’t exactly known from its vegetarian cuisine. Don’t let that put you off, is her strong advice. Having just done her first Vagabond tour, she explains why.

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